Friday, 15 July 2011

A whole new meaning to the phrase - The village bike

I think this clip is in fact all the fetishes!

As promised here is part two of my latest visit to the lovely people over at Lady Suspender and this is defiantly the rude half of what went on - yay! They are so lovely letting me put this amount of free clips on the blog, so I hope some of you will head over and repay them by having a look at the whole thing along with all their other videos - there are some fab sets of Satine on there. They have even let me become an affiliate which means if you go via a link on my blog I will make a little bit of money every time you spend on there - which can only be a good thing.

So please go and check it all out.

I have spent today looking for a appartment to rent in the dam and trying to make sure I get to work with as many people as possible while I am still in the right country. Im still so excited im bouncing all over the place.

Click here to view the site


  1. Outstanding Masie,I see you get the rough end of the stick so to speak.I love the retro gear especially as your girdle has front access.Keep it up. (ooh Matron !) Garyxx.

  2. Those vids are Erotic poetry! 2 sexy ladies in both looks and ravenous animalsm Love It!
    Tommy Hillside