Sunday, 18 September 2011

A week in the life of an AW worker

I know I keep saying that I am to busy with work at the moment to do all the rude things I would normally be happily sharing with you, so thought it was about time I showed you what I have been busy doing.

To add a bit of context to what you are about to see, on Thursday we had to run a few AW chores on our way home and the problems we had on Wednesday were my fault, I had been abusing my desk top!


I have now offically organised a visit home at the start of October which means I will be able to pick up my camera, which means lots of sexy updates will start to follow  xx


  1. haha... that was excellent!!! yeah... seems like its tough times at work :)
    What did the T-shirts say, I eye sight not good enough to read that, You can't be known as Mr Pinkeyes and have good eyesight,

    Now unrelated to this post but rugby related challenge/bet if you wish to accept it. I bet the MIGHTY AB's finish higher up in this world cup than your English boys. I suggest that if by some miracle your boys do then I will send you Chocolate, and lots of it. If my Men win, then you will do a topless Haka here on your blog. Deal????


  2. T-shirts looked like AW shirts.

    Sending choccies to Masie is always a good idea, reaction is usually positive :)

    Nice soundtrack btw Masie ;-) A tiny bit lower-volume would be helpful to understand what you're saying, I just blasted the neighbors with 'happy days' I'm sure they won't mind ;-)What was that about those little figurines on your desk?

    Go to hear you're enjoying the more regular working life. It must be nice not to get home from a job at 3am in the night?

  3. If that's work I seriously want to emigrate!

    Just finding any over here is bad enough.

    Never mind, at least you brighten up my days! xxx

  4. Although work if fun and we find room for cake brakes its also hard, we definatly all put in some pretty hellish hours and while we are there we work hard. Frans some days its a bit of a toss up between regulalry putting ion office hours or occasionally getting up at 3am and then haveing the next four days off.

    whats the saying - the harder you work the harder you play. Well I dont know what mad man came up with that expression, working this hard I aint got the energy to play hard, I do however have the energy to set five minutes aside each day to unwind and eat sugars!

    Sorry about the soundtrack being so loud, my computer speakers are a bit on the deaf side so when I played it while editing you could hardly hear it, still as you say who's neighbours don't want to have the happy days theme blasted at them!

    Best of luck finding work glad I can help to keep you happy while you look :) x

  5. That cake eating looked almost sexual, Masie ;-)

    Enjoy your visit home, I'm not sure if beautiful downtown Leeds will quite measure up to Amsterdam, but it'll be good for you to see good old Blighty again!


  6. Thanks Masie!

    I guess it's easy to edit boring bits and slog when you vlog. I wouldn't mind them if I knew I was achieving something in the end. Obviously money plays a part but it feels better knowing you've worked for it.

    Motivation is key to me getting what I want and I just have to keep at it.

    Watching you at it is a very pleasant distraction though! xxx

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