Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Masie Dee spanking

Hello Christmas revelers.

Just a short one this week as I am moving house (hurray!). There is no rush to move as I will have access to both properties till February but it's so nice to be on my way, it was the one Christmas present I really needed and its amazing to have it all finalized.

Having officially completed the mammoth task of house hunting in Holland I am celebrating with a stinking cold so am trying to take gentle walks each day (Poppy see's to that), drink lots of water and eat lots of chocolate under my blanket on the sofa till I am better.

During one of these duvet clad sessions I discovered that my first scene for northernspanking has now gone on their website for you all to enjoy. To remind you of who they are and what happened when myself and Satine went to visit at the end of summer please check out this and this.

So far they have just put up my first introductionary picture set we did, it was the first thing shot that weekend as I remember it. They have lot of sexy videos and picture sets of me and Satine waiting to go upso keep an eye out and let me know what you think click here for me and click here for Satine


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My Christmas gift to you! Free mastubation video!

It may not be original but I bet it's what you wanted!

Happy Christmas to you all with special warm Christmas hugs to all those who have taken the time to officially follow my blog, I love you especially my 103!

Next year I have all sorts of sexy plans and I can't wait to live up to all of your expectations and to give you all many thrills throughout next year and beyond!!!!

Have a great day what ever you're doing, with all my love Masie xxxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Porno news

Hello campers! It has been a busy week in porno land this week and the most important news is that UK readers of my blog wont have to ring up their internet providers and seek permission in order to keep on reading.

I won't bang on as I had a right old rant when this law was first mentioned as something to be looked into but this would have been wrong! Of the 3500 parents consulted in a public interest survey only 35% wanted an automatic ban with 15%  wanting some content filtered and an option to block out other things. 

In lighter news the next of my podcast Girl's Talk is now on you tube click here for that.  This episode we are talking about anal sex:; what is it, how can we do it safely how do you talk your partner into it etc! Give it a listen and let me know what you think. 

Once you have checked that out you have to go and view the shoot I did with goddess Annabelle Lee!

           Pants slide over a perfect ass, warm from it's spanking. Pubic hair peaks from the side of excited labia lips, Annabelle Lee waiting to be instructed to touch herself.
From the warmth of her bath, Annabelle describes her ultimate sexual fantasy so vividly that it comes to life. Her small breasts are exposed by a strangers hands, her movements dictated to the smallest of details, inserting fingers in order of instruction. With her eyes blind folded her other senses grow in strength as she builds towards a heady, sexually fulfilling climax.

Let this be my Christmas present for you to buy for you! Annabella tells the story of her sexual fantasy in which a friend breaks into her apartment and forces sex onto her. Now right off you can see that we share the same sexual tastes and I was instantly turned on. Although I am not dominant in the bedroom especially during role play/fantasy situations, the role of the dom is one I have voiced in my own head many times before so I knew that all I had to do to turn Annabelle on was to voice them out loud. It was like being inside a story, we both fully immersed ourselves into the story and it was hot! If I was to describe my dream job it would be telling those kind of stories like that everyday!

The scene can be found by clicking here, go to the front page and you want mystery shoot 13. You can now pay per scene on abbywinters so it should be just a few dollars.  Personally I place it in the top three sexiest films I have ever been in. 

Speaking of things with good story lines a friend of mine has just put their first story on literotica. This is a somewhat disturbing sexual take on the children's film 'Bedkobs and broomsticks' but if you are in the mood for a sexual fantasy full of taboo then give this a try. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I'm sorry just a quickie this weekend as my parents are visiting to catch up and exchange gifts ahead of Christmas, I promise to put something good up next weekend.

Before I rush off I do want to say some thank yous. A huge thank you for all your continued support during my very long very grumpy house search, the day after I asked you to send positive thoughts my way I got a house, so full credit to you and I am super grateful. The good news about me moving house is that I now have a deadline to shoot as much sexy content in this house before I go, which can only be a good thing!

I have had a few gifts see me through this dark and stressful period and I am sorry I haven't had time to get pictures to go along with these thank yous. Frans the sexy outfits will certainly help me with next years southern charms project (they tell me the site should go live January) and with my plan to get this house shot out before I go!

