Sunday, 10 July 2011

If only every week was like this one

The last two days have been heaven! I know us porn people are prone to being a bit nostalgic but I remember how good the industry used to be and the last two days have been such a pleasant reminder. I promise not to go off on one but in short the industry has been slowly changing since before I started and now in England we don't really have a great deal of professional companies and people regulary shooting any more. Its so sad hearing on the circuit about the number of girls who are now mostly web camming or escorting in order to get an in come as there just isn't the porn work any more. I have no problem with escorting, its not for me but if women are able to do that then good luck to them (and I know the money and hours are better than porn). I honestly wish them well and don't see any reason why they shouldn't be allowed to do that but some of these girls must only be doing it because porn dried up and that's sad. I sometimes feel that I am the only one left who does it for the porn. I love porn, I love being part of a crew creating naughty well though out videos for people to enjoy time and time again. As I proved on Wednesday I am still happy to travel all day on a train to produce 2 hour of porn, because that's what I want to do - heck if it was all about the money Id have stopped years ago!

So on Friday I was woken up by Andrew from Sound Punishment as he had had a no show! Its always good to be on someones emergency lists, its nice to see that being reliable does pay off. That's my biggest hate. There is a certain model out there who has let down almost everybody by just not showing up, she has pulled no shows on two shoots I have personally been on and one of those I worked with her the day before and as we parted she said, 'I'll see you tomorrow' . Yet this girl gets booked all over the place by HUGE companies and it does my head in because I have worked my balls off to try and ensure I have always been as professional as possible. Maybe if I'd been more prissy id have booked more big company shoots?

So yes instead of a day off on Friday I got to go and do another full day of spanking and I loved it. They are such an easy but professional company to work for and they welcome ideas from me and are so level conscious, my bum needed to be in tacked for the next day and it was.

I will go into full details of what went on once I get some pictures (people are so lovely letting me steal their pictures for my blog) but he has now put my last picture set up and the video will follow next week. I will tell you though that we did three scenes and I loved the story lines we got through. I get very attached to the characters I play, I think because i'm so competative so I am always thrilled when they are allowed to finish a scene with the upper hand on spanking shoots which tend not to always go their way!

In the most recent scene on the sites I am bunking off school when the school truancy officer knocks on the door! Poor school girl Masie I didn't stand a chance, I end up over the knee taking a hand spanking before the big paddle comes out!

Check out the site

Yesterday I drove down Reading way to shoot for two guys I have not worked for in ages. This was exactly what I needed, good easy professional company, a full biscuits tin and some b/g! Seriously I was starting to think there was some kind of industry conspiracy to turn me gay, I haven't been booked for a cock shoot in at least 4 months! They will be letting me know so I can tell you once the two videos are up but they have let me have a few of the glamour stills we took at the beginning of the day so you have something to enjoy.


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