Saturday, 30 October 2010

and the work begins here

The first shoot on my mad week list was Damo 1973 and what a fun shoot, I cant wait to share everything with you once he gets them on line. I had an event free journey over to Nottingham and even managed to pick up some local radio for over 20 minutes. My new car has no radio aerial and I'm going mad listening to the same set of Cd's on loop so this was a very rare treat. I need to treat myself to a metal coat hanger but im scared that it might blow off when im driving and do damage - I set fire to my caravan last week I'm sure you can imagine what horrors I may create.

I have fallen in love with my Christmas outfit from the Red hot shoot and had another excuse to slip it on along with the trade mark masie pink and vivd socks shubang. We did a really fun mix of b/g and glamour (when we weren't giggling) and I managed to find something in the kitchen that I have never put in my pussy.

More hectic week to be put up and still more for me to perform through.

Hope you enjoy (let me know)
Maise xx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Can I have a fire man on stand by!

Sorry guys its another video up date. I have lost the cable to get pictures off my phone so this is proving to be the easiest way to offer you visuals, that and the lovely John told me i'm 'a natural TV presenter' so my ego assured me this was  a great idea.

Just a quick catch up today but lots to follow, Im in Amsterdam with Satine this week, doing b/g in Nottingham and Lady suspender before going to a metal gig for Halloween.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Red Hot Tv Christmas Special

Hello and  HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I spent this weekend shooting this years Christmas offering for Redhot Tv with Paul Jones and the very sexy Zarina Masood who we were lucky enough to get for some b/g action as our first model ran out on us the week before the shoot.

In brief myself and my flat mate John are having a Christmas party and we hide some camera about the place so we dont miss out on any body's drunken antics. To our delight Pauls talk of his porn star life leads to Zarina deciding to try out public sex and she sucks her boyfriend off before being finger fucked by me and then being properly screwed by Paul. Not wanting to be left out in return for the orgasm I gave Zarina for Christmas she jams the remote control up my pussy till I cum and this leaves me so horny I have to go and find some cock to suck. So just your usual Christmas Party really.

Big thank you has to go out to my friend Johnny as not only did he let us use his swanky flat but got up early to help decorate it (this was his first Christmas tree he has ever put up and I thought it looked fab). As I said in the video 3/4 extras were Jewish which made me chuckle and they were all so patient and lovely as were our two studs who are both new to the industry and both performed beautifully.

I'm sorry I have disappeared for a while, Bert is still not well so I have spent most of my life down at the stables bathing and re bandaging his foot and mostly smelling of horse piss (sexy). I have a few fun sexy trips planned for next week so will have some proper naughty entries for you soon.

Oh I have a new dvd out -

I did the scene for Playboy Tv ages ago for their tv virgin series.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spanking fun with Leo Pops!

I have been waiting for this update with great anticipation this is the shoot I mentioned to you a few blogs back. This was my second shoot with the oh so cheeky Leo and I think my third with the spanking team.

I love spanking work but on the whole always find it a little frustrating as for me its like doing fore play with out getting the sex. So I was delighted when Peter and Sarah called asking if I would do a sex scene as well as get a good thrashing - heaven!

So to remind you, my boyfriend Leo comes to pick me up for a dirty lunch time romp but my evil boss has made me stay and guard the office by myself. As we are alone Leo talks me into the much promised sex and we do it everywhere like rabbits!

This was a hot scene all by itself and if you go to the link bellow and click on the above image you can see the trailer for the main sex scene.

This being porn things don't go quite to plan and as I'm being ragged from behind my boss walks in!!! In order to keep my job I let the old dog for fill one of his dirty fantasies and let him strip me off and spank me over the desk while I keep sucking Leo.

The guy who played my boss was a legend he was so funny off camera and his acting was soo good and serious that I got genuine butterfly's in my tummy while he was telling me off - and we all kept cracking up when I answered him back.

If you click on either of the spanking pictures you will see the second trailer which finds me giving a very wet and sloppy blow job while my poor bottom gets punished.

While I was looking for this scene I came across some of the other scenes I have done for them, so if your in the mood to watch some more spanking here is brunette me in action. Again click on the pictures to see the hidden trailers.

Finally to make this a spanking trilogy, I also came across an interview I did a while back and it makes a spanking good read.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Naughty School Uniforms

Two nights ago I was in a bit of a bad mood because Id had two shoots cancel on me last minute and I'd already packed my model bag which is very unlike me. While I was in mid grump Will suggested that it would be a shame to put all that planning to waste why dont I do a shoot for him. . .

I freaking love my school uniform and this defiantly cheered me up (orgasms and naughty skirts almost always do) and I sat down to get the pictures sorted ready for sharing. I have a new Southern Charms site that is screaming out for an update as idiot me still cant make the two videos I have ready, go up on the site. I was just about to start uploading when I realised Id left my teddies on the bed, and SC is a no teddy zone (goodness knows why I'm 25 and had to prove this!).

So I have split the pictures in half, half have had the teddies edited out and can now be seen at

The other half still have bears and will be going up on my adultwork page soon.