Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Does anyone want to buy my car?

I am so proud of myself for finally being able to tick off one of my to do list. The car is finally on auto trader! I have spent all afternoon hoovering chunks of Poppy out of the car - its like she is nesting, and now all I need to do is wait for someone to hopefully call.

  • 2002 (02 reg)
  • 4x4
  • 91,146 miles
  • Manual
  • 2.0L
  • Petrol
91,146 miles, Stunning blue 3 Door Estate, petrol, manual Toyota Rav4. I am the second of two female owners and am only selling because I am moving abroad. With the added bull bars and running boards this is a very good looking car and drives very smoothly. This car was bought last Christmas for £4500 and I have had no problems with it. Electric windows, very good air conditioning and cd player. Also has cup holders if you like that kind of thing. There is a slight dent in the front bar and a small scratch on the drivers side back bumper but other wise the car is exactly as it was when i bought it, The mot is till December 2011. £3,995 ONO.

I ummed and ahhed about adding to the advert the sexual films that this car has been in and witnessed, do you recon that would help?

Most recently this car helped to drive me around for some public flashing for sophisticared flashers
as well as acting as a naughty dressing room. The last scene we did for the day was in a lay by and I fucked the gear stick! I accidentally honked the horn half way through and we had literally just finished when a big lorry pulled up and he would have been able to see the lot. He got a good flash as I wasn't quick enough doing my dress up.

I also used this car for my masie dee diaries site. We drove around Leeds while I had a vibrating love egg inside me - there is nothing better than driving fast while cumming!

If a fan bought the car id even do a private film in the car for them as an extra.


  1. I thought you had a different car after you're older 4wd broke down, this one looks nice and shiny. Esp. for a 4x4 :)

    I don't think mentioning you fucked the gear-stick will help sell the car much. It *will* however guarantee you get lots of fake or bad 'buyers' so be careful there.

    You won't have much use for a car in Amsterdam anyway. Riding a bike or a moped is usually faster, when the road isn't under construction that is ;-)

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  2. I am very much a car person, I was hooked ever since I got Colin as a child - he was a silver ford fiesta. Our song was Tiffany I think we're alone now, with actions and I cried the day he dies.My older sister was borrowing him and he was killed by a bus while parked outside her house. My dad called and said there had been an accident and im ashamed to type that my response to that was, is Colin ok?
    Im not a petrol head I dont understand cars or really want to but I am guilty of anthropomorphisisation (what a big word) and get very attached.
    I dont like or understand oublic trasnpot so the decision to live with out a car has been a big one but Amsterdam! Im scared enough at the threat i may have to drive the AW bus sometimes, if i tried I could lose sleep thinking about trying to drive there. xx

  3. I'm sure if you put in the advert that the gear stick has been fucked most people wouldn't think you meant the gear stick has actually been FUCKED. haha

  4. I unscrewed the top to so if didnt get sticking and put a bad over what was left for health and saftey but changing gears as I went was sooo much fun. x

  5. If I had 4 grand, I would definitely take that off your hands, Masie. I could do with a car sometimes. But I'm sure you won't have any trouble offloading it.

    As Frans says, you're better off getting a bike over there anyway - and we know how much you like riding bike as Friday's blog proved ;-)