Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

I haven't written for ages have I . . . .

This is in fact the 3rd time I have started this post but I kept missing the time slot and having to get rid of it all. I wrote a brilliant post on the run up to New Years during which we played 'war corispondants'. I think it must be a cultural thing but for two days the local children were playing with fireworks, letting them off  day and night. On New Years eve it was like being in a war zone with the sound of explosions echoing around the buildings. It wasn't just around the flat I went four tram stops away to the shops and they were letting them off in town as well.

I grew up watching the whole Bosnia conflict on the news and sat out on our balcony listening to explosions it reminded me of that so much that we started joking that we were news corespondents in a war zone and thus the game began.

But I wasn't quick enough so deleted that post unread and am instead feeling a little sheepish.

My first post was all about Christmas. This was my first Christmas that I have not spent with my parents and sisters and my abbywinters family stepped up and we had a fantastic late lunch.

It is traditional in my family to always go on a Christmas day walk before you are allowed at your presents. As children this led to the Christmas day sulk followed by the 'why don't we get a dog' nag (we never got one)  and the walk was nice way of making the day last. I remember one year in Scotland when my little sister refused to walk any more. She demanded to turn back only to find out that we were about 2/3rds of the way around a circular walk - cruel parents!

Speaking of dogs - 

The biggest and best news is that . . . . POPPY IS HERE!!!!!!

Poppy flew over with KLM as hand luggage and has taken to Holland like a duck to water - my little international jet setter.

Poppy was the cure to the Christmas day walk, having a dog made everyone feel they had a purpose beyond making Christmas day last longer and the Christmas holidays at home were full of fun and interesting walks - mostly done on sheet ice last year which was hilarious! 

This year Poppy took everyone to the park and with no children in site we had a blast!


I know what your thinking - why aren't there more hidden trampolines in this world - I have no idea why there aren't but there should be!

Other than that I assume I have been doing exactly the same as all of you during this break from work. I have slept alot, eaten far to much, baked, walked with Poppy and watched lots of terrible films.

Call me sad but my favourite presents this year were my calenders! Every year Poppy does her very own calender which I give to all of my family. It started off as a joke one year but when I didn't repeat the act the following year I got so much stick that Poppy's calender has now become a regular feature - and I must say she has done a cracker this year. As I did a large order I got me a smaller version to go on my desk at work. My very cleaver family gave me a calender in return this year which has lots of pictures of my family with Poppy and a few pictures of me as a kid - loved it. All good things come in threes, the family I follow on youtube the 'Shaytards' did a calender this year and my signed copy will be coming to work with me on Monday.

Speaking of Calenders, I just found out that Miss Kylie has made the calander two years running! If I didnt like the girl so much i'd be jealous!

These are free to download and the rest of this years calander will be released one a month so I have a year to wait to see if she makes it three in a row (and if I make it at all ).

OH I just remember why else I am feeling sheepish. I spoke to Chloe and Kylie on camera after they staggered out of our office following their sexual romp and have now lost the video. I have been really looking forward to showing you as they looked smashed, very happy but smashed none the less. You can still watch the video of the actual sexual event I supose infact you really should! Both woman got what they needed and more! You can now pay per video if you follow the pop up screen on the site and that way I wont feel so bad about losing that video. Im so cross, im fed up of computer experts saying its impossible to lose files on a computer because I am an expert at it! I spent weeks editing the footage from my parents golden wedding aniversary only for the computer to somehow wipe the lot. I took it to three computer experts none of them could find it - if I knew what i'd done I could sell my sectret of deleation to criminals.

Kylie and Chloe's epic bonk at work!

I keep coming across strange animal things at the moment. At the start of this post I was looking for a picture to show how sheepish I felt and I came across this.

Last but not least a huge thank you to Pinkey for my picture it's fantastic! I love that you gave me blond hair, I miss it so much am working my way back to blond but it is taking ages.


  1. Heavens Masie,I'd given up on you for the week but I just checked back and found this marathon update.I'm glad you had a good Xmas.My car broke down so I was very sad but its better now.I'm off now to buy some Masie porn for the new year and do some baking tonight.You must have set me off.Till the next time,Garyxxx.

  2. Welcome back Masie, once you write you don't mess around do you? :)

    Cute pics, though the 2nd sheep one is a bit disturbing, heh. Sounds like your favourite present is actually *giving* presents, which is often fun indeedy.

    The kids/young-adults in NL are only allowed to even *buy* fireworks a couple of days before NYE. This is why the noise starts a couple of days even though they're not allowed to light them till 22:00 on 31st or such. Obviously a lot of people don't pay attention to that ;-) Hopefully Poppy wasn't to bothered by the noise?

    Btw. it IS perfectly possible to lose files on a computer. To do it by accident just takes more talent, which you seem to have :) Next time you go edit something keep the source safely out of the way. You'll only lose (a lot of) time on problems then. You're the videographer for family events I guess?

    Have a fun 2012 ! Oh, and work on getting your naughty Leah-points up next week! I reckon Kylie will be ahead now that Leah caught her with Chloe ;-)
    (gotta admit it's a *good* reason to get points, heh)

  3. Happy new year Masie, glad you had a good Christmas. Hope Poppy is settling in well to Amsterdam life xx

  4. Happy New Year Masie!!

    Glad you had a great Christmas, at least Poppy is living proof that a dog really is for life. She enriches yours which gives us more of the smiley happy Masie we know and love.

    Hope you have a great year XXX

  5. Happy New year lovely people!

    Poppy is loving Amsterdam as we live by a hidden park in the woods and she loves to run around in the sand under the swings.

    I was very impressed with how Poppy handeld herself during the war correspondants game. She stayed closer than usual when we walked and had a few barks the first night but other than hiding under Kylies computer desk when we went outside to look at the fireworks she was as good as gold.

    The sheep picture made me chuckle as I have been working on something for aw which should be going live this month and I keep finding strange animal facts out when ever I work on that.

    Gary Im so sorry about your car. I have been blowing up cars for almost as long as I have been driving them and so I know exactly how you feel.

    Thanks for joining me on my Bake off Gary you put me to shame.

    I hope the Masie porn helps to cheer you up - let me know what you get :)

  6. Mammoth post from Ms. Dee, well worth the wait and you have no need to be sorry. Even if we have all been logging onto your blog three times a day for the last umm 16 days waiting to see the slightest glimpse of Masie... but nothing until now...:p.. haha Hopefully you have been using your hiatus to master the Haka... :p
    What's with the time slot thing with the blog?? do you only have so long to confirm it or something??
    You do know how to excite a Kiwi, with your sheep in high heels pic :). Finding animal facts for a new thing for AW.. ??? Are they bringing "natural" to bestiality. haha.. I'm funny today. Well I amuse myself.
    Glad Poppy has arrived safe and sound and in time for your annual xmas walk. Had her xmas jacket is adorable, as is the "proud to be British" picture you posted. Is that from the Calender?
    Glad you liked the picture... wasn't quite as I had asked. Poppy was suppose to be in the basket, that would have been cool. And your always a blond to me Masie :) Did you notice its got the same tartan (kinda) skirt as in your xmas walk pictures.

    Ok time to run...

    take care and have fun..


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