Garry the DVD you got me brought England that little bit closer when I was at my most homesick and that was one of the greatest gifts you could have given. As I have now found a house (hurray I can't wait to show you all)  I have been ordered to get some house stuff on my wish list and to remind you all that it is here. So there you go Gary I ask and I updated.

Benjamin your offer to host my blog so I don't have to spend money was lovely your so kind. I use blogger as it sends a lot of traffic my way without me having to market and it's easy to use but if there is a way for me to stay here and save money please get in touch.

Have a good week xxxxx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

It snowed on Friday so of course I  heading out into the elements this weekend armed with my new sexy Christmas underwear (thanks Fran's you're amazing) and a Santa clad Poppy to take some pictures!

Today I have had to start paying to host my blog as I have officially published 1Gb of pictures! If you include all the videos I have on here I wouldn't be surprised if I started getting angry letters from porn pay sites!

When I started this blog it was with low expectations. Till this point I had never completed a personal diary for more than four consecutive months and I hadn't even named my computer!

I had no idea I'd still be here nearly 3 years on nor that I would get the huge number of readers or indeed actual followers - 101! Thank you so much for your interest, encouragement, wit, gifts and presence.

My final news for this weekend is that my house search is entering into critical week next week so if you have time please send some positive thoughts in my direction especially on Monday between 11-4. xxxxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Perfect Pussy! (Sexy Dragons Den)

I think this is predominantly a male situation but you know when you are going to shave a lot of hair off, maybe getting rid of a beard or shaving your head bare for the summer, as you start you realize that you have an opportunity to try out several new looks, depending on which bits you shave first.

Well I was in the shower on Wednesday and I had a sudden urge to play this game myself (for the first time, how this hasn't happened sooner I don't know) and this idea has been with me ever since so I made you the following video!

So this week was our Christmas do! We always have our works do early to allow Australian staff enough time to get home and back for the holidays but even so this seems to have come around so fast.

It seems like only a few months ago we were doing this !

Finally . . . .

A small game of Rugby took place yesterday afternoon between England the New Zealand All Blacks!

  • 17: England’s point-margin of victory was their biggest ever over New Zealand
  • 9: Years since England’s previous win over the All Blacks
  • 0: Points scored by New Zealand in the opening 40 minutes – the first time they had not scored in the first half since July 1998
  • 20: The All Blacks’ unbeaten run before their defeat yesterday, stretching back to Aug 2011
Well done boys you have done a great job this Autumn you have done us all proud!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Masie Dee free mastubation reward clip

You guys SMASHED IT! The podcast has not only had enough views to earn you the quick masturbation video (bellow) but there are already enough views to get next weeks special video as well. All that's needed to earn that fully is for everybody who has viewed the blog  to go back and give it a thumbs up on the like button!

Not sure if you will have all noticed but there is a discount code to under the video. As you can now pay per scene I thought I would vainly point you in the direction of some of my favorite videos. My first solo is one of the sexiest chats I think I have ever had on camera because we are talking all about my sexual fantasies and you know where I like to take those kind of discussions. I also have several very sexy g/g videos, me and Kylie, me and Jenna K, me and Dahlia or if you want something different the sex I have with Twyla took me by surprise so much that I cry after wards (in a good way)!

I have been thinking about these reward videos on and off since I put the challenge post up on Thursday, I have really missed doing these kind of videos. It wouldn't be fair to all the people who make a living out of pornography for me to keep showering you in free clips all the time but I can't stress to you enough how much I actually get off on it. I just like the idea of someone else touching themselves based on what I am doing, it's like the idea that one voice starts singing alone and soon people join in and before long you have an incredible chorus - well take out singing and add in wanking and that's what I think about when doing these videos and I love it! It's half power in a sexy follow my leader game part loving the idea of lots of people pleasuring together all at once in a mass masturbation orgy!

Speaking of missing things I was speaking with lovely Kylie H last night and we agreed that we both miss doing sexy QnA,especially after the fun I have chatting in bed with Satine on our last visit. We can't think of any questions to bring us back in so if there is anything you think would make a good chat/post please let me know.

