Sunday, 17 March 2013

60 days of wanking!

I am 34 days into a 60 day masturbaition exeriment and I couldn't put off telling you guys about it any longer. First off this has nothing to do with lent (although it is running along the same time period). I selected these dates because I know people who have given things up for lent so they are, although they don't know it, keeping count of the days for me.

With the time pressures of real life, masturbaiting is something that tends to end up on the back burner once you are out of your teens. During my research for my abbywinters podcast, I came across a sexpert who said that if you don't put time in working (practising if you will ) on your own orgasm, on your own, then it would never develope into something even greater! Well I had that idea floating around in my head and when I was asked what I was giving up for lent, the idea hit me that I should use this time for science!

Now I haven't been filming all 60 as I have been doing this in ways that feel the best for me and that doesn't always lend itself to being open to a camera. I like rubbing my panties into myself and that hides allthe good bits from view. Also it has been different to have sex time that was 100% just for me time, normally I am busy sharing all my sexual experiences as that is one of the things that turns me on so it hs been interesting finding new ways tot urn myself on while on my own.

So what have I learned. I have come across a whole new orgasm reaction that I never knew I had! If I am in a certain kind of mood and flick my inner lips as well as stimulating my clitoris, I sit up in bed when I orgasm! It is the oddest thing but it is a very nice orgasm. I have also discovered my G spot - normally I orgasm using my clitoris only but now I have found a way to hit this magic new spot and it has given me a new kind of orgasm. It is not better but it is different and at times alot longer which is incredible! I won't bore you with the details but I have also come up with two new stories to play in my head while I touch myself and have found that my sexual tastes are starting to change.

I look forward to showing off my new apporach with you in some future sex movies, maybe I will try and do a best bits recording of the last ten orgams, to show you all the different ways I have come up with to climax!.

Ignoring the TERRIBLE rugby that we don't need to talk about Pinky, I have had a good weekend. I took Poppy out on my roller blades this morning and pride aside there has been some great rugby played today. I have also had another very productive weekend, mostly based around my SC stuff. I have made two more sexy custom movies and tonight I did my first cam show in years and I loved it! I plan to do more cam shows so mail me via my account if you want to arrange a meet up online!

This week I uploaded a new sexy picture set in a stunning outfit that the AMAZING Frans got me (thanks again you super start). Here are a few pictures to wet you appetite.

Finally I have a new spanking video up on English-Spankers and looking at the example image and blurb, I think it is the sexy spanking I mentioned to you in an earlier post. I know a few people don't enjoy the concept of someone being hurt and made to feel bad and as a result they shy away from spanking content. Well this update is for you as I was allowed to show how turned on I was by the spanking and flirted my ass off with the guy delivering it. Let me know what you think and have a lovely week xxxxx

"Masie Dee is not only a housekeeper she is a bit of a flirt but when she tries to twist Mr. Stern around her finger she has a real problem His only interest in her is spanking and beating her lovely bottom and that's just what he does. He takes advantage of the sexy mood she is in and the sexy clothes to spank and paddle her in a number of very provocative positions but still managing to give that bottom the best ever whacking"


  1. Dear Masie,You said in an earlier blog that you were going to get your 'arse' in gear.Well you finally have! Whoever chose the corset/basque for you has excellent taste.You really are a top girl.Lots of love from,Garyxxx (CLW)

  2. You can so tell by those new pics that you've been sexually active, you're positively glowing! You look sexier too!

    Keep it up!

    Dogbee signing off xx

  3. That's one way to prepare for Easter Masie :) Looking at your wishlist reveals another way. Either way you'll be well prepared.

    You don't always need to have the 'bits' in full view for a good clip btw. Heck, all of 'beautiful agony' is based on the idea of only showing the face. The sitting-up-orgasm thing sounds like a good way to exercise stomach muscles ;-)

  4. "With the time pressures of real life, masturbaiting is something that tends to end up on the back burner once you are out of your teens"

    Altogether now....OH NO IT ISN'T!!

    Look forward to seeing those vids Masie ;)


  5. And hold on a minute, what was that cam shows?? Email a'comin' your way missie... xx

  6. I hadn't thought about like that Frans - in that case I will definatly film the last ten!

    John - point taken! What I meant to say was that there is less time for masturbaiting now I am out of my teens - I used to be a four times a day girl!

    John you read correctly I look forward to your e-mail xxx

  7. Sent it you last night Masie, let me know if you've not got it and I'll re-send xxx

  8. Heh! Bet you've cheated a bit and squeezed a few extra in sometimes! Bit like a Dave Gorman sort of challenge, this. Except sexier. And you're a hell of a lot prettier!

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