Sunday, 31 August 2014

Why New Zealand is AMAZING!

Here are links to my previous win and loss at the rugby betting game!

Have a lovely week everyone, I know I have not been updating on here so much recently, it is because I haven't been up to many sexy projects outside of my work as a photographer for abbywinters so I haven't had so much to share.

 I do not consider myself retired from porn, I still have one or two personal goals I would like to tick off before I hang up my thong and sparkling boots but the final push will not come till I have a little more time on my hands and as always when ever I go to sexy places I will take all of you with me xxx


  1. Ah... there I was thinking you went on far away vacation :)
    Creative way to promote New Zeeland I must admit, would do wonders for tourism, heh.

    Nice bra btw, makes your breast look nicely big ;) Now I'm wondering what you plan to do as 'final' porn scenes/setups. You need more sexy projects eh?

    Have a wonderful week yourself as well, going to be nicely warm so enjoy that while it lasts!

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  2. I'm just relieved your ok, been worried about you.

    1. Here's a trick for that; look at and locate the 'picture of the day' box on that page. Often has pics of miss Masie, proofing nicely she's alive :)

  3. Personally Masie,Its good to have you back but I don't fall for all that New Zealand is grreat bulls***.Lots of love,Gary xxx (MM)

  4. Also,I am jealous of the way your bedroom is always so neat and tidy (unlike my own) (MM)

  5. Why Masie is AMAZING... more like.

    That was brilliant, Masie

    Thank you so much.

    Pinky <3

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