Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

This weekend has been swallowed up with activity so I'm sorry to say you are not getting a Q n A this week (especially because we couldn't think of any questions). However Saturday was a very busy night and we are keen to share away.

It started off as quite a normal night. Kylie stumbled across an advert for zombie walk Amsterdam on youtube and as someone who had taken part in the Australia one,  put the word out around work to see who was up for some fun. She is a genius! She spent most of yesterday in a theatre shop buying up latex and costume makeup so she could help to transform us all to the living dead!

The walk itself started off behind wire fences and quite alot of people had turned out to watch the horrors walk by. Some of the makeup jobs were pretty amazing, Kylie got caught by quite few official looking photographers so I'll keep an eye out and put any pictures up that I find.

We were pretty lucky weather wise, it did rain a little bit but it was nice and warm for the time of year and it was a fun shuffle. 

Ok so what happened next is a whole moral mine field all by itself. It is also a little ironic if you read the comment left under my last post - I read that just after we had finished our photo shoot.  

As Kylie had done such an amazing job with our makeup that we decided on the way home that we simply had to take some pictures on my cannon when we got back. I have been unable to get the pictures off the card as my card reader is playing up so those pictures will follow during the week. Now as we walking to our tram a thought popped into my head and I excitedly asked Kylie and Marcus if we could maybe do some snuff's pictures while we were at it, as its something I have always wanted todo.

The very first porn I ever saw were two magazines we found at the park (i'd have been 15 ish). The first one was a gay mens magazine, i'm glad we found this one as the fact that it did not turn me into a lover of gay male porn means that it was not the magazine that made me have the sexual preferences I have, it's just me in general. The other magazine had an article in it with some pictures of women pretending to be dead and impaled on alters. That was the first erotic image that I had an erotic reaction to, those pictures were so hot to me.

So I cant say I have gone looking for snuff but its an idea I know hits the limitsof my kink factory. I remember being very disappointed by the film 8mm as there was a distinct lack of snuff for a film that promised to be about snuff films.

I think that at this moment I should probably point out that an actual snuff film or even a fake snuff film done well would do nothing but disgust me.  This falls into the category of ideas that are so wrong they are sexy as a concept  for me but thats it. I wouldn't enjoy seeing it done I just like to think about it while feeling dirty sometimes.

If I do watch stuff at the violent end of my sexual preference it needs to be done in a very specific way. At the beginning of a good rape fantasy video for example there is always a moment where they show you the whole thing is fake and that the porn starts are all in on it and being paid. This is why I don't watch Japanese fantasy porn - either they are very good actresses or they are actually doing the horrible acts and that's not sexy that's horrific!

So on with last night. We had a blast! This was super duper fun. Im not going to share the pictures with you as that may be a little much but we recorded the shoot and I think its quite a fun video.

This morning I woke up and read the article linked under my last blog post and had a big moral debate with Kyle. We came to the conclusion that it was ok for me to put the bellow videos up both because it is not illegal in Holland (we checked) and that if someone already wants to murder someone then they will probably do it anyway if they want to this wont help sway them. I am late for work so don't have time to go into exactly what we talked about but we debated this for over half an hour and went into every possible scenario. I will maybe stick that up later but please don't think I am doing this lightly and without thinking.

So if you are a normal person please leave this post here. If you are curious click on to the next page.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Teen Sex Gang Part 2!

Sorry I know this has been a long time coming but here is part two of my visit to the Teen Sex Gang crew.

In part one I put some of the softer pictures, part two is rough sex all the way (and no complaints from Masie).

I'm finally putting this up today as this weeks Q and A will not be going up till Sunday because we are having a very busy Halloween. Satine has not been well which is why he portion of last weeks is yet to go up but hopefuly that will be on line in the next few days as well.

Click here for a sexy trailer xxx

Monday, 24 October 2011

A nice relaxing bath

Well after what happened with the swan on my way to work this morning I am sooooo sore. As soon as I got home I ran deep bath and dived in it for half an hour.Decided you might like to join me.

Im sorry that the quality is a bit steamy at the start, one camera fogged up with the heat while the other was protected because of where it was. Still the bubbles in that bath are sooo good!  

I got hit by a swan!

So I was riding my bike to work today when I was hit by a swan!
No I wasn't being a bad English person who dizzily crashing into the bird due to lack of bike skills, the bird flew into the side of my body and took us both down!

