Sunday, 31 March 2013

We need to talk !


Do you remember when Satine came to stay with me Kylie while visiting to do some abbywinters shoots? No, well you can be forgiven as it was  back in 2011! Back then we were doing sexy Q n A and we had the bright idea of getting our sexy house guest in on the action. The plan was that we would all post a different persons answers on our blog - that way anyone who followed all three would still get three different updates. Well much has passed but Satine has now put the final piece of the puzzle on her blog so please check it out by clicking here, to remind you of my answers you can click here.

Finally following a chance Phish fan encounter last weekend I have finally found the time to sit down and listen to some music - these guys are great housework motivators! I can now say with the authority of someone who has listened to a whole album,  that FLUFFHEAD  is my favorite! I like that halfway through the song it runs off to a Jazz and Blues club for a stiff burden before heading back towards American country. I have re visited the forum but the post I originally joined has now closed (they have a rule that they vanish after so many posts) and I can't remember my log in name. If someone could tell me that would be ace if not I will try and find time next week to rediscover it then will head on to chat.

Enjoy the rest of your week

Masie xx


  1. Masie(CLW) I have watched the top video twice.That's 22 min's out of my life.What are you doing to yourself?Mate you are beating yourself up for nothing.You are simply promoting yourself with your vid's and SC site,nothing more.Its not to be ashamed of.No other porn star thinks like you do.Stop hurting yourself.Why feel guilty.You cheer me up each week with your blog entries.Is it all about money? Well whats wrong with that.For goodness sake don't stop with your porn career but do try a bit of mainstream stuff like nude extra work.You have the figure for it.
    I'm off now for hot cross buns soaked in custard and nuked in the microwave.(I may copyright the recipe) I also think Easter goes on a bit too long. Lots of love from (MM) Gary xxx.

  2. Hey Masie, hope you have had some sleep/rest over the weekend.

    There is no need to feel guilty about promoting/pointing out products/services you sell. You have a to be(come) a bit rude to sell stuff I guess. Look at it as a service to people; you are merely informing them what nice products you have for sale :) After all if you don't tell about those products nobody knows they CAN buy 'm and that would be silly.

    I have observed before you're prolly to nice to be a sales-person. Gary said a lot of things I agree with, stop feeling guilty about wanting to make some money. You provide plenty for free as it is (I'm sure Satine will agree on that ;-).

    I can think of two things to relieve the money-issue a bit; (a) ask Mr. D to come over and live with you, sharing rent will help hugely, (b) move further out from Amsterdam-center and consider using public transport to get to work. This is a bit drastic but the closer to the center, the higher the rent unfortunately :(

    Gotta go assist my niece finding chocolate eggs. Lotsa love and happy easter! To poppy as well ;)

    1. and another thing; you mentioned you started doing porn to earn money. That by itself isn't a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. Just split that line into; "I started working to earn money. I choose porn as my job." 'cos from all you've said on your blog I definitly get the impression you LIKE adult work ;-)

      Any idea what you would have done if you hadn't chosen porn? You might make a good teacher, you come across as patient and friendly. (avoid students 12 years or older though ;-)

      And to get this back on our favourite topic; did you ever have sex underwater? Was discussing that with friends yesterday and we were wondering if that would ever work, esp. the male part so to speak :-)

  3. YEA! We do need to do some more Q and A - get on it Miss Dee! :D Miss your sexy face hehe xxx

  4. Hi Masie,

    First time commenter, long time admirer. You really do come across as a genuinely nice person (in your AW work and here on the blog), so much so that I would be more than happy to bump into one day in real life. That can't be said about a lot of porn actresses.

    So I’ll second what is said previously and tell you to not feel bad about trying to make a business out of your career. That's just simple economics.

    If I have one piece of advice for you it would be to keep being yourself in all your work. You have an infectious personality that raises a smile. Try and make it your unique selling point that not only are you sexually attractive but you can also offer a 'girlfriend experience' for want of a better phrase. I think it will really make you stand out from the crowd.

  5. Oh Masie. Right you, I've just paused the first episode of Game Of Thrones to give you a pep-talk, so you listen up, Ms Dee. OK?

    Don't feel guilty about selling stuff, we all understand this is how you make your living. And, I have to agree with everything that Gary and Frans have said, plus I'll add that the reason we all stay in touch with you on here is because you are, for want of a better word, 'nice'. When I've been in lapdancing clubs, the girls who always got my repeat business were the ones who'd sit and chat first instead of asking for a dance straight away. Maybe I'm a bit weird or old fashioned, but I definitely believe that personality is just as important in looks in your line of work, and the fact that your personality shines out in everything you do is why I've been a fan of yours for so long, and why I'm so chuffed that we're friends now (well, I hope we are!)

    So, one last time, never feel guilty about telling us to get our hands in our pockets (erm, so to speak). You give us an awful lot of content, only the most stingiest of people would begrudge you making some extra cash.

    It was lovely to catch up with you again last weekend after such a long time (and guys, if you've not booked a webcam show with Masie, you should do so straight away. And I don't feel remotely guilty about telling you to do so!)

    Keep your chin up superstar, ok? (and thanks for mentioning that podcast you did with the US guys. It's now downloaded onto my iPod and ready to brighten up my no doubt rather dull day at work tomorrow)


  6. My initial reaction when I watched/read your previous blog messages & video's was YAY... look at these amazing options that are now available to us for that true personal Masie experience. Had decided that I would love to "purchase" webcam time.. (More to chat with a very very interesting, funny and sexy lady than any real sexual fantasy).
    My second though.... GOD Masie has been busy... and is going to be very very busy how is she going to find the time?? Hope she doesn't burn herself out.
    At no stage did I get the impression you were putting the hard sell on us. As everyone above has mentioned you have nothing to feel guilty about...
    I do have a question.... are you going to advertise these options on twitter and facebook??? Or would you prefer to control more who your "clients" are??
    I also would like to add... that the reason I think of you as "Masie" not just another "Porn Star"... and why I follow your blog and have bought things from your wish list (and other items) is because you are the nice girl that has an amazing personality and would feel like she would need to post the above explanation about advertising her own material. Not sure there would be too many others in the industry that would have.
    Please cross this off your guilty/stress list as you are golden on this one.
    Take care of yourself Masie and keep smiling.

    Pinky <3

    ps: You may need to smack Kylie around to get her back on her blog to fulfill her part of the 2011 agreement haha

  7. Right,Masie,the jury's back in and you have been exonerated from all guilt.Please now get back to being a happy Masie and my CLW. Gary (your MM)

  8. I was thinking last night Masie, have you seen Girls? It's probably not to everyone's tastes, but it's HBO and there's a hell of a lot of nude scenes! Maybe something you can ask your contact about (there's been a third season already confirmed).


  9. Masie, Ive just reread the last paragraph where you talk about this Fluffhead number and it goes off to a Jazz and Blues club for a stiff 'burden' should this be 'bourbon'
    (I hope so I've drunk enough of the stuff) Gary (MM)xxx


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