Saturday, 20 July 2013

Free Hot Masturbation Video !

If you are just here for a quick wank - head straight to video two!

The rest of you here is some context about  this wonderful gift. It was extra special because for some cruel reason the posty didn't accept the address the first time it was sent, so this gift has made it across the Atlantic twice before making it safe into my hands! 

Thank you so so much for this new thong, I am yet to decide what practical use I will use this for but as soon  as I do you will all know!

Now I don't normally mention my birthday but this year is very very special because it is my 


On the 28th of July I will be 28! I do love it when numbers match and so this will be the biggest birthday of all my birthdays past, present and future, because well the numbers will only match up once! 

So what can you do to make my birthday special! I am not asking you all to shower me with gifts (although feel free to visit my wishlist if you are over come with an overwhelming urge of of generosity). What i would like you all to do it please have a wank on the 28th and think of me while you do it. All that lovely power aimed at me on my power birthday can only do me and the world some good!  

Friday, 5 July 2013

Masie Dee Be Part of My New Project!


Did you miss me?!  I have been working away with work this week in a stunning area of Holland deep in the country side!

I started the week with good intensions to get lots of footage but I was just to busy so you will have to trust me that some very sexy pictures and video were captured by me and you should all keep an eye on abbywinters to check out my hard work!

NowI am feeling very inspired at the moment to start a few new side projects. Some of you will remember I started a channel on youtube some years ago now called 'Bare Essentials'. The  idea was to deliver the bare facst of ideas while weating the fewest clothes I could get away with.

While now I have got on top of SC and updating that regularly (twice a week) I feel I am ready to try adding in one more plate to my ever spinning load as it were. I am going to be doing nude baking, nothing complicated easy recipes and if you cook along at home, I will have sexy prizes for the best home efforts! 

I will need a sexy apron to bake in (I see no reason for other clothing under this apron). I am not sure which one to get though. Could you please spare the time to head to my wish list HERE and let me know which one you think I should buy. The most popular one will be bought and will be a vital element to this new plan.

Speaking of new projects you remember I went to help Izzy on a music video shoot (click HERE for amazing nude dancing and backstage footage), well the final video is now edited and ready to be shown! Izzy is incredible I am so blown away by the new ideas and techneques she brings to the table. We are thinking about maybe doing more music videos so ideas, feedback suggestions all welcome!
 To see more stuff from our amazing model click here. To view the video click HERE! 

There are no comments under the video right now. If you like it, I would be very grateful if you took the time to let all involved know they did a good job!

Thank you in advance, can't wait to hear what you think! 

Enjoy My Pert Breasts As Part Of A Restful Afternoon!

Sometimes a lazy afternoon on a sofa is the only way to spend your free time - care to join me?

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