Saturday, 26 January 2013

Southern Charms!

After much planning, some not getting around to it and a few admin problems, my page on Southern Charms is finally ready!!!!


So this webpage is somewhere for me to put all my picture sets and videos for you all to enjoy. 

 I have been looking forward to this so much, as although I have the best job in the world shooting for abbywinters, I do really miss performing and this is a great way for me to keep a hand in!

So as this page is for you to enjoy if there is anything you want to see (within my sexual comfort limits of course) then let me know and I will put it on my list.

Southern Charms was the main reason for last weeks hassle over the HD video, as I wanted to switch to a higher quality editor for this project. I am now also in a position to create custom video and picture requests for people, so if  you have an idea that is just for you, drop me a line through SC (southern charms).

So far  I have put some picture sets I did on the beach in Texas last summer as well as two very sexy indoor sets ending in some lovely toy play at the end and a set outdoors on my roller blades without a shirt!

I officially move house tomorrow which is why I am up at 2:40am doing the blog as I won't have Internet for at least a week once I go. It feels like I have been cleaning this house for months in preparation of the final inspection from the land lord, I was hand cleaning floor boards earlier! I also had to get a very special set of pictures done for somebody while I still had a bath. To make this blog entry more colourful here is a sneaky look and what I have been doing tonight.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

An Epic Thankyou !!!! xxxx

Hello lovely people, I am so sorry you ended up without a blog update last week. I have a very exciting new project (I will be telling those of you who haven't already found out next weekend) but the knock on effect is that I have updated my editing software.

We are now officially in HD. Well that's not strictly true as blogger couldn't cope with the file size but the original video of the video above was most certainly top quality! The down side to that has been that it has taken me all week to work out how it all well works.

So other than editing and opening lots of incredible gifts and doing yet another secret project what have I been doing?

Well this week has been great at abbywinters as it's snowed!!! I loved riding to work the first day. I was late as after Poppy rocketed outside for her morning piddle she had wanted to play in the snow - she loves chasing snow balls.  The snow had fallen over night so the roads were uncleared when I set off, meaning that despite one slip off my bike ,I felt  I had achieved something when I arrived at work and was satisfied all day. At lunch time we headed out and had a big snow ball fight. Bellow you can see me with abbywinters models Misha, Kylie H, and Izzy.

As well as working for the company ensuring lots of new sexy videos happen .we have all been in them. Follow my link at the top right of my blog to see us all in action.

Finally this week I ticked something off my bucket list (I hate that phrase but, 'Things to do before I die list' doesn't have the same ring to it)...

I stopped a fight ! 

I have always wanted to do this,  both for the adrenalin rush and because it's a morally praised thing to do - who doesn't like to be held up as a good person and praised?! 

I try to live my life as Edith Piaf  would advise but one of my few regrets comes from my final year of high school. Walking up the drive way from school with a friend, we became aware of a scuffle turning into a school yard fight at the end of the road. Our first instinct was to run towards it but after moving to we hesitated and just looked on. Now I am sure if the fight had continued we would have run to help but a passing motorist stopped and the opportunity was gone.

So, on Wednesday night I was cycling home when I was cut up by a man in his late 30s. He was on a beat up moped that was chucking out lots of black smoke. He proceeded down the road stopping to hurl abuse at a young female cyclist, as she hadn't risked cycling on the none gritted part of the path so he could pass immediately. 

I kept well back but when he passed a very tall young man (in his early 30s, good hair) and again found fault in how the person moved aside for him. He slowed down and started to swear in dutch. He eventually looked like he was done and turning down a side street but he was instead doubling back on the tall man so that he was behind him again. The older man then started to kick the back tyre of the cyclist. 

Suddenly the tall man throws down his bike and puts his fists up. Both start to scream at each other in Dutch. So I cycled up to them and in my calmest most English voice I asked the to calm down and please stop. I was tiny in  a white coat, pink hat and matching mittens, no real threat especially as I didn't have my flip camera on me. But they stopped! There was quite a crowd by the end as we were blocking the cycle path but no Dutch speaking person came to help me they just watched and I felt great!   

Have a great week guys, I move house on Wednesday so I may not have access to the Internet for a few days but I will be back as soon as I am able to share my good news.

Masie xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I'm in a Naughty Mag!

Sorry people who don't like hair down there, this week is a hairy blog come back next week where I will be smooth and potentially in HD!
Between you and me one of my small regrets about my time in the industry is that I didn't do enough magazine work when I first started. Being me I rushed in and started at the b/g end (well it was the end I felt most qualified for) and this meant I was by-passed by a lot of this work the logic being;

        'who would pay to see me topless when they could see me under several men else where.'

All that soaked in I was thrilled to find myself on internet magazine ' this week! This is the best middle point, it still says Magazine but there is video, which I think is what I am best at.

You can join to see the full video but there are two sexy trailers for you to look at in the meantime.

The first scene is a HAIRY scene, a very happy (mid trip to the sea-side) me on the bed in a light baby doll outfit playing with a toy!

Tee he my vain self is even going to put some of the user comments here!

   Added on 01/04/2013 3:15pm

Delightful! If only that toy had slid deep inside at that wonderful spot in the video where she pressed it on her anus! But lovely nonetheless...


Added on 08/18/2012 9:19am

I ABSOLUTELY love hairy pussies!!! Thank you, Masie yours is beautiful.


Added on 08/12/2012 10:09am

yes u guys finally did ive been begging for a nice hairy pussy and MASIE is perfect i can t stop jerken w/her thanks SCORE. more MASIE and hairy ladys please !!!!!!!

To view the trailer for this sexy scene CLICK HERE

Part two is a shaving video. Now to wind a few people up who are still waiting for Satine and I to get our acts together, the best shaving video I have done was for our project The Very Open University (something not completely dead but not currently progressing) but this one is also pretty good and it's always nice to see a pussy emerge from within a big pile of hair!

 You can view that trailer by CLICKING HERE.

 I almost forgot for me one of the BEST things about being in an adult mag is reading the rubbish text they put next to you. I know a photographer who finds this as amusing as I do and he will always send me copies of the worst/best ones.

For the record I do like quickies, in fact I prefer them, especially if it's a one night stand. I don't do awkward situations so cold light of day small talk is to be avoided where possible, much nicer for everyone to see someone skipping off just after they have had a mind blowing orgasm surely. Also I won't be making breakfast (I'm not very good at making breakfast it normally works out better for me to get someone else to make it). Still  at least I didn't make any political statements like a page 3 model.  xx