Friday, 1 July 2011

Wales part two

I have finally gotten around to adding more of the pictures that I had taken while I was in Wales a few weeks ago. In this set I am looking particularly indecent in my school uniform and we took some great shots outside at the studio.

Its only one credit to view all 349 of my pictures and there are all the wax videos I did on there for a few credits as well as some early spanking and blow job stuff I did before I even started doing porn (I look so young and innocent, look how I turned out!)

Speaking of updates the first videos have gone up for the flashing site I worked on a few weeks ago. You remember this one,

I have lots more updates sat ready to go up over the weekend

Masie x


  1. Lovely as ever,love your retro stuff,Gary

  2. Thanks Gary - I promise to put the stuff I did for Lady suspender by Monday, let me know what you think. x

  3. Suspenders do look nice on you, esp. the black ones, compliments your legs nicely. Nice surroundings too, you reckon is was worth the bridge money ? :)

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