Wednesday, 6 July 2011

PB fund - please give generously!

Just a quick update today as I should really be packing for work, I have to be at the train station for one to travel down to London. It will be a bit of a ball ache going to London and back all in one day, especially on the train but it will be worth it as I am off to do some dungeon work with Anna P and I do love my bondage! I'm taking the train down as its worked out to be a lot cheaper but I much prefer driving. In the car I am in my own little space with the radio and it feels more like down time than work, where as trains require me to get on the right ones, find my seat, interact with people who have usually taken my seat and find connections before the trains leave. Still I have an interview on Thursday so at least this way I will have lots of time to prepare!

This is a naughty preview post, I will sit on the harder footage till next week when Satine gives me some pictures to share with you but this is all taken from when we met up last week at Saracen House studios, which has recently re decorated and is looking very nice!

Just to remind you I am still putting pictures like this one up on my adult work page which is still only one 1 credit to view all my pictures.
Adult work page

The same Pb rule also applies to all my Tenga Girls stuff, has anyone watched any of the six videos I recently did for them Id love some feedback?
Tenga Girls

OOh I just found this on youtube and must share, I have not laughed so hard in ages. I am a huge fan of master chef and especially like the 'happy egg'. Some genius has wasted far to much time editing their videos and I love it. I am also a huge fan of the children's program, Horrible Histories, which the BBC is currently trying to introduce to adults via Stephen Fry. But they also do a very funny master chef sketch. Greg and John seem to have become almost cult famous over night?

Master Chef Song

"Give me all your food!" xx


  1. Masie,I hate Trains with a vengeance but you know how I love your bondage work. (don't forget your password you hear!)The Masterchef song actually made me laugh with after my afternoon nap is no mean feat.I've seen the new adult Horrible histories which isn't a patch on the original because Stephen is getting a bit tiresome with his smug act.Love and kisses,Gary xx

  2. Oh.. *that's* what PB fund stands for :) Poor poppy needs more biscuits ? I though the 'adultwork' site was to *get* work, but if it's also used to raise funds for poppy I'll have another look ;)

    You're better off getting the train at least for travelling inside London itself. Driving a car in London center can't possibly be good for your health.

    The eye-brows weren't that bad actually, they were nicely visible :)

  3. Good luck on Thursday lady, shall be thinking of you xx

  4. Glafd its not just me who got bored of our 'national treasure' isnt he wonderful with his big words, spoon fed facts and ooh did you know he is bi pola. snore. I dont know how we do it in England as soon as some comes on tv that peopel like they chuck them in your faces till you cant be doing with them - if I had 2p for every time Micheal Macintire was on tv Id be a millionair. If I got an extra 2p every time a middle age women stopped to say how charming and funny he was id be a billionaire.

    The horrible histroy seriese is one of the cleaverst things I have seen for a long time, children love t but like the disney films of old, there are so many things and refereences designed for us that they ahve no way of getting, it is good family entertainment and i tune in every Tuesday to see it!It is a huge honer to the guys who do it that the BBC has noted by the viweing figures that adults would enjoy it (although lots watch it through word of mouth) I just hope they dont now start to mess with it, we will see.

    Franz my adultwork site is just somewhere I chuck any footage or pictures I am given that isnt sutible for the vey open uni (yes that pold thing promise its still being worked on).

    I used to drive into London back when I did Adult Tv live, as tehre werent any trains back at 4am. London driving makes you very angry andI got quite good at being assertive and swaring out of my window. - Speaking of driving have you seen the terrible pun at the end of the blog before this (made me laugh).

    Thank you John things always seem to go well when you send vibes so vicariously you now made it your fault if things go wrong :) xxx