Sunday, 7 April 2013

Masie Dee - a few rude snaps

Just a quick blog this weekend, been super busy filming, editing and planning my SC pages. I have also been busy setting out my plan for the rest of the year and I can't wait to show you what great things I can do later on this year.

For now here are a few pictures from my weekend antics. I have now got enough content together to be doing two picture updates and one video submission every week and will be doing this to a set schedule. Now on SC you have to send each update to the company for checking and then they submitt it to the website for you.  I am yet to work out how long this process takes but as soon as I know I will let you know which days everything will be going up.

Speaking of video updates my very first SC video went up last week and I was very proud that it made it onto their 'video of the week list'. Saddly their site wont let me link you straight to my video but if you click on this link, and type in my name it comes up - love to know what you think!

For now  I hope you enjoy thses pictures and know that I am thrilled to have you in my corner xxxx


  1. Masie's all tied up :) Good to hear you've got most everything worked out and planned. Doesn't SC have a system where you can upload content and tag it for release at a specific date/time (like blogspot has) ?

    Speaking of content, did you ever get that Flip HD camera?

    I can understand why HD would be appealing, but some of the clips I like best are just SD. Having grown up on VHS videotape I guess I'm easily satisfied :-)

  2. Masie(CLW) Only you could make a green bra look attractive.Gary(MM)xxx

  3. Stunning photos! The second one in particular is a really strong image and shows you off very well. Rowr.

  4. Stunning as always!!! I see you got married at Bigbury burgh island. Love that place am from Plymouth if you and hubby are ever down that neck of the woods again it would be nice to meet up for a drink or 3 x

    Dave : )

  5. Best pasty shop in the world in Plymouth! I heard they are currently selling Bigbury beach - if you buy it can I come and shoot porn down there please :)!

    I love my green bra, it came with another set that is pink with white spots on. I got another new set today - black leather with silver studs on !

    I am very pleased that you especially liked the middle picture Pandora as it took ages! I knew that I liked the sexy curve of the back but could not for the life of me work out how to move my body to get one. There was alot of me standing on my head looking like i'd been in a car crash before we got this.


    1. Love the Pasty shops myself!! If I could I would buy it Masie it's a beautiful place and you would be welcome any time ; )

  6. Masie, Golly black leatherr with studs on.Hope it fits alright! Gary(MM)xxx

  7. More pics with ankle socks, please Masie, you have great legs ;-)

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