Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

No snuff video this year but here are some snaps from my recent shoot with the amazing Izzy.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

OOHHH Fashion

The weather held out yesterday so it was down to the woods to shoot FASHION! Well of a sorts.

Not to be out done Poppy had a photo shoot of her own, I took these pictures while the first model was being photographed. Every year I make a calendar staring Poppy for my family. It started off as a joke gift one year and after a barrage of complaints the following year when this wasn't repeated, a tradition was born. Ha if any of you want to purchase  a Poppy calendar of your very own let me know and I will add it to my order!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Masie Dee Free Masturbation and a four fit!

I got MORE new clothing, I am going to be rocking my winter collection next week at work, thanks again you are such a star. I know you don't want to be named on here but I will send you a few pictures and hope you don't mind that I had to make this video (it would have been rude not to!)

So when editing this video I saw the beginning of a line on my tummy. This is very exciting for me as I currently have a bet on with Satine to see which one of us can get a toned tummy first! That then reminded me that I still have an outstanding four fit owned to Pinky after the All Blacks went on to win the world Cup and the England team thoroughly showed themselves up!

So please allow for the fact that I have no idea how to say these words properly and that this is meant as something to humiliate me not to mock an entire nations heritage! 

As I said weather allowing next week I am assisting on an outdoor photo shoot and while I am there plan to get some pictures done ready for Southern Charms and I will of course let you guys have a sneaky look. I am still waiting to get confirmation that all my forms have made it to Southern Charms HQ and I promise to keep you updated on this.

Have a good week, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and puns!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Masie Dee free masturbation video

If you sit through a fashion show you can have a free masturbation video - you can't say fairer than that!

I am going to begin by saying I am sorry. At the start of this video my framing is shocking and I have cut my own head off. I have not gone back and re filmed as firstly I have run out of batteries (having already raided the TV controls for their power) and secondly I think I may be coming down with a cold and having orgasm-ed I am now officially drained for the day. It's like being a super hero, I need to re charge my powers between use.

So this week has been super busy at abbywinters with much going on. We have had a rush of ladies from when I first started modeling for the company and it has been so nice to have a mass catch up. Chloe B was my boss when I first started and it has been amazing getting to watch her explosive orgasms in person with a camera in my hands as she is incredible! Nichole who I trained along side as a photographer also came back with her sexy long legs and full breasts! On top of that the lovely Dahlia was back and it was great seeing her as we have had a very naughty kitchen sex romp in the past - please go here to see behind the scenes of that.

Dahlia is a super star and after I commented on how much I loved her socks got me a set (thank you) which is where this video began. I think my favouite shoot I shot last week has to be the daring public Gurillar shoot I did with Dahlia. Her hair against the Autum colours of the park were just stunning and we ended up in a public library which was incredible on all levels - I was shaking so hard holding the camera I had to rest it on my leg to make sure I got the shot!

Thank you also to the lovely Fran's the pair of you have really made my week as I have been getting a bit down with the whole having to find somewhere else to live and the Dutch system being so strange and silly to me.

There are points available if anyone can tell me why I chose the music I did - Dogbee, Gary and John being British the advantage is yours!

Should you ever have an urge to buy me something from my wishlist I can promise masturbation videos will  follow. The only thing that I like as much as surprises is masturbation so this way I can do both ! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Satine's Spanking the making of

Oooh what a treat getting a mid week post!

After the video which I posted last time Satine and I had to do some pictures to go along side it and here is how we got on.

In other news Gary will be thrilled to here that I have now sent in all the paper work for my new southern charms page so all should be up and running soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

English porn star Masie spanking Satine (part two)

Part two is up ! This is such a treat for me as they have kindly let me put up a HUGE snippet of what will be the actual video (thank you) on my blog. This was an unusual spanking scene for me in that it was the first time I was giving the spanking. That's not entirely true. In the past I have spanked other models, once for erotic reasons and once because I was made to as part of a joint spanking that I was also receiving. But to actually be the top for a whole scene was a bit of a shake up for me.

It very much helped that it was with Satine (did I mention I love her!) as we know each other so well. I was a bit worried about hurting her as that's not my bag at all but she had taken the slipper earlier and said it was fine. The best bit was trying to make her laugh, I don't think I did this on purpose but because we are friends the words I through at her were all things that we have a shared background in. For example I call her a nubile whore  because that's what was written on my trailer day one of Game of Thrones.

It was a blast to do and I would happily do similar level scenes as a top but sorry I didn't get anything sexual out of it. That said not everything in life has to be for sex and when you have as much fun as we did you can't complain!

A BIG thank you to Sean who played the part of my hen pecked husband! Be sure to repay their kindness in letting me put all this footage up by having a look at the website northernspanking!

What you can't see is that Satine still has her pants and trousers around her ankles making walking very hard 9and very funny)

It is somewhat of a porn tradition to pull a silly face when having your Id shots taken and Satine as you can see is a pro!