This week just passed has been pretty choker but on the whole very satisfying. In abbyland life is great I feel like all my photography training has suddenly come together all at once and I am producing some of the best work I have done and I love that, I am super proud.  Gary will be thrilled that my Souther Charms site now has content submitted so all that is needed is a green tick from the site owners and I will have a new site to send you all to which is ace. Any content suggestions let me know! Finally house hunting seems (touch wood don't count them chickens yet) to have made a small leap forwards and I will find out in the next few days if my application for a new apartment has been successful so please keep your everythings crossed!

It is currently blowing a small gale outside, I'm glad I took Poppy out on my roller blades yesterday she is knackered) so today I can soak in the bath (I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my new house will probably not have one) and watch the latest UFC and some rugby highlights.  Have a great weekend I hope you are warm and cozy if you are my end of the world, sat with a long cool drink if you are in the hot places!

Ohh final final this DvD has just come out and I made the cover!

Have a good week xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Porn Blog - LIVE squirting!!!!

The title does it all really this is a quick Thursday emergency update to tell you all to PLEASE find time to head to youtube to watch episode three of the Abbywinters podcast AND to like it.

This episode we talk pee and squirting and even have a LIVE demo!!!!

Click HERE to make me happy!

I know I am become slightly annoying with all the asking of things from you and giving this the hard sell but not only does the future of this podcast now rest in your hands but also the fate of the BBC (as clearly they will be screaming out for my voice on the radio once I retire from modeling and shooting porn).

I tell you what if the view bar totals 175 (an easy goal) by 11am Sunday Amsterdam time I will put a 2 minute masturbation clip on here for free. If we have hit 500 pluss 25 likes by next weekend I will add another 6 minute video plus stills and will take on your suggestions of what content you would like.

Ok enjoy the rest of your week - till Sunday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to become a porn star . . .

Hello weekend people I hope life is treating you well. As promised here is the final lot of footage left over from my visit to the UK back in September with Satine mid spanking shoot. Bellow we talk about how we first go into porn and explore the idea of how our backgrounds and life experiences influenced our decisions to go into porn . . . .

Sunday, 11 November 2012

50 Shades of Grey - a porn stars review

This book has some how swept across the country and become one of the most talked about books in modern times so when Satine rocked up clutching a nearly finished copy we had to sit down and discuss it. This is in no way a serious review of the book (other than the passages Satine highlighted I have never read it) it is just two friends talking about it and sharing our thoughts based on no research what so ever!

So there you go another time I will let you all know

How we got into porn.


If we think our backgrounds had an effect on this.

Thanks as ever for watching looking forward to your comments (especially if you have unlike me actually read the book).

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Masie Dee the Podcast

 Those of you who are members of abbywinters will already be aware of the podcast (those who are not if you join via my link in the side bar I make a commission. If you don't fancy monthly subscription I am failrly sure pay per scene is back but I am just be starting rumors with that one).

The podcast is actually one of my favorite things I have gotten the chance to experience since starting at abbywinters and ignoring Game of Thrones probably ever since my first break in porn (thank you Jim slip).

So what is this podcast I here you shamlessly plugging. Well Girls Talk is pretty much that. Along with my lovely producer Irina we have two female guests each week and talk about different (mostly sexual) topics.

By the end of next week we will have made our first run of six shows and then it is in the hands of the gods as to whether they get enough views/listeners to justify making some more (please please please)

We will be putting this up in an MP3 format somewhere soon so it can be listened to on the go as intended but for now we are looking at putting them up as videos. This works out very well for Episode two during which we had a live orgasm when Marleen S tried a magic wand for the first time!

You can check that out here!

Please like and share the video if you enjoy it as the future of the podcast will be decided by the number of views and amount of likes these early episodes get. I think that while each episode is great we are constantly learning how to improve and create a better and better show and it would be so sad if this ended before we hit our A game.

And now a terribly middle class confession. I am a huge listener of radio 4 and when I am older that is my dream job (especially if i can get a spot on woman's hour). 

Ok plug over in other news I am a gif! 

I have no idea what a gif is or what this is supposed to mean or stand for but I am proud none the less!!!

My final news for this week is a little sad but hopefully only a little. Poppy had a fit earlier this week late one evening. Thanks to my health and safety training I actually knew what to do during the episode and other than looking a bit confused afterwards she seemed ok. Never the less fits could mean all sorts of horrible things so we dived straight online and got her an appointment at the local vets.

