Sunday, 3 February 2019

Six nations forfeit - Naked River Dance!

It is no secret that I enjoy watching rugby and for me, the six nations is always a highlight each year.

It is also no secret, that I am unnecessarily competitive and over the years this has led to me making several rugby based bets - most of which I have lost!

In fact over the years only one of my rugby bets has come good for me, when England beat the All Blacks back in 2013, earning me more chocolate than I knew what to do with (evidence here), thanks to my friend Pinky!

It was back down to Earth in 2014 - which saw me listing why New Zealand is AMAZING, after The All Blacks got their own back! 

I learned my lesson and managed to not make any more bets for a bit until 2018 - when I foolishly suggested we would out do Ireland in the six nations, only for Ireland to then go on and not only win but get the grand slam! - oops! 

So here is my forfeit to last years tournament, seeing England BEAT Ireland yesterday, made me feel in the right frame of mind to finally undergo my punishment - enjoy! 


Sunday, 27 January 2019

It has been a while right!

I can't remember when I last did a blog update - I kind of shifted over to twitter (@MasieDee) but I was unsure how to post this video in full on there and have missed having a platform to write more than 280 characters at a time.

Another reason I let things go quite on the blog is that I stepped back from modeling for a while to focus on other things, so didn't have lots of porn adventures to share. Over the last few years I have been really busy establishing myself first as a photographer and now as a trainer of photographers and high up, achievements I am really proud of.

But the bratty show off inside me never stopped calling to be let out and there were still one or two adventurers every year.  I have tried to do 1 or 2 shoots every year to keep a hand in and I also have my ManyVids page where I make my own content for sharing - this is a great release for me.

SO why am I writing today?

February is setting itself up for a busy month! I am in talks with several people about maybe doing some more shoots fun side of the camera and teamed up with my bestie Satine ( @satinespark) last night to do some webcaming and really enjoyed it - we are hoping to meet up more often to do this!

So now seemed a good time to touch base here again, as for the next while I hope to have fun things worth sharing.

I started my build up to a month of fun with a trip down to London with Satine yesterday, during which we ate far too much and I was moaning about my favorite panties no longer fitting when Satine had a genius idea . . . .

(thanks Red Dog

(me and Satine just before we got down and dirty on camera in her bed) 

No promised but my hope is that I will write again soon.

Masie x