Thursday, 26 January 2012

31139 people have done it have you?

You really should especially because it's free!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember my vist to Teen Sex Gang?

No, you can check out my post herehere and here.

I got a call this afternoon during my dinner telling me I should feel very proud of myself as I was on the front page of porn hub and had got - ' 31139' views thus far! I've watched it and was pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself I look very sexy.

I have to keep my hair natural till February as I am growing my pubes back for some natural shoots but as soon as they are out the way i'm going back to blond, I miss it so much!

So what am I asking in return for sending you this free 15 minute video? Well if you have time you should probably do the moral thing and check out the 'Teen Sex Gang site' as they are kindly giving you so much for free. The great thing with their shoots are that they stream them live as they film, so you can ask for the models to do certain things as the show goes on, tailor it to your own tastes under the skillful hands of Crystal. The second thing is that you should rate it please, it's currently got a 79% rating and I think it might need a bit more.

Let me know what you think. Here ya go click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The most inappropriate pictures I ever did

The late Jim Carter took these pictures for me in Manchester. You know me I like to play around with ideas that are a little bit on the edge of  socially exceptable and so when I was younger I loved doing barley legal style shoots - this was my favourite!

Im sorry I didn't get anything up over the weekend, it was Kylies birthday and I had a cake to make! I was very proud of myself it was the first birthday cake I had ever made and it went down well. Here are a few pictures from the party . . . .

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Somthing cute, something kinky and some hard core action

Today's blog is coming in three parts.You know yourself what you like so only visit the sections that are relevant to you.

Something Cute

Poppy was in a dog fight today! I felt so bad for her as for once this wasn't her fault and she did everything right.

When it comes to being around people Poppy is the best dog in the world but she has always suffered from small dog syndrome when around other dogs. I remember taking her to puppy classes and she would sit in the far corner shivering when ever another dog came near her and would snap and yelp if they tried to interact with her. The stables where I kept my horse luckily had a lovely Jack Russel called Liter - she was a brillient mother who had already had several litters of pups and she new exactly what to do. She was Poppys first ever friend, they used to run around the sand school for hours playing with each other.

These days Poppy is still hit and miss with other dogs and will snap at around 7/10 dogs we meet. She is purley a vocal dog and all she really wants to do is get aways from the situation and protect me. So its always extra sad when Poppy acts like a nice dog and things still go wrong as it hardly re inforces the message of nice behaviour being worth the effort.

We were out on a dirt track and we saw another Terier like dog coming our way, who was also off their lead. I asked Poppy to sit and wait which for once she did. The other dog came closer and laid down about 2 meters in front of us - this is usually a  sign of a submissve dog. I walked forward and told Poppy to come and look, she did so but very shyly. They met sniffed, tails wagged then the other dog went for her snarlling and barking. Poppy replied and it turned into a scrap. Now good advise says never put your hands in between two fighting dogs so I did the next best thing and kicked Poppy to get her away from the other dog. I went for Poppy as its rude to kick other peoples dogs as you never know how they will react (or the other dog for that matter) and I had my boots on. Poppy once kicked away stopped and looked guilty. Saddly the other dog then set on her again and this time the other dogs owner had to drag her dog off while apologising.

We moved on and I appologised to Poppy the best way I know how - by producing a tenis ball. Two minutes later her adrenaline had run out and she started limping. I think she is just stiff but she is currently looking very sorry for herself snuggled up to Kylie on the sofa.

A little kink

Im an idiot I forgot loads of toys! I have a giant pink bush basher, my sexy pink love chair, a small pink little vibratr, my black sticky toy and my little silver toy.  

On to the hard core

Heres a little teaser if you want to see the video in full please click here to my adultwork page.

Warning the following video contains pubes! 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Paying the Land Lord

As I promised Gary today here are some pictures that were taken when I shot 'Paying the Land Lord' with Sarah Kelly all the way back in 2009!

I'm not sure if it's on DVD which may be why its hard to find butI did manage to find it on a few video on demand sites.


