Sunday, 12 June 2011

Places you can find me . . .

I have been made aware of a few new releases where you can find me and as I get a few people ask me about what Dvds I am in each week I am starting by giving you a link to that.

Masie on Dvd

Following on from that we have some old footage of me back in my gang bang/bukkake days that has just been released.

Bukkake is a strange experience and although it's something I don't do any more I certainly don't regret it. The thing about Bukkake is that its real, you can't fake this or rather people tend not to, as it would get far to expensive to make any kind of a profit. All the men you see in Bukkake films are just guys off the street, usually member of swinging clubs, as that tends to be where these parties are filmed. As a result you would expect these events to feel very grimey with lots of 'sad' men waiting their turn to use the objectified women on show, shoot their load and leave alone.

That's not how I found it. Swingers clubs are very pleasant places to be and the same can be said for the people in them. As you would expect every body is very open and laid back about their sexuality and this makes for a very refreshing and honest environment. The couples you find there have obviously had to work through all issues of jealousy in order to participate in the activities and this requires a great deal of trust, understanding and honesty. I imagine it is very hard to accept that someone who loves you needs other people to reach full sexual satisfaction in their lives and the types of people that can get their head around that size of statement are typically so comfortable in themselves that they glow with happiness and its infectious. When I did my first gang band film at Le Shambra in Sheffield I spent ages talking to a lovely couple who I was delighted to run into on my second visit as well. We didn't have dirty lurid talk in fact I don't think we really touched on anything like that. We sat on the bed I had just shagged 40 guys on and they proudly showed me pictures of their children and then told me stories of how they had got into the swinging scene, where they had in fact met and how it worked - most swingers have very individual and complicated rules as do porn stars although our lists tend to be shorter and i always find it fascinating hearing why people do somethings but not others and why.

There is obviously a higher percentage of men to women at these events but again rather than feeling like a dirty objected being lured at by lecherous older men (usually older although I think I took a guys virginity on one shoot) I was made to feel like a god! On my first shoot there was a Que of waiting men that went out the door, down a corridor and half way down the stairs! All those men hoping to get just a few minutes of time with me, for me that was such a buzz. When I was in my off time no one bothered us models or heckled at us, mostly they would just smile as we walked passed or ask us politely about when we were going back to the sex room and a little about our work and where indeed they could get a copy of the film and watch themselves performing in it.

So why did I stop if I liked it so much? Bukkake for me is not like work, its the sort of thing I would do for personal sexual kicks and although I am glad I have experienced that kick a few times its one I have done now and don't think I will get anything more out of it from doing it again. One of the things I like best about porn is that its work not sex. I can have sex any time but being part of a production designed to turn on other people that's what I love about porn, the sex sort of comes second to that. I
love different cameras, stopping to pose for photographs, being given a little direction, feeling part of  a greater whole and a bit like a movie star in a working process. I hate going to shoots and finding out that they expect to go for a dinner or drinks first etc, that's not why I do this, lots of other girls love that stuff but I love porn not going on dates. Abby Winters is the furthest that way I can go down that path and still be happy. The sex for Abby Winters as the sex at gang bangs is very real, you cant fake it (hell you wouldn't want to) but at Abby Winters there is still an element of excellence in the production happening around you that allows me to relax into the moment. At AW I know that around me people are constantly capturing everything I am doing in the greatest possible way on camera and all will be shared. During a gang bang the camera moves between models as typically you have three girls working at any one time and that means that there are times when you are not working as a film model, you are just having sex with some guys and that for me is not what i want, who ever the guys happen to be. 

Bukkake for me is no different from me going and knocking door to door on all the people who wank to my films and doing the job in person and that's not for me, that's a different job entirely - although one that pays better than mine. As much as I loved meeting all the real people involved in this scene I don't like meeting the public at work, you feel a little as if you have to be slightly careful in case you disappoint them and aren't the sunny person they know from the movies and also you don't get any real off time. Meeting that many people is very draining much harder than hanging out with a small crew and then doing a scene either on your own or with one other person and its not just physically draining its emotionally draining as you are confronted with so many different people with different life stories for you to process.

The other reason I stopped doing them was the risks, it just wasn't worth it. Although most swingers are very good about their sexual healthy you cant get around the fact that members of the public do not get themselves tested for Stis every 30 days like porn performers do and although condoms are always used for sex they are not used for oral. Some people stupidly think you can not catch anything through oral sex and many loud debates have been had on this matter at work. I would only ever do gang bangs at the end of my tests so I was only risking my own health not that of models I subsequently worked with. Not all models will do that and some producers will not book girls that do this kind of work as they to don't want to invite the extra risk. I was also once told by a producer that they tended to keep away from the girls who regularly  did the sex clubs as due to having regular work they were the most likely to flake out if they weren't in the mood and pull a no show.

