Tuesday, 16 April 2013

HBO Game of Thrones performer seeking representation

This weekend, thanks to all your background nagging, I finally got my test shots taken ready for sending to some acting agents! Are you proud?!  As soon as I get them back from Izzy I will let you have a look and send them off so keep your fingers crossed.

As well as having my picture taken I also spent Sunday helping Izzy on a fashion style shoot. To see more of Izzy's work click here and to see more of her lovely model click here.

Sorry I didn' put anything big up over the weekend I was super busy shooting but I aim to have something bigger for next weekend - I am yet to christen my new shoes and clothes I was so thrilled to get last week! xx


  1. Masie (CLW),Still the prettiest Porn Star in Town.Like those trousers too,Oh no flour being wasted is not good.Its getting expensive you know.Gary(MM)xxx

  2. Heeey, Kraftwerk. Reminds me of an 3D exhibition from them I visited a few years ago.

    Wish you good luck finding an agent!

  3. Kraftwerk and the Beatles, you do like the golden oldies, eh? I hope you did your own pics/portrait pics before the flowery shoot. Flower would look odd on representation pics :)

    No clue what the oasis was doing there btw, wishful thinking perhaps ?

  4. Just found your blog since as only just seen you in game of thornes. Nice to see someone making a successful move from porn to the mainstream. Good luck in your search for an agent.

  5. Frans, I spend far to much time selecting music tracks for my blog updates but when the right one finds it's way under the audio track of the video, everything just seems to click and feel 100 times better. I have been thinking about your comment for a few days now and the reason think I am draw to the 'golden oldies' is because they have the feel and lyrics I am seeking. I have found that in the mainstream music that I am aware of (I am sure their are tones of examples I am unaware of that will dispove my theory) they are just to quik to get to the sex there is no tease. Thats not say there aren't lots of flithy older songs heck The Beetles' come together' is pure filth thats why I chose it but I like the slow eas of the song its not in a rush to be rude. Tease is so important and I recon that is what is missing in so much generic porn. I liek hard core heck everything should end up there at some point but I need a reason a tease and a build to get there for the hard core to be special otherwise its just sex and I have seen that already!

    New blog member welcome, I am so happy you have found your way via GOT to my blog. I have written quite a few posts about my experience working for HBO if you have enegry to go through my back catlogue. I am so happy I got the chance that small role s the job that keeps on giving!

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