The vets were lovely (a certain spoiled pooch had a very fun day trip getting hugs from small children on trams and having two veterinary nurses feeding her treats and hugs while she had her bloods taken) and they got the results back from the tests within 15 minutes! So Poppy had an epileptic episode and from this there are two outcomes. The first is that it was a one off power surge in her brain and there is little to worry about. If she is going to develop a fuller grade of epilepsy then she will have a second fit with in two weeks. In that case there are drugs that can help to control it. Fingers crossed it was a one off expensive vets visit and all will be well.

I may be a bit on the broody/mental side when it comes to that dog but this week as I am sure you can imagine has been a bit on the hellish side. While I am mid moan I wont go into details but house hunting in Holland still remains something I am apparently incapable of doing and I am at the stage where I am seriously considering offering sexual favors in return for a helpful estate agent!!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

No snuff video this year but here are some snaps from my recent shoot with the amazing Izzy.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

OOHHH Fashion

The weather held out yesterday so it was down to the woods to shoot FASHION! Well of a sorts.

Not to be out done Poppy had a photo shoot of her own, I took these pictures while the first model was being photographed. Every year I make a calendar staring Poppy for my family. It started off as a joke gift one year and after a barrage of complaints the following year when this wasn't repeated, a tradition was born. Ha if any of you want to purchase  a Poppy calendar of your very own let me know and I will add it to my order!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Masie Dee Free Masturbation and a four fit!

I got MORE new clothing, I am going to be rocking my winter collection next week at work, thanks again you are such a star. I know you don't want to be named on here but I will send you a few pictures and hope you don't mind that I had to make this video (it would have been rude not to!)

So when editing this video I saw the beginning of a line on my tummy. This is very exciting for me as I currently have a bet on with Satine to see which one of us can get a toned tummy first! That then reminded me that I still have an outstanding four fit owned to Pinky after the All Blacks went on to win the world Cup and the England team thoroughly showed themselves up!

So please allow for the fact that I have no idea how to say these words properly and that this is meant as something to humiliate me not to mock an entire nations heritage! 

As I said weather allowing next week I am assisting on an outdoor photo shoot and while I am there plan to get some pictures done ready for Southern Charms and I will of course let you guys have a sneaky look. I am still waiting to get confirmation that all my forms have made it to Southern Charms HQ and I promise to keep you updated on this.

Have a good week, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and puns!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Masie Dee free masturbation video

If you sit through a fashion show you can have a free masturbation video - you can't say fairer than that!

I am going to begin by saying I am sorry. At the start of this video my framing is shocking and I have cut my own head off. I have not gone back and re filmed as firstly I have run out of batteries (having already raided the TV controls for their power) and secondly I think I may be coming down with a cold and having orgasm-ed I am now officially drained for the day. It's like being a super hero, I need to re charge my powers between use.

So this week has been super busy at abbywinters with much going on. We have had a rush of ladies from when I first started modeling for the company and it has been so nice to have a mass catch up. Chloe B was my boss when I first started and it has been amazing getting to watch her explosive orgasms in person with a camera in my hands as she is incredible! Nichole who I trained along side as a photographer also came back with her sexy long legs and full breasts! On top of that the lovely Dahlia was back and it was great seeing her as we have had a very naughty kitchen sex romp in the past - please go here to see behind the scenes of that.

Dahlia is a super star and after I commented on how much I loved her socks got me a set (thank you) which is where this video began. I think my favouite shoot I shot last week has to be the daring public Gurillar shoot I did with Dahlia. Her hair against the Autum colours of the park were just stunning and we ended up in a public library which was incredible on all levels - I was shaking so hard holding the camera I had to rest it on my leg to make sure I got the shot!

Thank you also to the lovely Fran's the pair of you have really made my week as I have been getting a bit down with the whole having to find somewhere else to live and the Dutch system being so strange and silly to me.

There are points available if anyone can tell me why I chose the music I did - Dogbee, Gary and John being British the advantage is yours!

Should you ever have an urge to buy me something from my wishlist I can promise masturbation videos will  follow. The only thing that I like as much as surprises is masturbation so this way I can do both ! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Satine's Spanking the making of

Oooh what a treat getting a mid week post!