This is the blurb - 'Masie and Sarah are having a bit of fun when their grumpy, blowhard of a landlord just barges into the house. Both are behind on their rent, so they have to come to an arrangement. Masie owes quite a bit, while Sarah has only lapsed a little. Sarah gets off the hook with a little hand action, but being deep in debt, Masie has to give it all up to settle things. These lithe, young, enthusiastic little tarts pay their rent in flesh and Mr. Peacock wouldn't have it any other way'

Here are a few screen shots I picked up when I found the video on line. Bellow that are a few pictures the lovely myson has given from the photo shoot I did with Sarah on the morning of this shoot. Myson is a dream to shoot for it was a really laid back day of fun and laughter. We were in the sexy Rachel Travers house and she had us in stiches over mugs of tea and biscuits - a very British approch to production.    

On a side note Sarah Kelly has the best modelling bag out of any model I have ever met! She comes with a huge suitcase full of a crazy variety of out fits, stockings, accessories, shoes, she has everything and more. The best thing is she is also a lovely sharer - the stockings i'm wearing in this are heres, and she gave me full pick of everything which not many people would do - in short she is wonderful!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hypno Dick

Very excited Masie here. I have just checked in to see how many DVDs I have out at the moment (I know very vain, it's because someone came round and asked if we had ever googled ourselves). I have two new dvds out and they are scenes I have been wanting to see for AGES!!!

The first is a scene I did in my first year of porn. I got to shoot in a school uniform (my favourite) and the scene was with  Stefan Hard who is one of the loveliest funniest people you could hope to meet (and I think he looks like Vinnie Jones).

Plot wise innocent young me goes to have hypno therapy, off the top of my head I think it was to help me with my sex addiction . Once under I am told to perform various sex acts and I loved them all. Once he is done Dr Hard disapears at which point I am found by a passing man. Realising that I am in a trans he quickly does what many would do and whips his dick out for a cheeky blow job.

You can check out the scene here

The second DVD is from a TV X show I was in. It was a spin off from 'Bitch in  a Box' in which men could order a sexy slave who was delivered in  box straight to the door. We had mad hot sex over just about everything before I was put back in the box ready to post on to the next man. That scene was the first big shoot I booked and Pascal White one of the first famous porn stars I ever worked with. The sex was exactly my kind of sex. I know its not for everyone but in the right safe situation I love being used and abused - that was the first time anyone had ever spat on me and I loved it. I was fucked by the end of it. As it was for televison we had to record the scene twice as they needed a hard edit for the website and then a soft edit for the tv. The sex the performers do is always exactly the same but the camera man wont get shots of the errect penis for a soft edit - sex can be implied on Tv but you cant show penetration.  I have no idea how I got through the sexond round I was fucked after the first one and couldnt move, I just sat on the sofa distroyed!

We shot in an old ware house and it was freezing. They had an industrial heater that looked like a jet engine but we had to switch it off when the camera was on as it was just to loud.Andi Ide filmed it and he is a legend all by himself all in all I was very happy.

So I was thrilled to be asked for the spin off which is now on DVD. Exactly the same but this time a boot not a box. I was a bit sad as by the time we made the second one the law had changed - the violent pornography act had come in. This meant that we could no longer get away with what took place in the first film. In the first one we just had sex and I acted as a willing slave. He did what ever he wanted and we had rough hard sex with lots of trash talk on his part - some times in Flemish!

Second time around I had to give verbal concent throughout which kept breaking the mood and made the sex less fun. I did however still love the premisi and the boys were still the relaxed amazing team they were the first time around. I was pleased that my scene has been given a full star rating and im so curious to see how it looks.

You can see it here .

I know I say this alot but oneday I want to own all the DVDs I am in and these two are now top of the list of what I want thave. I have all my abbywinters dvds bar the newet one, the stuff I did for nylon stocking sluts, the amazing middle england doco I was in (thanks, that one was a present) and thats it. I used to have the two gang bang dvds I did for Rebel but they got stollen when we were broken into.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Give a girl a Dildo and good things will happen

I did something nice yesterday and wanted to share it with you - be sure to do nice things to it makes you feel great.