My final few words on bukkake and gang bangs. First off, I loved being covered from head to toe in lots and lost of spunk I cant explain why I just loved it. Secondly Johnny Rebels voice in the back ground of most of the gang bangs I have done helps to keep the fun aspect up and the energy going and its one of the elements of these videos I love the most. Finally my brother in law who knows about my job let slip to the best men about it just before the wedding and they decided to have a look for me. You know me I tend to do fluffy porn, hard core yes but in the fluffiest and most innocent of ways. Well it just so happened I had recently done a gang bang at The Private Club for Benson Media so this was what they found when they typed in my name

They were all suitably shocked - hehe!

Gang Bang Link

I also have two new videos up on Abby Winters and both are Fab!

The first is an Im (intimate moment) video I did with Kylie. This video follows on from the scene I did with lovely blond Hayden during which Kylie catches us and plays with herself as she watches.

I then head up stairs and having both been caught we decide to have a wank next to each other while we chat and the chatting after wards is what makes it for me. Please follow the link to the free trailer and be sure to let me know what you think of the video.
Masie and Kylie IM xx

The second is the full video of myself and Dahlia when we finally stopped giggling in our super sexy onsies and got down to some actually sex.
Masie and Dahlia g/g xx

That's it for now although I should have more for you soon. Thanks as always for reading through my blog I really appreciate you all (hello 41!!!!).  I don't know if I ever told you guys but I am dyslexic (not badly so) but that's why I often use creative spelling and have a general disregard for punctuation - for me its more of an after thought, I just bung in comers where I breath when reading aloud. 

Please can you keep your figures crossed for me all week, I cant tell you why but it could be brilliant. xx


  1. Heh, that's the first time someone has equated gangbangs to AW shoots (at some level) :)For someone who doesn't want go 'on a date' you're pretty easy to be around I'd say. Certainly Hayden and Kylie didn't have complaints ('cept the snoring perhaps:).

    I can understand the desire to keep work truly as 'work'/professional. Dinner *after* a shoot can't hurt though, usually better than MacDonalds I reckon ;-)

    You're a real people person, which prolly doesn't help with such large shoots. The 'public' there isn't really public is it? More like amateur 1st time actors. Getting off is as much their job as yours, maybe you're just to nice for this world :)

    Such big shoots sound exhausting, heck your normal days sound exhausting to me (including running to catch your plane). Where do you get the energy to be so friendly and outgoing most of the time?

    As per request; *crossing fingers* , good luck with whatever you got cooking!

  2. Ha did they complain about the snoring to or did you just get the from my blog, I cant remember? Maybe thats why Hayden and Kylie kept nattering with me so late once the lights were out on the second night, so they didnt have quite so much snoring to put up with from me! Still no rats on the second night so could have been worse.

    Its funny the few times I have done dinner after work its usualy been Mac Donalds, how classey are british porn perfromers! Its mostly Satines fault, she has a thing about going to different Mac Donalds in different places and countries to see if they are different, my first meal in Amsterdam was a quater pounder cheese burgar meal!

    At gang bangs members of the public do mean literally members of the public in most cases. A few of the guys will have appeared in other similar gang bang movies their 'club' has hosted and some times one or two people hoping to do porn use this as a first go but on the whole they are not aspiring porn stars, just men who want a good time.

    When i'm working life is very hectic but the trouble with my job is that you aren't always working. Take last week,I did three rediculous days of working, driving and not alot of sleeping and then took two days to get over it and now i'm bored out my mind stuck in the house. I like to sit with my legs crossed or my feet up on the sofa so i can hug my knees and as a result I have drilled a huge Masie cratour into it which is not ver comfy and looks a bit tragic when you are hosue bound. if it wasn't for Poppy I would go mad, as she drags me to the park every day. As much as I love my job I would much prefer something that was still creative and porn based but was more frequent. I go from feeling very rich one week (a working one) and trying to decide how to reward myself, to watching what i'm eating as the jobs have dried up and the moneys all gone.

    Regarding nice person me, I dont have the energy to pretend to be anyone but me, i'd never keep tthe act up i'd keep forgetting, so what you see is mostly what you get. In real life I have a tendancy to sing alot more (not good singing, really annoying tunes that will become ear worms in your mind and also advert catch phrases. It gets to a point where I irritate myself singing the same song but i just cant stop!)and when i'm running out of money etc I do have panic days where i'm not so bouncy but I have been working on these so theres not so many these days. I tend to go and take 3 hours out in the bath with some chocolate and everything seems ok.

    Keep em crossed

    Masie xx

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