Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Spanking good Christmas!

More spanking for me, this time back in my favourite role as a naughty school girl!

Kylie pointed out thatthis is a very English fetish to have, something I had never really thought about before as I am English. This is not to ay people from else where don't find the school girl role play sexy - of course they do, Kylie knows someone back home who adores this theme. What she meant was that as a community us Brits like this more as a norm than a fetish. We have the St Trinans back ground, lot's of people who buy porn are of  a generation who went through strict English school system with the cane and the obeying your slightly evil teachers how could we not all find it sexy?

The video isn't up yet but pease go check out the picture set, I'll let you know when the video is ready to.

Thank's for letting me know this was up Gary xx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

What i'd like for Christmas

As promised here are a few pictures from the shaving shoot I did with sexy Kylie!'m sorry Ican't show you more of the action, I wont know what pictures I still own to we sell some of them to the magazine if that makes sence. Promise to keep you posted though.

If you want to see more of me and Kylie don't dispare we have 38 scenes between us on abbywinters and at the moment they are letting you pay per scene which is pretty good and as an affiliate I will get a percentage of anything you spend if you go through my blog to get to the site - so it's like you are buying me a Christmas gift ! xxx

A bitty catch up

So last weekend  following on from the staff night out I had to pull myself together pretty sharpish as I was due to meet my parents the next day at 10:30 as they had come over to visit me. It was so nice to see them. That was the first time any of my family had come over to see me since the move and now I can walk past places in Amsterdam and smile because I have memories there involving them, which always makes a new place feel more like home.

I'm definataly not complaining but because abbywinters.com keep me so busy I haven't really done alot of the tourist stuff so it was great to have an excuse to play tourist for a weekend. We went on a boat tour, to the flower market, the flee market, shopping for my new winter coat (early Chrismas present) and I was able to show them where I live.

On the Sunday we went to the Nemo Museum which is a big science museum shapped like a boat. We had sooo much fun although there were far to many kids (think it was a place designed more for them than us but we had so much fun playing at being kids).

There was a new teenager section I had not been warned about telling you all about sex. Not somewhere most people want to be with their parents but luckily mine thought it was hilerious! We caught two teenage boys (probably about 13) and they each had one arm in a pink sleave, these two sleeves were in a box and they were batterling arms. Pull back and each one was being a tounge practising french kissing.

They looked very embaressed when me and my dad clocked them and started laughing.

There was a roped off area for learning all about sex, there was a video of two rinos going at it in the entrance We decided we didn't need to go in but my dad did take this fantastic picture for me when we peeped through the curtains.

I was driving the van on Friday ( I know go team me) and as I was dropping the sexy Klara back at the office we passed Dam Square, where they had a big stage by the huge Christmas tree and a gospel chior were singing Christmas songs - it was lovely, sorry we didnt get the camera out quick enough.

Here is a link to the food blog please check it out this woman makes my Tuesdays every week by filling it with cake - Food Flurries.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What went on last Sunday !

I will post some sexy pictures next week. It was so much fun dipping a toe back in the modelign side and felt really good to take charge and direct for a change as at the wonderful abbywinters.com I'm being trained up in there style so am still observing for most of the time.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Abby Witers Christmas Do

Happy Christmas everyone - i'm really starting to feel that Christmasy vibe now. We had out Christmas party on Friday and it was a blast. I am very sorry that I was unable to get any footage of the actual party in the venue or at the bar we went to afterwards, it was far to dark for my flip and nothing useable came out of the footage I took.

We have free bubbled (my only weakness drinks wise) at the venue work had hired and then danced into the night at a local bar called the Water Wheel.  I'm only a small thing so was slightly squiffy when we left the free bar but being a good tight Northener stopped drinking when you had to pay so danced it all off before heading home.


I love myT-shirt it's perfect! So much for me worrying the computer guy who designed my perfect t shirt said he'd been hoping to get myself or Kylie as something pink and cute was always likley to win favoure - I hate that he was right but I will definatly be wearing that to work next week.

Monday, 5 December 2011

I drove !!!!

Someone at abbywinters has started unlocking my office door and letting me head out on to set to help with the filming.

This has had some very big plusses for me, not only do I help interview new models but now I have them within arms reach while they are naked!

The most recent hands on action I got was with super sexy American porn star Annabelle Lee - she had an orgasm while resting in my lap, can't wait for the video to come out she is sooooooooooooo hot!

I will be able to give you guys all the behind the scenes knowledge on who is coming up and who fucked who and how! To check all the videos out just click on the picture link at the top of my side bar xx

Last week I stood back as a model filled her pussy with a bottle of water, lay on her back and then flipped up squirting the lot all over a very excited blond - and I get paid!

Today I had to drive the big work van for the first time and despite doing so on the wrong side of the road a few times I only bumped the curb once and no one got hurt ! :o)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The box game comes back! Or a shamless way to see lots of down blouse action.

For those of you who missed it the first time around please look here - if nothing else it proves that I could do this 5 months ago - maybe I perform better when I have had champaign.

Then this happened . . . .

Then it was a fight to the end . . .