Friday, 15 July 2011


That's right, I start work for Abby Winters in August and you are all coming with me. I am to become a Model Liaison for them (I know check me out with a job that requires me to keep my clothes on) and I will also be helping to over see and run their new web cam project when its ready.

When I had dried myself off enough to do my final interview, I went to see Chloe B and told her id know by Monday. While we had a quick chat before I had to rush off like a mad thing to catch my return flight (which thankfully was also delayed or I would have missed it) she got a phone call and announced I had the job! I literally mounted her with joy, you could see a Masie shaped wet patch on her. I cant wait to set up my little desk in her office, I imagine a little school desk next to her big one.

Don't despair I may be having an almost normal job now but I will still be keeping up my blog and still plan on having lots of naughty goodies to stick on it. As I am heading abroad alone to begin with  I plan on taking up web camming again as soon as I am settled, both to keep a hand in on the rude front and also for company in the evenings. Ha that sentence sounds a bit pathetic and lonely doesn't it. As I assured my mother earlier I know so many people over there already through Abby Winters that really wont be the case.

On top of camming I will be keeping in touch with all  my favourite UK porn producers and will be shooting still when ever I am home during my days off and I hope I'm not jinxing things but The Very Open University is almost fixed so that will still be an ongoing project I am very much involved in along side another site, 'Masie Dee's Diaries' which is also due to launch soon. The second site is owned by the chavley court guys and we are currently arguing over the terrible unflattering drawing they have whopped on the front page. As soon as that goes I think we are nearly ready to go  but I promise to keep you all in the loop. Finally i have been assured that I will still be welcome to shoot for Abby Winters on my days off and i am hoping to get a busy few days of shooting doen with them in the next three weeks before I start working for them.

Oh speaking of Abby Winters I have a new dvd out with them.

Trailer and Dvd can be found here

Masie xx


  1. Heavens Masie!, You've gone international!.Don't forget about us poor old devils left in blighty(UK) Gary xx.

  2. You went to Amsterdam *yesterday* ? Of all horrible bad weather days... ;-)

    Congratulations on getting the job!

    I reckon you'll do well liasoning with models, you're pretty good at talking to people. Just check Chloe's shoots to ensure that yes you CAN in fact shoot with AW while working as staff ;-)

    This kinda job is sort of ideal for you, it's more steady but you still get to do the occasional rude stuff.

    Is poppy coming with you?

    Btw. Chloe needs some help getting her blog going again and with placing video in it. You're pretty much the local expert over at HQ on such things :)

    I'm very happy for you, trust you'll have lotsa fun at AWHQ!

  3. Gary I promise not to forget my roots nor the peopel back at home (which i will be visitng often. I will have to come up with some intervnational way of listening to the Archers, can you get the iplayer else where in europe?

    I know what you mean about the weather Franas - next time i go over I will maybe look at the forcast and not just assume that if its nicein Leedsit has to be nice everywhere else. I am so lucky not to have a cokld this morning as my wool coat was wet all the way home and the lady next to me on the plane had teh air con on full blast and then the bus home had all the windows open for no sain reason!

    You have summed up beautifuly why i am so excited about this job, I now have a regular in come but will still be in an adult environment with like minded people and a free rein to do as much porn as I like in my down time (which will be alot!) x

  4. Oh and I promise to nag Chloe about her blog xxx

  5. Ooooh webcams for AW? Do want. Pick me! Pick me!

  6. I dont know if you will be suitable kylie but we will definatly be interested in hiring the pink scarf xxxx

  7. Congratulations Masie, I know how much you wanted it so was chuffed to hear you'd been successful.

    Looking forward to reviving our webcam sessions too, hehe ;-)


  8. This is the most exciting news I have heard all year... Pinky the scarf is getting her own web cam... excellent.

    Your news is also rather exciting... YAY for the lucky red top, as I have mentioned elsewhere I think you will do an amazing job and will be a major asset to Abby Winters.
    I'm sure you will have lots of AW models to look after and keep you company during their visit to Abbysterdam. How is your Dutch?? Or more to the point how is your Ozzie?? Don't forget to pack your bathers, doona, sloppy Joe and rubber for your desk. But be careful if they tell you to watch out for the blowies or a polly waffle neither are as nice as they sound. I suggest you watch a lot of Neighbours and Home and Away before August.

    Good Luck Masie... you will do great.

  9. Remember I said a while ago that you should be on their staff? Glad to see I was right, Congratulations.

    Grendel xxx