Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ok I have a secret

I have been keeping a secret from you and it has been playing on my mind for ages. I have decided to come clean but some of you wont want to know this but I promise it wont change anything. Before I let this slip I have to tell you that I still love porn, I still love being dirty, sucking cocks will always be my favourite thing to do (apart from sucking cocks covered in chocolate) and that my levels will NOT be changing. I still relish being a terrible flirt and cock tease and will never want to stop talking about sex with you guys.

Ok I got married. Please don't be cross that I didn't tell you, its not that I didn't want to but I was scared it might change how some of you interact with me and Id hate that because you are all such a big part of my life now. I asked Satine about this and she said maybe its sexy that I am married, as I am now a naughty dirty house wife who cant get enough cock, rather than just a player with everybody else.

I will add as a final note that I am very happy. I am happy at home with husband and Poppy, at work having lots of great sex and with you guys being able to share my naughty exploits and find encouragement and ideas. I need all three things to be happy and the happier I am the more I want to play and do dirty things - like on the train, I'd never have dreamed of nipping in there if I wasn't in a good mood, id have just sat and read my book. I have often said that I was made for sharing and I still stand by that, I don't think Id be happy with just porn or with just a partner, I need both and I hope you understand that as well as he does.

I thought you might like to see some of  the pictures Satine helped to take (she was one of my togs) I have put a page break in so that those who dont want to see them dont have to.

I love you guys
Masie xx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous as ever.Still love you.When you get rid of him and I'll have you,Garyxx

  2. Thanks Gary, I promise you are first off teh bench should he get bored of me :) xx

    - thank you for the second sexy installment of masie tales, I will have a play to it later and let you know exactly how it all goes.

  3. He looks too old for you Masie :) x

  4. Thats my Grandad cheeky! He's the one who just bounced out of hosptial after having all his veins re wired.

  5. Lmao he`s younger than Jim Slip :)

  6. Congratulations... So please to read that you are so happy and what a stunning bride you make. Beautiful dress and interesting footwear :) very unique. Not sure why your fans would not want to know you have found someone that makes you happy. So do you mind if I ask when the big day was? You look like you were very lucky with the weather. Once a gain a big Congrats, I hope you and Mr. Dee have a long and happy life together.


  7. Masie,
    Congrats on you're marriage. You looked beautiful!
    I have a question that begs an answer. Did the groom remove that blue garter from your leg, in a gentlemanly fashion using his fingers, or did he get it off with his teeth.


  8. Hey Masie, have already sent my congratulations, but just to say you look absolutely stunning on your wedding photos.

    And, if someone's sad enough to stop following you on here or stop being a fan of yours just because you've got married, then they weren't worth bothering in the first place.

    Nice snaps from Satine as well - obviously a new career beckons when she decides to retire (not for years yet, obviously!)

    All the best to you and your husband. And it's lovely to see your grandad looking so well too xx

  9. We got married on the 23rd April down in Bigbury near Plymouth. We were very lucky with the weather as it was an outdoor wedding so it would have been off if it had rained. We had the wedding on the cliff top, where we also had the reception in a big tent and then took a tractor ride down to the beach. It was the week before the royal wedding and everyone clapped when we came on to the beach - me being the minor celeb that I am eh!

    My favorite picture from the day is the best man helping me to clean bright orange chicken tika off my dress in a rock pool from the picknick bags we had down there - he did get it all out!

    This was very me and the chocolate brownies we had for pudding will be forever in my dreams as the best ever.

    The garter was my mothers and then worn again by my elder sister Claire last year at her wedding but it definatly got the most air time at mine. Never mind husband needing to go and get it, as I wanted to show off my shoes as much as possible I had my leg in the air flashing the whole day!. Naughty Satine got lots of very inapropriate upkirt shots showing not just the garter but pretty much everything, while I was changing into my 'weddingtons'.

    Thank you so much for all your kind wishes - I love you guys.

    Pinky I loved your post on the 'why' thred today Pinky x

  10. Hi Masie

    Seems you have a lot of fans here who have shown how happy they are for you and here's one more.

    I wish you and your new husband a long, happy and sexy life together. You are clearly loving life and sharing that sexy happiness too with your fans.

    Thanks Masie and best wishes for the future

    Sunshine x

  11. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing day. I'm sure shy Masie would not have liked the attention from the clapping crowd :)
    So do you have any hens night stories you would like to share with the class??


  12. Masie,

    Congratulations! Your husband must a a cool and broadminded fellow. I salute him!

    PS. What does your Granddad think of your porn career?

  13. Nice pics! First one is lovely. Good sensible shoes too, I approve :-)

    Sounds like you had lotsa fun at your wedding and found yourself a good man, what more could a fan or friend want for you ?