Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dirty Girl Soils Herself!

Here is the link the 'earlier me' promised you.

Nichole's sexy outdoor shoot click HERE. 

You have to click through  to the members area then type her name into teh search bar. Her most recent solo (second video on the page) is the one I was so happy with!

Finally here are a few snaps from todays shoot! A quick mention has to go out to Poppy who was super good and slept in the sun the whole time and was very friendly to a pack of puppies we met on the way home.


  1. Masie,(CLW)Would the correct term for your new horticultural adventure
    be a 'lady garden' (ho ho) Gary(MM)

  2. Haha, funny you should say that I was looking at the picture sets we made this weekend and was thinking how much I liked my small delicate line of pubic hair at the moment - very chic

  3. Your new trousers look great!

  4. Masie(CLW) Yes I believe the Australians would call the strip of pubic hair a 'landing strip'. Speaking of Antipodeans, is it not an Ashes year so don't get into any bets regarding the outcome.I am not totally confident in an England victory.I also like those trousers,whoever chose them deserves a pat on the back.Garyxxx(MM)

  5. I am sorry to sayI just don't get cricket at all - for me tis like watching paint dry (not even paint in an interesting colour). When I lived in Yorkshire I used to like walking with Poppy to the local park when it was sunny and we would sit ad eat (very important) while taking in the cricket with an occasional clap when someone wollopped the ball but beyond that I have no interest at all!

    I love my new trousers I am struggling to find tops that they go with - I came into work last week to by told by Misha tht I was wearing a 'brave combination' but trial and error is half the fun!

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