Saturday, 2 July 2011

An actual lady suspender shoot

As promised here are some of the behind the scenes videos I took while shooting for Lady Suspender last week. If you look back through the blog to November last year you can see what I got up to at home with Satine last time I worked for them. I found out that those antics have now become a DVD, so if you want a me, Satine,  and vintage underwear fix head to the site - Tight DVD

This visit I was working with the lovely Lucy Deane and we had such a giggle. The story saw Lucy interviewing me for Lady Suspender, who were looking for another model for Lucy to work with. This interview required shy me to try on lots of vintage underwear and walk up and down . Lucy defiantly seemed to enjoy this as she started to insists on feeling my body with her hands to see if everything was fitting right. 

Then Lucy tells me I have to get on the exercise bike so she can check my stamina! This turns into to the strangest erotic moment I have ever done but the whirl of the bike at speed did make it all very charged and sexually heated.

I will pass the rest on to you next week so you have more time to imagine what I will look like trying to ride a bike in heels - it ain't as pretty as your mind wants it to be !

If you hang on till Monday to order any scenes fromn these guys id beenreally greatful as they have asked if I would like to be an affiliate for their site meaning anything people who follow the link from my blog buy on there site, I will get a cut of.


  1. Masie and Lucy on an exercise bike getting sexually heated nuff said Very ooh la.. enough to nearly get me onto one well i said nearly... Tommy Hillside

  2. Smashing, 2 lovely porn girls in retro gear.Why, you could both be catalogue models in another life but somehow I'm glad your not.Don't worry you're still my favourite little Masie but my eye does tend to wander sometimes.Yours hornily.Gary xx

  3. Oh, you got to play 'top bitch' in that 2nd clip for a couple of seconds :)

    Was it hard to play shy girl ? ;-)

  4. Ha yes I did get to be top bitch - you wait till the end of the video, it may have been me taking the strap on but I definatly won the power game at then end. IF YOU ARE A LL VERY GOOD I WILL PUT THE REST UP NEXT WEEK - it got ruder!

    Its stange, I will be honest and say that in real life the retro undies do very little for me and I would not be caught under a bus in them (my nan always says you must always have good undies on incase you get hit by a bus) but they are rediculously sexy once on and so hot for playing in. My favourite outfit was the black gussett (is that how you spell that?)it was so figure hugging. Again in real life what with my ibs that just wouldnt be practical but in the bedroom - ooh such a sexy feeling.

    Gary have you checked out the flashing retro stuff I have done?

  5. Yes,love it mate.The only slight critique I'd make
    of the site is that there isn't loads of content, but when he gets some more stuff loaded it will be a good niche market site.Love and kisses,Gary

  6. Great work to the both of you. Its good to see two models so comfortable with each other and enjoying (!) their work. Would be good to see you with mature ala Satine in Adventures 15

  7. any more videos

  8. sad cunts being told what to do by ugly old men.....your both bitches xxx