Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Polly Ann Marie - part one

Every time I think I know it all I end up on an Abby Winters shoot and meet yet another model who's life just blows me away. Sad times if you were searching for some rude things but this was one of the most interesting meets of my life, these two girls are gold. They ended up doing a great masterbaition video and while I was there I did a solo masterbaition video in the kitchen which will go up later this week - i'll remind you when you can watch it xx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sex with Kylie H

I Finally got to work with Kylie!

We were both pretty nakered from our first days work so grabbed an early night after going to our favouirte Italian and indulging in oven baked cheesey pasta for five euros each. The hotel we stayed in had pushed the two single beds together and it was a bit strange sleeping so close to someone I have been waiting to experience. We joked about having a practise go but ended up lying in bed watching tv. A quick note on tv over here, you get no warning that adverts or the next show are about to start its the strangest thing. We were watching the love guru then suddenly with out warning the guru started straight after with out any credits and it took us ages to work out we were watching a new film. Later that evening we were watching modern family and it suddenly broke into the sex channels - ' Sexaphone!'

We arrivd in a bit of a blur the morning of the shoot as we had forgotten to change to Dutch time when setting the alarm the night before but after such a long wait to get our hands on each other there was no way we were going to drag things out any longer by being late!

Dont you think that first set of pictures looks like one of those dodgie photo stories you get in bad news papers on in teenage magazines - love it!

We really hit it off the first time we met in the dam so much so that she'd asked me if I would shoot her first g/g video for AW. Things didn't work out so Satine mussled in on the action (hello Satine I miss you) and this was the first visit we were both free to come over at the same date after that. Jakie decided that as we were so keen to dive in we could do the video before the stills and after soldiering through our pre shoot interviews we exploded into an amazing shoot.

To try and stop us from just ripping each others clothes off I had been told to act in a huff because she had slept with Satine and not me, which was fun as its always funny to pretend to be mad at Satine (bitch) and it was nice to still be talking about her now we are living in different countries. Kylie ended up dragging me to her love camp and tying me up so Id join in and she had me good - she even dragged the look from me!

You can view the trailer here. I should really become an affiliate before I tell you this but if you have been umming and ahhing about checking Abby Winters out this could be  a good month to do it. I already have 15 videos up on their site with two more due to be released this week.  I'll be sure to put some sneaky videos and links to all the new trailers as they come out butif you can i'd goand see them in full at source. x

Hope those of you that get one enjoy the bank holiday, will try and get more up soon xx 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

Put this song on while you read, I had it in my head all the way to the airport and most of the way to Holland.

To late now!

Well I did it, I am currently lying naked on a hotel bed in Amsterdam - a real life homeless expat! Following on from my very busy last few days in England I had a full week of work booked in at AW before I start as staff on Monday, as in future I will have to use up one of my holidays to shoot here. I apologise for breaking all the footage up into so many videos, blogger cant cope with files that are to large. :o)

This was the first time I had shot outside for AW and its something I have been really looking forward to as I think the outdoors location was one of the elements that made the shoots they did in Australia so special. It was also nice to see some more of life outside the city. After being in the vast crowds of the centre, the amount of green and space in the ring around Amsterdam comes as a pleasant surprise and everything looked so inviting and green.
We pulled up in some woods and walked along till we came to a lovely clearing.  Kylie went off to do a solo shoot leaving me and Gabby to work up to our g/g  shoot. The heat was so draining, one of the new camera women had to have a lie down half way through shooting Kylie as she had heat stroke, and things were very sticky and heavy on set, it was lovely to lie out in during lunch though. Near the end of the video I poured water over Gabbys breast to help cool her down and when she did the same for me I moaned and shivered in pleasure - who knew water could be so orgasmic!

You can keep up with Kylie on her blog here

Welcome back

Ok I am officially back on track and you will now be bombarded with weekly updates like you were used to - not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but its what you will be getting so like it or lump it (as me nan would say.)

I am finnaly set up in a house of my own in Amsterdam and settled in working for Abby Winters. This was nearly a month in the making but I think it has been worth it and life is starting to feel normal again. You know how when ever you do something like move jobs or house or even  just something small like getting  a new hair cut. For a while it has that strange new feeling, well things are almost back to feeling just like normal again which is both a good and a bad thing but now Im here I think Im happy.

Before I inflict nearly a month of back Dee at you, here is an update from one of  my last UK shoots - for Paul Taylors Spunk Sluts. If you Click here you can look at the footage I got when I went over to film. I loved doing this shoot, and I'd be so happy if you'd go and check it out especially if you rate it. Im sorry for being so vain and competitive at you but they have video rating on that site and I want full points!  Im only half a point off but I want to know what I could have done better to get right up there?

