Friday, 30 September 2011

Guess what?!

Guess who's new website has gone live!

Do you remember how I was talking about how I was working on two projects, a hard core filth one and a softer more educational one. Well filth was ready first!

I don't actually own this site, its owned and run by the guys who have chavley court and the chav van. Its funny if you google me those sites are usually the first things that show up. Everybody at AW knows me as Masie Dee Chav Slut as thats all they could find when they did their research on me.

I have no idea how I have managed to land on my feet quite so perfectly with this one. They run and pay for the site but I make all the content and send it in. So in short I get to come up with the dirtiest things I can think of, film them, get paid and sit back ready to watch others enjoy it. 

Its still a very new site so we are still working on its look and feel. I will start to shower you in filthy trailers from next week as its so nice to see some really dirty porny porn again. Its funny I love working at Abby Winters and its definatly a great creative outlet. I was allowed out on a shoot last night and loved it, we got some amazingly arty pictures and the model was amazing - erotica at its best. But I need both to be happy and i'm so grateful that thanks to the Chavley boys I really am having my cake and eating it! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sexy Saturday times

Thats actually a bit of a misleading title as if today is Saturday, then i'm in England for the weekend visitng my family, so we filmed this on Thursday night.

Other wise this is just like any other Saturday, you ask the question we answer it. My answer is bellow, to see Kylies thoughts click on the link. Technically you should watch her answer first this week as I make reference to it in mind. Enjoy xx

Kylies answer is HERE

 Thank you for all the questions you have sent in so far. Plase keep them coming and we will work our way through all of them till you tell us you are bored xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A week in the life of an AW worker

I know I keep saying that I am to busy with work at the moment to do all the rude things I would normally be happily sharing with you, so thought it was about time I showed you what I have been busy doing.

To add a bit of context to what you are about to see, on Thursday we had to run a few AW chores on our way home and the problems we had on Wednesday were my fault, I had been abusing my desk top!

I have now offically organised a visit home at the start of October which means I will be able to pick up my camera, which means lots of sexy updates will start to follow  xx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sexy Saturday Q&A

Another weekend another set of questions - We really struggled to come up with a question this week so its in your best interests to help us out in the comments. Sorry its a bit dark we went

For Kylies answers click here!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Babes on Bikes

Yesterday we finally went and got ourselves some bikes! Gaz, Imp and Ethel are now tucked away in our lock up, ready to make my bum go all fabulous, my thighs hopfuly to just go and to save me money as I wont have to pay for any more trams.

If you ever need a bike go to the pirate bike people, they were lovely and so helpful. I am now the proud owner of a second hand bike for 99 euro and I got them to put a crate on the front so Poppy will be able to ride up front when she's over. Now I have not been on a bike since I was 15 and its alot lot harder as an adult for some reason. Riding home yesterday (especially once the crate was on as it made the balance go all funny) I was convinced I was going to get hurt. If it had been just me on the road i'd have been fine but every time someone wizzed past  i'd panic and wobble and then start to fall. I ran into a very understanding group of 6 women in town and a man crashed into me while I was waiting to cross the road near the park!

More worryingly was how saddle sore I was this morning. I think years of horse riding saved me from the full dose of pain I was supposed to have, as my bum has built up a nice tolerance ( all the spanking shoots probably haven't hurt either) but ooh my poor crotch is all bruised!
Still as every good horse rider knows if things go wrong get straight back on and i'm very glad we did, riding to the shops and back this morning I felt alot safer than yesterday.
The true test will come in rush hour tomorrow - take a good look at my face and try and rememebr it that way as I cant promise it will be remaining in that shape for long :) xxxx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A new Saturday tradition

This is a new Saturday tradition I decided to start today.

Kylies Answers are - HERE

 Make sure you leave your questions for us in the comments, either bellow my video or Kylies xxxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Today at Abby Winters

Oh my goodness we had the best day in the office today. As my boss Chloe B is due to leave soon she had an amazing package arrive at work today. We all crowded around and insisted that she open it straight away!

This next bit is a new segment i'm thinking of calling foreign people and twiglets!

Whenever I eat twiglets I always think of that Mr Bean episode where he has his two friends, Rupert and Hupert over for new years and makes twiglets by getting twigs and dipping them in marmite. That episode is still one of the saddest things I have ever seen and will still make me cry 9 / 10.

Does any body from England remember the very very old twiglet advert where there are some people in a lift and it breaks down. They look up and the ceiling is covered in twiglets. This scared me so much as a child that I wouldnt go in a lift for 6 months! Bless my mum for being so understanding as this meant when we went to our local Safeways (blast from past there) to do the big weekly shop she had to struggle up two flights of stairs with three kids and all the shopping to the car park.

I'm very excited as tomorrow I've been asked out of the office to help assist with the filming!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

More sexy updates

My goodness there are 66 of us now on this blog (well 68 if you count me and Poppy) Thanks so much to you al flor taking the time to read my ramblings and look at ,my pictures and videos (especially if you find some of the m sexual exciting).  In all seriousnessd this wouldn't work with out you and I am really grateful x

I may be sitting on the last video I flashed your way but the video I did with Gaby is now up on the site so please go and check out the trailer here.

I was blown away by how sexy she is in these stills her body looks incredible ! I watched the video late on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. ITs very difference to usual AW videos becuase we kept getting caught so couldnt take all our clothes off and had to do lots of short sharp bursts of sex then covering up rather than doing one long extended session like usual. I personally think it adds a great deal to the video but I know it wont be foreveryone, it depends it you favour story over sex or not.

Still here to wet you appertite -

You can see the behind the scenes of this shoot here

Sorry I am a bit behind again with updates and that i'm no really keeping up to date with anything here but I promise to get on it soon xx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

An actual with sex in it update!

If you couldn't quite make out what we were saying on the bridge I very innocently said that I might like to come back as a duck in my next life as they like the rain, don't have any responsibilities, have noteably adorable off spring and people come and feed them for pleasure. Jenna replied asking if I also wanted to get raped by all the male ducks - enough has been said on this subject but I thought it was funny.

We did the video and then did the stills after lunch. I tend to find that the sexual urgency fades once I have done video or stills with a model but despite having already had sex for the video these stills were furious and frantic. Adam kept reminding me that this was the last time I'd ever get to enjoy Jenna sexually and I wanted to get every once of pleasure from the experience I could because she truly is amazing.

I have high hopes for this video but I'm sorry  you probably wont be able to see if for ages! You may have noticed that AW has become the Masie and Kylie show recently. Lots of our new updates have been going up as we are staff now and should know better than to shag all the models. This scene is so good I have asked them to sit on it for a while so we can use it as a reminder that I'm still sexy after I have been office bound and forgotten for a while.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Polly Ann Marie - part two

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to stick part two up. I went back over to Ireland on Wednesday evening and came back at silly oclock on Friday so haven't had chance. Heres part two of my behind the scenes chat at AW. Will stick another blog up tomorrow and start fill you in on what I have been up to of late xx