Friday, 8 April 2011

Lazy Dee

Since my non trip to Hungry I am ashamed to admit that I have done nothing. I had already sent Poppy away to my sister ready to go and she refused to give her back (who can blaime her) and it has been wonderful. Don't get me wrong life without Poppy would be horrible but she is not good at being left alone at night and will sit and bark for hours, which isn't fair on the neighbours, so going out doesn't really happen. This week has been like a mini holiday, I have been able to stay out late at friends houses, shoot a bit of home made content and at the park today it was so lovely to be able to sunbathe and read without having to worry about what magical adventures she may or may not be starting. 

Did you notice I used the word sunbathe! This was the first time I have had my top off in public this year for reasons other than sex, and it felt great.   

I arranged to go and visit my parents after my trip to Hungry so will go quiet for the rest of the month and saddly wont have alot of porn updates to offer you for a while. As I haven't managed to book anything in short notice, I have decided to still go down as another good reason to go and visit parents is a  free feed as I am feeling a bit poor now. Im hoping to get out to Hungry early May once everyone is better especially as I hear its been really sunny there this week.
 I do have some pictures to share with you though from an amazing group shoot I did in Hull.  It was such a lovely evening, I didn't have anyone to watch Poppy so had to bring her with me and they were all so good with her, in fact I think I have ended up with almost as many pictures of her than of me. A big thank you to K studios and everybody who atteneded. Its actually a great way to split the cost of a shoot every body got four minutes per out fit and it make for such a great atmospher I think these are some of the best stills I have done glamour wise.

Finally I have a new game for you. I was on my way back from filming a sexy driving video when we came across a driver on his phone at a set of lights. My photographer thought it be funny to pretend to take a picture of them as we drove past and it really was. The look of panic on the drivers face was complimented so beautifully with the look of fury on his passengers - always keep a cheap disposable camera in your glove box for long car journeys. xx