Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Demure Ladies

Yes I was surprised that I was demure to but I had an amazing day trip yesterday and I'm really proud of the pictures I have seen. It was a nice early start to get all the way down to Norwich in time for our shoot but thankfully everyone was staying clear of the roads, so I had a nice clean run down.

The site has a retro theme which meant I got to wear hats!!! There were also long silk gloves which, as is becoming a habit of mine, soon ended up inside me. I was thrilled to get some pictures mailed straight away and here are a few of my favourites - please be warned I am hairy in these, if that's not your bag and you don't want to spoil your ideas about me, please look away now (its going in January).

The best part about being in that part of the world was that I got to surprise my grandparents and crash a bed for the night and as a result I feel like I have been on a mini holiday. I love my grandparents dearly but until this visit didn't know much about them. We sat and talked for hours last night (while taking on our body weight in tea) and it was so rewarding. I have friends who can trace their ancestry back a 1000 years where as I have never got past; mum, dad, grandparents stop and always felt I was missing out on some sense of self. Well I now know I am part everything but mostly very hard working northern ship builders and I do feel very proud. My granddad designed submarines in the war, was then an investigator into deaths and accidents on boats, was once employed to advise the founder of Scientology (who is apparently weird, he was helping with ships not the religion) and was a senior advisor on an episode of Kaviner Q.C called, 'Dead Reckoning' to give them a plausible shipping accident to solve and my nan grew up in a house hold that housed travelling stars like Will Rogers. I'm organising another Demure shoot for next year and will take my camera down and get some of these stories on tape so the family always have a record. If you have an opportunity to do similar I definitely recommend it, (with your own family not mine).

I am about to go to bed full of cake, biscuits and pop all lovingly given by my nan. Its funny when I found out how hard generations of my family have worked to better themselves I apologised to my grandad for going backwards and not striving to go up another level, as porn is a labour of love, the pays not going to buy me some mansions any time soon. But he said, that its not about getting that extra qualification  and earning more than the last lot, its about being happy -' if you can support yourself and are happy and content and loved, you have done what is needed.' They obviously don't know about my job, I often feel bad as my nan thinks I have been mostly unemployed for the last 3 years as I don't like lying extensively to them but other members of my family know and aren't to impressed and its silly to rock the boat. This is the closet I will ever get to getting their acceptance and it felt great. I am a very happy, slightly over sensitive positive me - its going to be a good week people, no more moody Masie and lots of action. xxxx

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