 There is no trailer so you will just have to trust me when I say I thought this was a good scene but I'd love to know what was missing, so please watch rate and give me some feedback!

Ok now sit back and relax I'm about to unleash the last month back at you. This may get confusing in places as I will be excitedly telling you about various possibility's which you already know the outcomes of but bare with it, I think theres a fair bit of stuff worth watching in here. xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A few sexy updates

Hello lovely people did anybody loot me something nice?

It feels like we (me and Kylie H) are living in a different world over here we are so behind on just about everything that's going on and are only able to re connect with the world in short sharp Internet bursts!

Thank you all for your patience with my lack of blogging, I have at least seven blogs and over 14 videos sat ready to go on my lap top but until we have a house I am unable to upload them as my lap top is to poorly to inflict on other peoples Internet. Quickly house situation is still a bit of a raw subject, on Thursday morning we had a house and were due to move in this Monday but ten minutes later the owner decided to move back into their apartment. So we booked 4 viewings and decided to press on. By the end of lunch we had 0 viewings as over here you can only view during 9 am and 4:30pm and we have a job. Still we have spent all weekend looking (on line that is, nope no estate agents open on Saturdays here?!) and fingers crossed we will be housed by the end of the week.

Ok so first off and thanks so much for sending these to me Gary, here are some pictures and a video clip of my day at the station - I love the cheesy 80s porno music they have slotted behind the video clip. Is that what people watching live can hear or has it been added afterwards???

There is also a video clip here! x 

Finally the fluffy bondage stuff I did in London (see my blog here) has now put all my clips up on line and Id love it if you'd have a look, especially of the big to orgasms!  

Missing you all,

Masie xxx

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day three of the BIG weekend part two

Ok so on to my last ever shoot before leaving for The Dam. Gutted is the only word I can use, gutted that this company only started up now as I want to go back again straight away, in fact I didn't want to leave. Teen sex gang run on the simple concept that young girls are hot and dirty and shoot accordingly. I was due to do three scenes, a solo, b/g and b/b/g.

I rocked up dead on my feet and as it was still lovely and warm we sat out on the roof patio and talked while we all got into shooting mode. I am yet to meet the second partner for the business but the couple who shot me were a joy and we had so much fun talking. Again I'm sorry that I am repeating myself again but I love talking to porn people and hearing about how sex fits in their lives. This couple are actually living the life I thought I wanted and you can see it works great for them. I wont go into details as its not my life to talk about but I always especially enjoy meeting people involved in 'the scene' as I find it so intoxicating fascinating. I have learned over the years that my personality couldn't be doing with full time subbing but I love to visit and before I get to old think I should push myself to maybe explore things a little further but we shall see.

So we filmed a nice normal solo with toys in my school uniform on the sofa and as a nice touch we streamed the shooting live on adultwork. The second stud failed to come good so I did a normal stocking and suspender b/g on the sofa before we headed for the dungeon.

Oh how I'd love to be in a position to have a full working dungeon in the basement of my house. It's funny as soon as we went down stairs a change started to take over us all and although I still gossiped happily with Crystal every time there was a loud noise or as I watched chains being unpacked I grew quieter and the adrenalin kicked in. This was proper hard core domination. The levels themselves weren't that hard, not mass painful floggings or anything but the chocking, spitting, mind control was all there. I was led in down a dark corridor and put in a cage. When he kicked the cage the sound and shock of it really shook me Crystal said she was trying hard not to laugh all the time as she could see how I was freaking myself out and making it all so much worse. I was put on rack and the sound of that thing as it  stretched me out was chilling! I then had nipple clamps attached and they were winched up till I have to arch my stretched out back to try and take the pressure off. I was doing ok till I was told to close my eyes and keep them shut. My imagination out dos anything a dom can think to do and again Crystal was trying hard not to laugh as she watched me anticipating and twitching as I tried to work out what was coming.

The last scene wont be for every one but I loved it. As we were talking so much I forgot to get any clips of the actual scenes but they have kindly  agreed to send me some as soon as they have the time so I promise to share.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Day Three of the BIG weekend part one

Considering I am always moaning about the lack of Bondage in my work I haven't half done alot this weekend. I had light bondage along with the creative toys on Saturday evening and on Sunday spent the afternoon in an amazing dungeon in London before driving to meet some serious doms in Bristol in the evening (for the record I am shattered right now!)

