Saturday, 9 July 2011

Clever little actress

Before I dived off to work this morning I checked my blog (I know how sad_) and was delighted to see we have two new perminant members and thrilled by CherylmSussex's message telling about a recent review I had featured in.

You all remember the transia site I work for, where we explore the ideas around men dressing up as women, some through force, some being caught others through nessesity, well this review is from a scene we did on my most recent trip. One of my friends is getting married and we have arranged a dress fitting for the bridesmaides. One of the girls doesnt come and as it was her dorky little brothers fault so we make him wear the dress as they are about the same size.

"Credit due to the actors and actresses. Particularly the young blonde with the blue alice band - she really adds to the humiliation of the protagonist and whilst actually none of this is forced or humiliating other than just plain embaressment - this girl plays the part so naturally.. she leads all the other actresses in the scenario and really dominates the scene brilliantly. Clever little actress.

This girl is really good and leads the cast. However all of the girls are really good and play their parts well. I found it a very naturalistic and believable scenario."

There are lots of fun scenes on this site and many of them have me in so if you enjoy the concept please go and check them out - they now come highly reviewed!

Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this review to my attention you are a  star and made me grin like an idiot for the first hour of today.

-I have spent today down south doing some much needed b/g (has been for ever) and I will spoil you with pictures and goodies when I am more awake (driven to Reading and back today im all tuckered out).

Masie xx