Thursday, 7 July 2011

I havent joined the mile high club but . . .

Hello 47 members and unknown anonymous private blog watchers, here is what I did yesterday x

This is what I want for my birthday!

Anna will be letting me know when the footage goes up next week but a great deal of fun was had by all - especially Ann my goodness does that woman know how to cum she is queen of squirting! By the time I had walked home from the station it was 1am! I had half a pink grape fruit, watched Frasier and went to bed. I am so sore this morning, I think where I chose to sit on the train maybe to blame, oops!


  1. Nice one Masie. More of that train stuff please...!!

  2. I am trying to build up the courage to do it on a airoplane but im scared ill get caught and wont be allowed to fly again! I will work my way through all forms of transport to build up my confidence!

  3. That would be awesome Masie! Respect :-) The best would be on the London Eye....but it would be expensive as you'd have to hire a private pod!!

  4. Wheres the fun in a private pod!

  5. Cor Masie,Why don't British Rail or whatever they call themselves use you in their adverts.They would be much more successful,Gary xx

  6. Hi Masie
    Great posts, I love the train scene with you enjoying yourself.

    Regarding your comment about anna being queen of squirting, do you squirt wen you cum, either on camera or in private? I've seen some of your work but don't recall you doing it.

    My girlfriend has recently learned how to do it, she can't move for about 5 minutes afterwards, her orgasm is so intense.

    Keep the posts coming, I love them

    Sunshine x

  7. Dear Masie
    Thought you would like to see this very positive review of the Tranisa Bridesmaid film you did for us a few months back.

    Here is the bit about you. Well done !!!!

    "Credit due to the actors and actresses. Particularly the young blonde with the blue alice band - she really adds to the humiliation of the protagonist and whilst actually none of this is forced or humiliating other than just plain embaressment - this girl plays the part so naturally.. she leads all the other actresses in the scenario and really dominates the scene brilliantly. Clever little actress.

    This girl is really good and leads the cast. However all of the girls are really good and play their parts well. I found it a very naturalistic and believable scenario."

  8. Hi Masie who is this Ann u speak of i love squirters and id like to seek out some of her work :) btw looking lovely as ever xx