Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy Queens Day!

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for my lovely shoes, I LOVE THEM!!!

 A proper thank you video will follow soon . . . .

I have now worked out why I was unable to post pictures on here over the weekend- Fire Fox is no longer compatible. Bellow are the pictures I was going to share with you, they are the latest set o go up on my SC pages! 

Enjoy your week.

Masie xxx


  1. The shoes have arrived already? That's fast, the said 'sometime this week' basically. Good for you though ;-)

    What's special about new shoe's smell? Well except with leather shoes, that I might understand ;-)

    The only important thing you need to know really is that next year we will have a 'King's Day' instead of Queens day and it will be on 28-april not 30th. This important 'cos this year's 28th would have been pointless as it was on an already-free day :)

    Just noticed the pattern/colors on both shoes do match/look a bit similar. The heel ones are a bit optimistic perhaps. You didn't go out in only that (nicely orange) dress I hope?

  2. Masie(CLW)I am pleased that the Dutch have a new King and that all passed over so smoothly.It was on the news here in Blighty so the British public were aware of the handover.Like the shoes too especially the 2nd pair.Lots of love from Garyxxx(MM)

  3. Masie just in passing there are a few complaints about the inefficiency of Firefox coming in recently.

  4. I am a huge fan of FireFox- I like how it looks,functions and the ad blockers are great.

    I think google want to push chrome so it's hardly suprising that google owned things like blogger suddenly become incompatible.

  5. It was a bit to cold for just the orange dress but it was super warm today so maybe this weekend it will see an outing- doesit go with zebra trainers?

    New shoes smell is a smell you only ever get in shoes. Like new carpets it'something that excites the nose.

  6. Yes I much prefer Firefox to IE.I only discovered the Adblocker facility couple of months ago and its a revelation Garyxxx(MM)

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