If im going to follow through on this campagn I need to start doing more porn as my free collection of toys is looking smaller now i'm not getting them as part payment any more.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

I haven't written for ages have I . . . .

This is in fact the 3rd time I have started this post but I kept missing the time slot and having to get rid of it all. I wrote a brilliant post on the run up to New Years during which we played 'war corispondants'. I think it must be a cultural thing but for two days the local children were playing with fireworks, letting them off  day and night. On New Years eve it was like being in a war zone with the sound of explosions echoing around the buildings. It wasn't just around the flat I went four tram stops away to the shops and they were letting them off in town as well.

I grew up watching the whole Bosnia conflict on the news and sat out on our balcony listening to explosions it reminded me of that so much that we started joking that we were news corespondents in a war zone and thus the game began.

But I wasn't quick enough so deleted that post unread and am instead feeling a little sheepish.

My first post was all about Christmas. This was my first Christmas that I have not spent with my parents and sisters and my abbywinters family stepped up and we had a fantastic late lunch.

It is traditional in my family to always go on a Christmas day walk before you are allowed at your presents. As children this led to the Christmas day sulk followed by the 'why don't we get a dog' nag (we never got one)  and the walk was nice way of making the day last. I remember one year in Scotland when my little sister refused to walk any more. She demanded to turn back only to find out that we were about 2/3rds of the way around a circular walk - cruel parents!

Speaking of dogs - 

The biggest and best news is that . . . . POPPY IS HERE!!!!!!

Poppy flew over with KLM as hand luggage and has taken to Holland like a duck to water - my little international jet setter.

Poppy was the cure to the Christmas day walk, having a dog made everyone feel they had a purpose beyond making Christmas day last longer and the Christmas holidays at home were full of fun and interesting walks - mostly done on sheet ice last year which was hilarious! 

This year Poppy took everyone to the park and with no children in site we had a blast!


I know what your thinking - why aren't there more hidden trampolines in this world - I have no idea why there aren't but there should be!

Other than that I assume I have been doing exactly the same as all of you during this break from work. I have slept alot, eaten far to much, baked, walked with Poppy and watched lots of terrible films.

Call me sad but my favourite presents this year were my calenders! Every year Poppy does her very own calender which I give to all of my family. It started off as a joke one year but when I didn't repeat the act the following year I got so much stick that Poppy's calender has now become a regular feature - and I must say she has done a cracker this year. As I did a large order I got me a smaller version to go on my desk at work. My very cleaver family gave me a calender in return this year which has lots of pictures of my family with Poppy and a few pictures of me as a kid - loved it. All good things come in threes, the family I follow on youtube the 'Shaytards' did a calender this year and my signed copy will be coming to work with me on Monday.

Speaking of Calenders, I just found out that Miss Kylie has made the calander two years running! If I didnt like the girl so much i'd be jealous!

These are free to download and the rest of this years calander will be released one a month so I have a year to wait to see if she makes it three in a row (and if I make it at all ).

OH I just remember why else I am feeling sheepish. I spoke to Chloe and Kylie on camera after they staggered out of our office following their sexual romp and have now lost the video. I have been really looking forward to showing you as they looked smashed, very happy but smashed none the less. You can still watch the video of the actual sexual event I supose infact you really should! Both woman got what they needed and more! You can now pay per video if you follow the pop up screen on the site and that way I wont feel so bad about losing that video. Im so cross, im fed up of computer experts saying its impossible to lose files on a computer because I am an expert at it! I spent weeks editing the footage from my parents golden wedding aniversary only for the computer to somehow wipe the lot. I took it to three computer experts none of them could find it - if I knew what i'd done I could sell my sectret of deleation to criminals.

Kylie and Chloe's epic bonk at work!

I keep coming across strange animal things at the moment. At the start of this post I was looking for a picture to show how sheepish I felt and I came across this.

Last but not least a huge thank you to Pinkey for my picture it's fantastic! I love that you gave me blond hair, I miss it so much am working my way back to blond but it is taking ages.