Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting my arse back in gear!

Hello strangers have you missed me? I'm so sorry for letting the blog slip again, I'm the worst blogger in the world.

I have end of the year syndrome at the moment, the end of year holiday is so close I can almost taste it and thus keep deciding that I therefore must be shattered - why else would I be looking towards that break so longingly?

I have a big 'so what the hell have you been doing if you haven't been on here' update coming soon but in the mean time there are a few things I have finally gotten around to.

I have finally become an affiliate with meaning that if any of you lovely bodies decide to get around to seeing my shoots on there, so long as you click to it via my blog, you are giving me some of the money - yay!

 Think of it as charity work, you get to do something you will enjoy and in return I will be able to pay the huge heating bills that come with living with Australian's. It's Kylies first EVER wimnter right now - i'm looking forward to when the proper weather happens and we get Auzzies on ice !

Speaking of the lovely Kylie, do you remeber the scene we did together? Click here for a reminder.

The promised commentry is up for you to see so you can see how we ended up where we did (think it will also be released as an extra on the dvd).

Here's a few pics to wet your appetite and part one of the commentry (you have to go to abby winters to see it in full along with the scene itself).

Monday, 28 November 2011

Not dead!

Sorry guys for not updating for ages have been SUPER busy with work and spent this weekend in England at a wedding. Promise I will update soon.

An extra sorry to everyone who got an update telling them I had update my blog and are now disappointed that this is all there is.

Still could be worse . . .

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

sound punishment

My latest offering for sound punishment is now up for the taking.

You know what it's like, woman in sales hold all the cards, what's a little leg between high buying clients. That's till the fat controller drags you into his office to have it out with you! Poor me, over the knee spanking followed by a hard sharp ruler!


A I have said often in the pat, I adore doing spanking work. It's like playing in the school yard again, you are encouraged to improvise and completely immerse yourself in this story. I always get very attached to the characters I play and always try and find ways for them to come up on top and this story was no exception - Masie wins xxx

You can see a trailer here xxxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

For Gary - A Masie site

Well you asked me t try and find more porn so here ya go. I do appreciate that lots of you are here for the sex more than the day to day me. I am in a bit of a catch 22 position at the moment. I as getting a bit old for porn so started to look to my future and abby winters were kind enough to take me in. This means I am on the one hand no longer panicing about how I am going to feed myself and pay my bills every month. I aso no longer have seepless nights worrying about the future. However on that second hand I now have a full on full time job in the wrong country so finding and fitting porn is getting hard. Don't go leaving me I love porn, I need to be performing but I aso need to work on my time managment a bit so I can sot it into my life on a more regular bases agn. Saying tha this post could be the answer . . .

The offical Masie site is up but its not quite running properly so I am relucant to plug it just yet. Its looking really good we just haven't sorted out regualr updates etc and I dont want you to think I am messing you about. However they have put up a mini peviw site which I am more than happy to share. I am in touch with the site owners and hope we can sort this out soon so I can tell you all about it as I am quite excited about some of the videos.

The general theme of the site is the diary of a sexual deviant in her day to day life. There's quite alot of solo work on the site as I do tend to wank alot and when ever the chance came up for me to do something with cock I have jumped at the chance.

I am due to start making some more videos for the site soon. If you have any requests for the sort of things you would like to see then please let me know.

Take a look see what you think. xxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Emergency Training at AW

Last week we were sent off for some emergency training, here's how we got on.

I am now abe to help someone who has fallen over, I can flip them right side up and help if they need to sick and do CPR (so long as there is a device).

I had an impossible time trying to decide what music to put behind this one, there were just to many good fire related songs to pick from.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011