After the video which I posted last time Satine and I had to do some pictures to go along side it and here is how we got on.

In other news Gary will be thrilled to here that I have now sent in all the paper work for my new southern charms page so all should be up and running soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

English porn star Masie spanking Satine (part two)

Part two is up ! This is such a treat for me as they have kindly let me put up a HUGE snippet of what will be the actual video (thank you) on my blog. This was an unusual spanking scene for me in that it was the first time I was giving the spanking. That's not entirely true. In the past I have spanked other models, once for erotic reasons and once because I was made to as part of a joint spanking that I was also receiving. But to actually be the top for a whole scene was a bit of a shake up for me.

It very much helped that it was with Satine (did I mention I love her!) as we know each other so well. I was a bit worried about hurting her as that's not my bag at all but she had taken the slipper earlier and said it was fine. The best bit was trying to make her laugh, I don't think I did this on purpose but because we are friends the words I through at her were all things that we have a shared background in. For example I call her a nubile whore  because that's what was written on my trailer day one of Game of Thrones.

It was a blast to do and I would happily do similar level scenes as a top but sorry I didn't get anything sexual out of it. That said not everything in life has to be for sex and when you have as much fun as we did you can't complain!

A BIG thank you to Sean who played the part of my hen pecked husband! Be sure to repay their kindness in letting me put all this footage up by having a look at the website northernspanking!

What you can't see is that Satine still has her pants and trousers around her ankles making walking very hard 9and very funny)

It is somewhat of a porn tradition to pull a silly face when having your Id shots taken and Satine as you can see is a pro!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

A weekend with Satine part one

I'm sorry you didn't get an update last weekend I had a few technical problems getting hold of this material but I am delighted to now be sharing with you my magical weekend with SATINE!

The weekend before I went on holiday was spent with my best friend on a spanking set and we had so much fun. Luckily for the producer we drove up to Leek together so had already caught up on much gossiping before we arrived. . . . 

As purple and painful as my bottom looks please let it be known that I had an AMAZING time! We were working for Northern Spanking and they took such good care of us (we even went on for dinner). I didn't have any more batteries on the first day so there is no footage of actual spanking. I will of course let you know as soon as any of this footage goes live and will share pictures trailers and a few sneaky video peaks with you as and when things go live. We got a heck of alot of scenes shot including some picture only stuff done in a vintage style which I really enjoyed so there should be lots to come over the next few months.

The great thing about this weekend was that each scene was so different something that is actually very rare during a spanking session. We had different era themes, we had toys and giggling in one group scene then hysterical sobbing from me in my first school girl scene, it was a great mix.  

To make up for the fact I couldn't get any footage on day one (even thought it was my fault) I was allowed to shoot whole films on day two so will have an action packed update next weekend!For the time being be sure to go and buy a copy of a certain magazine so you can read Satines column!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I'm back yal!!!

Check out my tan lines!!!!!!

I had an amazing time, I LOVE the sun and to have it back on my body felt exillerating! The above picture was taken near to where I was staying. Although I was on vacation it was to pretty a private place not to take some pictures so I got four picture sets done ready for my new Southern Charms page (I hope to have this running within two months).  I will give you a sneak picture peep in a minute but first the holiday itself.

As well as staying on the lake sunbathing, jet sking and swimming,  I also took two trips . The first was a mini road trip to the state capital. Austin was a huge surprise. From the people I met it seems to be made up of trendy students and gay people- it was a very open and liberal place. While in a bar I got talking with some locals (twas a good night out) and they told me that the majority of American gay male porn is now made in Austin.

On the way back I went to Waco and saw. . . .

 and went to Cameron park.

My second trip took me into Dallas for the last few days. I went to the stunning Chihuli glass sculpture excibition. At night time the scultpures lit up, it was the perfect way to spend a wam summer evening.

The Dallas Aquarium was amazing. It was like a rain forest inside and you worked your way down through all the animals as they would appear. It went from monkeys down to sharks.

 It was lovely seeing Poppy again when I got home she is helping to keep away the no longer on holiday blues. 

Some hot in the sun previews now . . .