Saturday, 30 June 2012

Does Penis size matter?

Abbywinters have been complining a semi educational study and the first batch of results can be seen on youtube now - please follow this link.

This is not only an interesting look into the female mind but on a side note a great way to check out the variety of sexy ladies that I get to work with each week.

Speaking of abbywinters - I have a new scene out AND I do anal in it!!!!

Up-coming video release: Lacie & Masie 

This is a double masturbaition scene with the crazy Lacie (yes you do recognise her from game of thrones and can look forward to seeing more of her next season to) who I first met years ago when shooting for models first.

I have only ever done anal on camera once before for simons scans and that was years and years ago. Anal was something I have never really wanted to do for work as its a treat for me on the occassions I want it. This was one of those days where I was in a comfortable situation with friends and when next to someone as wild as Lacie it does rub off. Please let me know what you think. 

Just a short post for today but I have news to follow very soon . . . . . 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hairy Me!

I'm sorry there was no blog last week I have had a very confusing week with my blog, it won't let me upload videos! I am still looking into the why but this means you won't get to see the amazing gift I got last week and I really want to show you as  I have been having so much fun!

In the mean time I have some more updates on ATK

This was shot during the Easter heat and as I said in the blog at the time was the first time I had ever orgasmed while thinking about pee! One of the biggest things I have learned from my time in porn and especially at abbywinters dealing with so many models with different sexual preferences, is that your own sexual experience wont come by itself.

By this I mean that your overal experience and pleasure will only grow, change and develope if you put time and effort developing it - very much like any aspect in you life. You wont get good at maths or dance if you dont practise.

I always looked at my orgasm as a right and at times did go down the path of thinking it must be the part of my body being broken or the other participant being crap (silly Masie)if mind blowing oooos didn't happen. In the last 6 months I have found that by opening up my mind to new ideas and techneques my orgasm has come easier at times and felt better at others. Maybe this should become a video diary I will work on making a proper'study' so we can see if I am correct in my findings or just wittering on. I have however had lots of different sexual ideas opened up to me and pee is one of them.

Samantha-Jane told me (during the very sexy solo shoot we shot of her on a train through Amsterdam) that with peeing it was the sensation of peeing, the release, that was sexy (as well as for her the feeling of it on skin). So when I was in the sink for ATK letting warm water flow over that area of my pussy it did feel like peeing and that motion did feel warm and sexy and a build up started to happen. Mix into that my minds love of playing with humiliation games then orgasm was bound to happen when I thought about being made to pee infront of people, something I would hate to do.

Sexy and maybe interesting - try it yourself xx

I also have a new video on with Samantha-Jane have a look at the trailer and indeed the full video.. 

AW staff Masie bumps into English model Samantha-Jane as they walk down a corridor. Their eyes lock and without saying a word the ladies are drawn closer to each other.
Masie's mouth is drawn to Samantha's pale skin and its not long before they are removing their clothing. Watching each other the ladies plunge their hands into the pants and start to touch themselves. Leaning against the walls of this small space the woman get naked and start to climax together their bodies struggling to remain up right as they do so.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Spankstraviganza - Britspanking part 2

Welcome back spanking people. So this week I thought we'd start with some post spanking interviews. This is something we did at the end of each mamoth shoot day and it was lovely to talk about the scenes we enjoyed and indeed sex in general.

Its a bit sad that the questions in this interview were not spanking related but I do talk about two great scenes. The first one is obviously the experience I had with the amazing Twyla for It was an amazing scene, the best rough sex I have ever had with another women - we even topped it off with a double ender using an umbrella!

The second scene is one that I am currently sat on. It was filmed for me and Satine's site and was a b/b/g three some. We have had a change of direction on the plans for the site (although it will still happen at some point) so we are yet to decide what to do with the content we shot that no longer fits.

Ok on with the spanking, I have three more snippets to share with you . . . .
"Masie ate all of her Easter chocolate in one sitting and now her tummy feels really bad. Since that candy was for the whole family and she ate it all a punishment is in order. "

Ok are you ready for another confusing porn site jump. These scenes are from the same producers but can be found on -  

"Masie brings home a horrible report from school. After reading it she is barley passing most of her subjects. It was our understanding that if her grades did not improve this semester we would start to implement a discipline program. We start with a firm hand spanking and then move onto a strapping."

"Miss Simpson calls Maise Dee down after receiving a call from the headmistress. Maise Dee has been skipping school each day and has no excuse for it. Maise Dee receives a stern handspanking over Miss Simpson's knee and then bends over for a slippering on the bottom. Masie Dee will not want to be truant again!"

To switch things up next week we will have a spanking break in favoure of some more hairy stuff!