If bondage and especially the domination and pain elements are not normally your thing but you are open to anything that creates pleasure for women then my morning shoots worth of clips is for you. The guy I shot was so lovely and was always making sure I wasn't tied to tightly or hurting at all. Rather than humiliation and pain the emphasis of his shoots is all about pleasing a women while she is in bondage and it is amazing, I think I had a huge grin on my face the whole way through!

We started off lightly and built up the levels but the scene I want to go into detail about was my favourite of the day and easily the most erotic. I was laid in a love swing with my hands and legs tied to the four chains supporting the chair from the ceiling. This was an amazing position as it was not only very comfortable but left my pussy open for play and allowed me to wriggle and writhe around in pain safely with out risk of falling off etc. After much teasing by having fingers run over my skin till it became very sensitive and lovely I was finally allowed the wand and as I came he poured hot wax over me - I screamed in pleasure and writhed about for at least a full minute it was the best orgasm at work EVER EVER EVER!

I will let you know when my clips go out but so you can take a peak at what he does here is a link to his store. Click here for site

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day Two of the BIG weekend

I had to rip myself away from a sunny BBQ at my sisters house to come to my second shoot so was a little on the grumpy side on the way over. Luckily this proved to be not only a fun shoot but a very unusual one and I am so glad I got the chance to shoot this before I move, I had so much fun I ended up staying an extra hour and my poor sister was almost asleep on the sofa by the time I got back (I felt a bit bad about this as we'd planned to have cake and everything). As soon as he sticks this up either as clips or gets his site built I will let you know as this was amazing!

I didn't realise how red my pussy was till I watched this video back, it wasnt sore I think it was just all the blood rushing down there to party. I found out the day after that they have a warning on wands saying you shouldn't use them for more than 20 minutes at a time or it can decensorsie you, which makes sence as how can anything compeate with mains electricity!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sexstation and the BIG audition

Quick note - Listen out for the groaning in the background

I can see why Satine enjoys working for them so much and I only did solo they also shoot b/g and g/g which is exactly what id want if I was watching a call in channel! This was the beginning of a very bitter sweet few days for me. I worked with lots of people I really liked who I would love to work with regularly but I cant as I am leaving the country tomorrow.  I enjoyed working for Sexstation as unlike TV channel work you weren't restricted with rules of what you could and couldn't say or do because of the watershed etc but unlike webcamming you didn't have to spend all your time sitting waiting to do rude things once you got people in the pay area you were just encouraged to go for it. I got laughed at by the other girls as being a rookie who had just acquired a certain magical wand I took every opportunity to use my toys where as they used words and mimes alot of the time - I found out later why they do that, my pussy was very very  sore and this was shoot one!

Here's a link so you can keep an eye on the hot ladies (especially Satine, if you call in be sure to freak her out and tell her I say hi), its free to watch with no sound and if you go through the right link you can also chat on line while you watch with the girls for free. Next time I'm London way I shall defiantly put myself down for a shift and promise to try and give you more warning so you can watch.

Sex Station

From here I had a panic run down the road to get to my audition. Now I am going to be naughty and not tell you what its for as its too exciting but I will tell you that I got the part and am being flown out to Ireland on the 11th of August for a fulls day shooting and depending on what AW say may be doing the 26th as well.

I rocked up to the audition and the inter com told me it was on the 6th floor. As I had a whole weekend worth of shoots in my bag it was very heavy and Id changed into some stiletto heals so my bum and legs would look as good as possible. I was half way up the stairs when I saw there was a lift but by then id started doing it the hard way so decided to finish what i'd started. This meant I turned up a rather out of breath mess when I got to the top. I had just enough time to get my breath and have a quick drink of water and then we went to a room with the casting director (who was lovely) and the wonderful Sahara who had organised the audition in the first place to get started. I had to stand in front of the camera, introduce myself, say how tall I was and then stand for 5 second showing my front, side, back and side. We then sat down on some pillows and blocked the scene. We did one run through then filmed it. That was it. They said they were really pleased but at the time I was a bit put out that it was all over so quickly. I felt it may have also gone the other way and that they were so appalled by how bad it was they didn't want to see any more. I found out I got the part last night and then found out this morning they needed me a week early and not on a weekend as originally promised. This meant I had to called Liliana and ask for my 3rd day of working for AW off! I was bricking it, I was so sure she'd say no.

I am a lucky Dee! Thank you Liliana may tiny angels shower you in money and gifts of ever lasting joy and health - I almost certainly also owe you a drink!

Quick note - huge thank you to my lovely little sister and her fella Andy for taking such good care of me this weekend, I couldn't have done it with out you guys.

I have lots of footage from this weekend which I will trickle on here over this week and next week to give me time to find Internet in the Dam and get things back to normal.xx