Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello 53 lovely people and lots of secret anonymous ones

Sorry Its not a better copy of the dvd cover if you follow this link you can see it a lot more clearly. The scene I did with Libby was a 3sum with the delicious Shay Hendrix and we all had so much fun. I know she-males are a bit of a head fuck for some people but my approach has always been that I love cock and I love tits so I REALLY love Libby. So if you like Masie Dee and you like Shay Hendrix this is a hot fun scene worth checking out. 

I found out about this new dvd last night when Libby called and invited me over for a last English session next weekend. Im so excited it has been ages since I have seen her and she is such great fun. She has a new project she is working on that could see me getting to do a fair bit of work for her both with her performing and directing over in Amsterdam and Budapest so keep your fingers crossed. 

I have been very lucky work wise quite a few people want a last Masie session so from Friday I am working almost everyday so will have lots and lots of footage going up on here (yay).

The guy who did the war of the worlds musical was Jeff Wayne. Richard Burton does an amazing job as the narrator and I only just found out its got David Essex in it! My favourite songs are 'The Eve of the War" (which is the one you will have heard if any) Forever Autumn (actually this one maybe the most famous as it was a song all by itself) and 'Thunder Child' because I was one. 

That's all I have got for today unless anyone wants to buy my car which would be a big help. Porn has happened in it!

Masie xx

Almost forgot follow the Link here for Lady Suspender Store


  1. Mmm,More retro stuff from Masie.Those 2 DVDs are on my wish-list straight away. Gary xx

  2. I have had them on in the background while I have been working today and really enjoyed them - theres over two hours of stuff on here, no wonder we were so nackered at the end of filming - definatly worth it though.

    When you get around to buying them (or even better convince someone else to get them for you) be sure to do it from the blog links :o) xxx

  3. The blog links to the store look like normal links. Don't you have to add something at the end to show the link came from you ? (i.e. ?affid=4444x222 or something like that) ?

    Oh yeah, I'm fairly sure that amazon package isn't for your birthday.

    And you'll be interested in this link http://expatshield.com/ for your iPlayer needs :)

  4. I will double check about the link but they know the code of my computer so they will reconise the code or something - ha my amazing lack of computer knowledge ever impresses me :o) xx

  5. hey masie i love you. Add me on FB I live in Leeds! www.facebook.com/serialchilla