Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Visiting a pink scarf!

Today I finally got to go and visit the sexy Kylie on her new home turf! I have to apologise for the lack of footage, I was just having to much fun with her and some of her Australian friends who are visiting. There was a lovely moment (you will be so cross I missed it) where the girls were talking about different countries they have gone topless on the beach in. Its funny I had always thought Australians were a bit bashful and proper but as the girls pointed out, when you living a country that's that hot, taking your cloths off really does become second nature!

Lovely to see you and your scarf Kylie, hopefully see you next week or the one after. Oh and for the record I have looked up the proper way to eat a scone and have accidentally opened a HUGE can of worms. To slice or not to slice!

How To Eat A Scone:
Again, contrary to  recent “experts” advice (now I understand how rumors get started!), it is not only improper to slice a scone, in its ENTIRETY (horizontally to be slathered in jam and cream), it is considered very common behavior.! Although some establishments will serve a sliced scone pre-prepared with jam and cream, this is merely a gimmick introduced to save time (It may now be ”acceptable” but it will never be correct). A hostess should instruct and insist that the scones, for large functions or buffets, be made smaller into bite size,  ”standing room” size.

The correct manner in which one eats a scone is the same manner in which one eats a dinner roll. Simply break off a bite-size piece, place it on your plate, and then apply, with your bread and butter knife, the jam and cream. A fork is not used to eat a scone. Please, no dipping!

Enjoying the Traditional Fare Scones are a traditional part of a proper tea.  Split the scone with a knife.  Since the knife is now used, lay it gently on the side of your plate.  Jam or curds is usually placed on the scone and then top off with a dollop of clotted cream. Simply spoon a small amount of jam or curds onto your plate, as well as some of the clotted cream.  Spread the jam, curds, and clotted cream onto your scone.  Never use the serving spoon for this task.
Be sure to take small bites, since attending a tea is a social occasion and you will want to participate in the conversation without always having a full mouth.  Chew and swallow completely before taking a drink of tea, since it is hot and is not meant to wash the food down.


  1. Not wanting to be appear as uncouth but I like butter on my Scones. I also prefer the bottoms to the tops. I believe I'm unusual in that.

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  2. If they are scones with fruit in i like just a huge amount of real butter on top but with out its jam and clotted cream all the way.

    I used to eat my scones with a lid on when I was growing up until I discovered you can managed twice the filling and not get starnge look as you eat. x

  3. A traffic cop pulled along side a speeding car on the motorway.Glancing into the car,he was astounded to see that the lady (Kylie)who was driving was knitting and the passenger,Masie was
    holding a bowl of freshly baked (still hot) scones.Realizing that they were oblivious to the flashing lights and siren,the police officer wound down his window,turned on his loud speaker and yelled "PULL OVER!"..NO!Kylie yells "it's Pinky the Scarf"


  4. Mmm, yummy.
    Kylie, Scones, and Masie. All in one delectable blog post.

    Masie you poppy dog is the cutest! And you are the best.