Monday, 28 March 2011

Hey Remember me?

I'm so sorry I have just done a disappearing act. Do you remember I wasn't very well a while back and was worried I might have got to hospital? Well I went to hospital. It has taken me a while longer than I expected to get back on my feet and I have been milking it somewhat and havent been blogging like a good girl. I wont bore you with details but I will say that full anesthetics are amazing and that id forgotten what healthy felt like, I'm bouncing all over the place at the moment which is fabulous.

The good news about me being quiet for so long is that I have lots of porn fun to welcome you back with. The first thing I will start with is my last trip to Amsterdam and Abby Winters. While I was over this time I did three very different girl, girl videos and they are seriously some of the best sex I have ever had. This was just before I came home and went into hospital so I am a little chubby and quite emotional as I was so drained at the time. Here is the long winded video explanation and then I'll put a more sensible one bellow with sexy pictures and links to the free trailers.

OK so the first two videos are part of an amazing two parter. As I wasn't well in Amsterdam I was allowed to milk it and play a poorly person in bed ready to be nursed back to health by the sexy Laura. This led to a strange massage and then the inevitable sex. She is so much fun, she is one of the best finds I've had in years and I really hope we stay in touch. This was fun giggling sex at its best and as I said in my drunken video, it was exactly the kind of sex I'd have had if I'd just picked her up in a bar.

The trouble with having lovely feel better sex with Laura was that I completely forgot I was supposed to be meeting Twyla, who appears and drags me off. We don't get very far though and end up having more sex but this time get very creative using dusters ans at one point a golfing umbrella as a double ender. 

As I said this video is one of the best I have ever done and I really think its worth looking at beyond all others.  The behind the scenes stuff is almost as good as the videos themselves and I am not ashamed to say I burst into tears after sex with Twyla, which then set the camera women off which made us all laugh loads.

But my Abby Winters trip didn't stop there, the next day I was allowed to do something they never let me do, I was top bitch and I took a girls female virginity! Gretchin is a German model and I asked to work with her as not only did I think she was really cute but I like the way she comes across in her posts on the AW site. It was a good mix and with out wanting to ruin her whole life, she remind me a little bit of me at 18 and apart from the choking and violence, we are actually quite similar sexually.

It made a real change for me to not only have take control but also a bit of a back seat, as it was important her first female experience was amazing!  If I hadn't been leading up to my big revelation I'm not sure I'd have been in a position to have enjoyed this scene as much as I did but pleasuring other people is actually my new favourite thing. It was so good watching her body shake and cum and I put everything I had into making sure she loved every minute and I think she did.

I forgot to give you the plot. Gretchin writes her own songs on the piano so we started with her practising for a competition. I come in and tell her she is practising to hard and needs to take a break and then fully take advantage. I wanted to make sure she enjoyed the sex without worrying about the gender, so I blindfolded her and teased her whole body before I did anything sexual or let her touch me. She likes having her skin stroked lightly with finger nails like I do till it shivers, so there was lots of that at the beginning with some dirty talk, as I had a feeling her sexual key, ,like mine would be in her mind and I hoped that some of my dirty fantasies might be similar to her own. Goodness thats a long sentence. 

One final word on AW, can I please say to any members of that site who check in on my blog, thank you for all your kind words on the boards. I have been desperate to reply to you all and confirm that yes all three recent scenes have really rocked my world and to join in praising the staff etc but my login is broken, so I can read everything and watch all my naughty sex tapes but I cant write back for some reason.

Everybody else if you follow this link you will find free trailers to all of these videos. Also keep an eye out for the special messages at the top, as making the tagging videos is actually one of my favourite parts about shooting for Aw as they always let me make them as silly as I like.

