Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A few up dates all over the place

Well alot of sleep took place yesterday and I feel so much better for it. Saying that I went around to see some friends last night and nearly fell asleep with an xbox controller in my hand and was forced to head home early for bed so maybe I didn't get quite enough. I was cross this morning when I woke up bang on 9am though, grr I hate having an early routine.

Still a bit of a sleepy head is defiantly a fair trade for all the fun I have had in the last two weeks and the gains are starting to filter through. Today I have some retro glam pictures to show you and a super sexy Abby Winters trailer.- are you loving the 70s wedding dress!

These pictures can be seen in full along with some videos on retro-glamour.com so please go and check it out.

I heard a rumor today that a certain website run by myself and Satine is nearly ready to launch! Although its just a rumor so I could be wrong.

Finally here is a link to the trailer of the scene that nearly turned me gay from AVN winners Abby Winters.
One fan commented that 'This is the best video since you moved, by far'

Tom on the site does a much better job of describing the full scene than I will, so here's his blurb and the trailer.

"Anything can happen in the next half hour" and by golly if not anything then certainly wondrous things and happily they take over half an hour to unfold as the two blonde beauties, the irrepressibly ebullient Marina and the insatiably effervescent Masie make a splash. However, before they do so, we are treated to a backstage that is fully deserving of a standalone ‘slot’, frequently hilarious as Marina and Masie chat and banter; Masie:- "Abbywinters builds sexual tension", aided and abetted by Jacki and Michelle, who quips "You guys are endlessly entertaining".
Then to the main and wondrous things indeed as Masie joins Marina in the shower where with a splendid athleticism they wash each other with the shower jet, fingers and tongues. In so doing with an urgent breathiness and fevered whispered injunctions and exclamations they rouse each other to the peaks of passion and beyond. Eventually the shower can no longer contain them and to the bed and bedroom floor they go to continue unfettered their carnival of carnal cavorting in all manner of delicious diverting ways until at last sated they lie entwined on the bed, sated? Well not quite for Masie, amidst giggling, tries to inveigle Marina into biting her nipple, settling for lots of kisses. In the short witty after the girls give their assessment with which one cannot demure; Masie:- "horny, hot, dirty and there was snuggles"; Marina:- "the best the best the best…"
Kudos to Michelle who splendidly captures all frenetic action in all its passionate glory in shots from all angles and distances that are a delight to view both for the now and will be for many times in the future. My thanks to her, the team, Marina and Masie for a T3 that finds its place in the AW pantheon. If there were to be a T3 redux then I’ll wager on who two front runners for that might be.'


I am desperately editing for the rest of today and tomorrow as well as trying to get some solo scenes shot from home and then on Thursday I have a g/g shoot at the stables with Zarina and yet another secret project meeting (that's 3 projects for those who have lost count).

Take care
Masie x x


  1. Run by yourselves? Have you both designed and constructed the site or are you solely responsible for content? Or both?

    I heard a rumour that the theme was (and I quote) "schoolgirls", is that still the case? ..... delete this post if that's supposed to be secret.

    You look very regal (and beautiful obv) in your photos. Though I did smirk at the 3rd picture - you seem to have sprouted a horn, that or you're being lynched - neither of which I should laugh at. (if you're lost, look at the top of your head (in the photo))

    Eagerly anticipating site launch.

    Best wishes


  2. I thought it looked like I was being hung as well. The site is yes entirly our own. We came up with the name, the concept, paid for everything, filmed everything and are currently editing everything. The rumor you heard about the theme is indeed correct, I think Satine has been quite forth coming about the whole thing on her blog, so these secrets aren't really secrets. I am just being selective with how and when I start talking in full about it becuse theres still a few weeks to go before the launch and I dont want to run out of things to say and have over hyped before its time. Plus it made you curious enough to mail me here so it may make a few more people curious enough to have a look when its live. I spentr last night editing a preview trailer to sit on the front page which should go up later today/tonight so long as Satine is free to talk me through it. x

  3. OK, all sounds promising, and I'm now going to comply and talk about it no more. Oh ... if you need beta testers ... (raises hand) :). Now I'll shut up.

    So why do you want to retire to Texas?



  4. Sorry Masie, Facebook post deleted, I hang my head in shame.

    Grendel :( xxx

  5. Wow you look stunning in that wedding dress Masie.

    I don't suppose you'd do me the honour of... *kneels on one knee* ;-)

  6. John as you didn't ask me 7o disco style better luck next dress.

    Grendel you are forgiven.

    Texas just feels right. As a young child the obvious appeal was the ranch dream, I have been around horses as long as I can remember and playing cowboys is such a romantic idea. Three years ago I finally got the chance to ride a Tennessee walking horse in Texas at a highly respecting breeding barn and it was amazing. But simpler than that the way of life just appeals to me so much.

    The hooter weather i a must - I am solar powered.
    The paths/roads are bigger - no more crowded streets dodging crammed in people, they have so much space they can design it that way.
    The general attitude. If you go to a supermarket over there, the worker will always tell you to have a nice day, with a smile. I don't know if they are nicer and mean it or are better trained in customer services or that I lived in Derbyshire for to long but I like the difference.
    have been born in the ideal way. As a British person I have natural cynicism, sarcasm,and wariness but can chose to live around people who are naturally more upbeat. Don't get m wrong I know there are idiots there who are grumpy and miserable everywhere but it dosent stop the difference in the rest.

    Don't worry though, porn would be so much harder to do there and I love British porn so will keep Texas for early retirement. x

  7. 70s disco style? Hmmm you realise this weekend is going to consist of me practising my John Travolta Saturday Night Fever moves don't you? ;-)

    Ah well, it was worth a try! xx

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