Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy Queens Day!

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for my lovely shoes, I LOVE THEM!!!

 A proper thank you video will follow soon . . . .

I have now worked out why I was unable to post pictures on here over the weekend- Fire Fox is no longer compatible. Bellow are the pictures I was going to share with you, they are the latest set o go up on my SC pages! 

Enjoy your week.

Masie xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Masie Break In New Additions!

All kinds of people contribute to the world of Masie Dee both in and out of the shared spot light. There are people you will have heard of like Satine, who's friendship support and advice have been invaluable to me over the years and who I would be truly lost with out.

There are then company's like Northern Spanking or Abbywinters, who provide me with a platform to share my work with you both in front of and behind the camera.

There are the kind people who take the time to write to me with their requests or recommendations for my next sexual adventure and I always enjoy collaborating with peoples dirty thoughts to make private content.

There are of course you lovely people, who tune into my blog every week, I love having you to share my thoughts with I always have my flip camera in my hand just in case!

Finally there are the people who are kind enough to dress and feed me through my adventures by visiting my wishlist. Thank you for my latest new clothes I love them and I am sorry this proper thank you video is so late - I hope you can see how much I LOVE them because it is LOADS! 

I have some pictures I would love to share with you right now but blogger is playing up so I will put them up tomorrow evening (so long as site is back up).

Hope you have a good Monday to kick start your week

Masie xxx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sexy Outdoor Pictures

Just a mid week quickie to let you know that the lovely pictures I took over the weekend have now gone live on my Southern Charms page.  Here are some free pictures to wet your appetites to see the full set click HERE.

Poppy went to the vets yesterday as she had a tick on the back of her neck. These aren't a big deal but when you pull them off its hard not leave in the head so she had to nip in to check it was all out. She was super brave and my new vets are both lovely and at the end of our street so nice and close.

Have a good week xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dirty Girl Soils Herself!

Here is the link the 'earlier me' promised you.

Nichole's sexy outdoor shoot click HERE. 

You have to click through  to the members area then type her name into teh search bar. Her most recent solo (second video on the page) is the one I was so happy with!

Finally here are a few snaps from todays shoot! A quick mention has to go out to Poppy who was super good and slept in the sun the whole time and was very friendly to a pack of puppies we met on the way home.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

HBO Game of Thrones performer seeking representation

This weekend, thanks to all your background nagging, I finally got my test shots taken ready for sending to some acting agents! Are you proud?!  As soon as I get them back from Izzy I will let you have a look and send them off so keep your fingers crossed.

As well as having my picture taken I also spent Sunday helping Izzy on a fashion style shoot. To see more of Izzy's work click here and to see more of her lovely model click here.

Sorry I didn' put anything big up over the weekend I was super busy shooting but I aim to have something bigger for next weekend - I am yet to christen my new shoes and clothes I was so thrilled to get last week! xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Masie Dee - a few rude snaps

Just a quick blog this weekend, been super busy filming, editing and planning my SC pages. I have also been busy setting out my plan for the rest of the year and I can't wait to show you what great things I can do later on this year.

For now here are a few pictures from my weekend antics. I have now got enough content together to be doing two picture updates and one video submission every week and will be doing this to a set schedule. Now on SC you have to send each update to the company for checking and then they submitt it to the website for you.  I am yet to work out how long this process takes but as soon as I know I will let you know which days everything will be going up.

Speaking of video updates my very first SC video went up last week and I was very proud that it made it onto their 'video of the week list'. Saddly their site wont let me link you straight to my video but if you click on this link, and type in my name it comes up - love to know what you think!

For now  I hope you enjoy thses pictures and know that I am thrilled to have you in my corner xxxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Masie Dee Sick and Wrong!

Ha!  People always find the dodgiest picture of me possible when promoting me . . . 

Where is said promotion I hear you cry! Firstly I was thrilled and a bit worried to find myself quoted on an on line entertainment blog here, not long after my passing comments on the  Phantasy Tour.  

It was kind of a buzz being quoted, like being a proper celebrity. I think of you guys as my friends on here, just a small crowed of people who I share my life with, it kind of didn't hit me till just then how many people visit here and join us. Kylie was thrilled with the early buzz - you all have to watch the episode she is in!

My secondly news is VERY exciting. I was invited via a friend of mine to do an interview on super successful pod cast 'Sick and Wrong'! I stayed up way passed my bedtime one evening to talk to them as they are in America and the guy who presents the show not only as an incredibly sexy name (us Dee's have to stick together) but I must say he has a very sexy voice to!

We chatted about my time n Game of Thrones, pondered the shagability of the cast and ended up talking about dogging - who new Americans didn't have this, what with it being warmer over there.

 I am in podcast episode 374 please check it out, you never know they might let me back one day!

For those who don't know what dogging is please watch this video as the delightfully funny Fascinating Aida explain all!

 I only did dogging very early on in my porn carrier. It was a very fun experience which I am glad I had - it was very much a power turn on seeing how many people showed up to enjoy me as it were especially because it was raining. Dogging however is not pro porn, it is just a British hobby plus camera's and as I have well documented my enjoyment and interest in porn has always laid with the stuff treated like film productions. I want to sparkle and share my sexual joys with the world for me that is the difference between being a porn star and being someone who just has sex for money.

I did however take this reminder to look back at some of my early work with Killergram.com

Finally tonight it happened. It was my very first time, although I have been aware of it and wanting to experience this feeling for a long time! It wasn't how I planned it but then maybe this way was better.

Tonight I had my very first . . .


I went for cake and hot chocolate with Kylie after work tonight and ordered my usual hot chocolate. In Holland that's more like a warmed chocolate milk but tonight I got real melted chocolate at the bottom of my cup, topped with milk pretending to be foam! The chocolate coated my mouth with sticky goodness and it warmed me like warm chocolate milk just couldn't. I am soooooo happy!