Saturday, 31 August 2013

Masturbaiting at the airport!

So my flight was delayed - I think I did what any normal person would do right!?

Sorry you can't see exactly what took place in that bathroom, I tried to set it up on some books but it was to low down and my arm just wasn't long enough to show it all.I promise next spare money I find will become a wide angle lens.   

I had a lovely break back home visiting my family. I ate a months supply of proper English bacon roles and I really enjoyed the simple things - I spent 2 hours in Tescos's it was the best day trip, it is funny the things you miss when you live abroad.

Wow this week has been crazy. We have been all go at abbywinters and it has has been really great going to work every day and leaving knowing 'shit got done'! On top of that the Game Of  Thrones castings I have been assisting with came to a head on Friday and I am delighted to be sending 4 models there way (with more maybe in the pipe line).