Abby Link Click For Trailers

In other news the lovely myson mailed me to let me know that a scene I did with him and Sarah Kelly is now on sale should anyone feel they are missing a Masie DVD (see what I did there) from their collection. It was back in my brunette days and was a really fun video. We start with me and Sarah getting down and dirty with each other before our landlord bursts in and announces we need to settle our back rent or else. So we do what any sensible girls would do and she gives him and a hand job and I give him the works :) xx

Paying - The Landlord

In other Porn news work on a Masie only website is ready to launch any day now (I am having nothing to do with anything but filming there for you know it will actually happen) which is very exciting and I have been busy shooting for them. The Very Open University has been sadly shelved while I get back into work after my operation but we are still working on it and two days before I went into hospital I did a very hot b/b/g with Adam and Ben Kelly.

On Thursday I am leaving you all again to go to Budapest for two weeks and I am bricking it! I have never been away from home for so long before and have never been to Hungry. This is also the first time I am making a leap of faith trip, as everything is in the hands of my agent over there, 'Cross media' and he is still filling up my work diary, so fingers crossed they like me and I get enough work to cover my costs over etc. He has also told me I'm being sent on a few big auditions for some big players in Europe, so keep those fingers especially crossed for that.

In personal news I had a bit of a sad day on Sunday as I have let my horse go. With work it was getting harder and harder to spend enough time with him and I had still not been able to find anywhere to keep him in Yorkshire since I moved over from Buxton so the commute was killing me. He has gone to a lovely family in Kent to be a field companion to their boy Red and I was so proud of him. I was also proud of me because I drove a horse box for the first time, with a horse in it and managed a smooth drive there and back. It was really funny getting back into my 4x4 afterwards as in comparison if felt like I was just lying on the road. The women who has him has been really good at keeping in touch and has said I can visit him when ever I am down. He walked off the trailer, looked a bit baffled by the change of scenery then ate his dinner like he'd been there for years. Just before I turned the camera on as we walked up to his new field he let out a huge whinny and Red did one in return it was so sweet and lovely to see them happy.

I spotted the Fox on the side of the motor way on our way down and pulled over to pick it up. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen but kept having uncontrollable shaking fits. Poppy was a star and went into full mothering mode which is very unlike her. I tried to keep them apart as I didn't know if it had anything she could catch etc but she insisted in sitting next to it and nuzzling into its neck which seemed to help. I nursed it for two days but it wasn't meant to be and it calmly died yesterday after a feed. I had a mini cry but I'm still glad I picked it up, better to die somewhere warm quiet than alone on a busy motorway.


  1. Lovely to have you back hun, have missed your updates. Glad you're feeling better, and hope Bert is very happy in his new home xxx

  2. Hi Masie,

    Great to see you back and well, you have been missed, although with the splendid compensation of your Awesome AW exploits to tide one over.
    On your login probs have a word with Chloe, she'll be able to sort out with the support crew.
    I'm glad you were able to find somewhere nice for Bert and with a new friend for him.

    Fingers and all things crossable crossed for you.



  3. Heartbreaking to see Bert go, I really feel for you. Can't say anymore, my eyes are leaking.

    Look after yourself

    Grendel x

  4. Oh Gredel your so sweet. He is the happiest he has been in ages and I will be visiting him as soon as I can. The family who have him have text me pictures and funny stories everyday he has been gone so far, I'm so lucky to have found them, I just wish my Fox had had a happier ending.

    Tom would you please do me a favoure and pout a quick post on AW on my behalf. I have been nagging Chole but the mystery that is my ever breaking login has proven to be a hard one to crack especially because this is the second time its gone wrong for no good reason. xx

    Thanks to the three of you for posting a comment it might a bit desperate but I have missed you guys popping in and out of my blog life agreeing and disagreeing with me. x

  5. But of course, will do , in fact have done with a brief quote from you which think says it all and a link to here

    "One final word on AW, can I please say to any members of that site who check in on my blog, thank you for all your kind words on the boards. I have been desperate to reply to you all and confirm that yes all three recent scenes have really rocked my world and to join in praising the staff etc but my login is broken, so I can read everything and watch all my naughty sex tapes but I cant write back for some reason."

    take care

    tom xxx

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