Thursday, 16 September 2010

Our day trip to Kendal

As promised here are some pictures from our trip to Kendal on Tuesday. We had an early start and it proceeded to chuck it down with rain the whole way there but it was still a really fun day and John was a joy to work with. Have you seen the film twister? It was a bit like that but instead of chasing hurricane's we were chasing sun shine.

The first location was fabulous, when we got on the beach we were met with blue sky's and sun shine - Poppy had the time of her life running up and down the beach her waggly tail was in over drive. Because of how the tied had come in by crossing a couple of large pockets of water we ended up with the whole place to ourselves and as some one who is now trapped in a city my heart just burst with the joy of all that natural space! I was able to run up and down the sand dunes, pick up shells on the beach and I got to be a mermaid!



From the beach we attempted to go to a lake to get some pictures of me swimming with some famous mountains in the back ground. However the thing about large hills is that they tend to attract rain and it chucked it down. It not only rained but the fog cut the tops off all the hills we wanted to shoot and as the lake was so flooded there was no sane way in so we abandoned that idea.
We tried to take a few snaps futher up the bank but it was sooooo cold and there was no way of making it look like a nicer day so they didnt really work.

We gave up and parked for lunch, where I had a yellow bikini painted on me! This was my second first of the day and it was the strangest thing. I obviously new I had no clothes on and felt very much naked and it was really hard to get out in such a public place to have my picture taken. It wasn't until I saw the pictures that I realised how clothed I look!

Finally we went in search of a water fall - following some frantic scrubbing with lemon squash and napkins to try and get rid of the now yellow tint my boobs and pussy had taken on.

It was a nice walk up to the little fall and Poppy was really enjoying herself again. We found a section of the river that was partly sheltered with trees and bushes which is just as well as it started to rain as soon as I got in. Luckily because of the energy in the water it had a little heat in it as other wise it was freezing! This was what I like to call an Americas Next Top Model moment. There are often shoots where they have to over come fears of animals or heights etc and they have to suck it up to get a good picture. So I sucked it up and came up with this.

Poppy didnt !

Strangely it was when I put my cloths back on that I was most cold, it was so nice to get back to the car and a hot chocolate.
Me and Poppy called in to my little sisters on our way home where we were introduced to wee fit (Which was hilarious) and stuffed full of chocolate.
All in all god day. x


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