I found myself on the floor sharing the underside of my bike with the swan (who looked very confused if not somewhat dead). I bounced up and pulled the bike off the bird terrified that I'd killed it. The bird eventually got up and staggered about for a bit before marching off back to the park on the far side of the road. Now this took place on the bike path in front of everybody, six dutch people stopped to help. I don't know if it was because I was English (silly English girl crashing into swans) or because they love animals in Holland but no one asked how I was, they were all very concerned for this swan. I am yet to decide if that's a good thing or not.  One lady eventually asked if I was ok once it was clear the bird was fine and I said yes. i am now sat at work and the bloody adrenaline has kicked in and my hands are shaking (sucks to be a women). I have a scrape on my knee and a random small cut on the side of my foot. Kylie was very sweet helping me clean it with anti septic wipe however also thought this was hilarious! One of the guys I work with pointed out that they use swans for the KLM advert.

I'm sorry I didn't have my camera with me but I promise every word is true.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sexy Saturday Q&A 7

This may have been recorded on Thursday night but the sentiment and love is the same. Hope you enjouy our special guest this week.

BE sure to go find Kylies Answers here

You have to watch Satines video to get why the bellow picture is here but once you have seen her video please guess away (I will put a link on here as soon as she gets around to adding her video) - I have found a few more pictures from that day which I will add next week. xx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sexy Saturday Q&A Episode 6

Saturday and definatly not hung over, I have spent today as a tourist and have had the most wonderful time - it has been a crisp sunny cold day over here, perfect.

Kylies had trouble with her blog today which is why this so late.



Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sorry this is late x

Sorry this is so late up, we have had a very lax none eventful Saturday.

Here is the first story I spoke about. I'm sorry to say that I cant find the other one (if you ever come across it please send me a link) but I am stupidly turned on right now as I had to read so many other story titles and their premises to do my search. Off for a wanks but before you join me go check out Kylies answers xxx

PS I hope you dont think less of me after todays answers, just because I can be a bit flippant about how many people must wank over me doesnt mean I dont really appreciate the indivuals or indeed how lucky I am that that is the case at all. Id be lost on my own thats sort of the point, I need this so I can remind myself that I'm good enough in general when ever life gets hard. x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

In a good place

It suddenly dawned on me while cycling home that i'm either a very sad person or a very lucky one - how so I hear you cry. Well porn is both my job and my hobby.

I love porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To begin with I got to experience the vain exstacy of being a free lance model, driving up and down the country having sex on camera, trying out everything, discoving new sexual kinks while getting a wider chance to explore the ones I suspected I had. Then I started to do camera work for Red Hot Tv and Daves Young Sluts and was allowed to throw my own creative slant on things, and I loved that to. There is nothing greater than having a sexual kink in your head and then engenering a shoot so that other people can visualise what has pleased me in my mind. The ideas I would wank to in my head are now out there for other people to share and wank to. Its amazing when you think about it. And now in my old age I find myself working for one if not the greatest erotica companies, helping to create award winning porn! On top of that I have VOU and Masie Dees Diaries sat in the corner waitin for me to find time, I am in porn heaven.

The thing is I am also very very greedy. I need all of it to be happy, some is not enough. When I am at AW they get my all, I work my balls off for them and am very very happy to do so as the emotinal rewards are huge and its a fantastic environment to be in, it's almost enough. But there is this part of me that misses the thrill of being in the lights, I need it, i'm happily the vainest person I know and am very proud of this characteristic. What happens at AW stays at AW, they are masters of their art and I aint telling but porn me, she's prettty damn good at her stuff all on her own and still wants to use her holidays to  perform.

On that note. Do you remember that I went to shoot for Teen Sex Gang just before I left England? Well they have sent me some pictures to share with you, what do you think? I should have a few more to stick up during the week xx


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Another Sexy Saturday

 The guys at work intorduced us to Aussie Rules football and very fittingly for Chloe's last weekend in Amsterdam her team made it to the final of their big trophy thing and won, just for her! Afterwards I watched England forget how to play rugby against Scotland who were on fire! In all fairness they probably deserved to win but thems not the rules and as I said over on AW boards, mucking up and playing as useless underdogs is sort of our thing.

Maken sure you check out Kylies answer today as we got massivly side tracked and ended up having a chat about porn.  Please click here

 I almost forgot, on the way home this afternoon I ran into a riot. I was passing the square and saw lots of riot police. I stopped to get my camera out and three poilce vans pulled up in front of me! Now the police seemed a bit relaxed to me so either they were all playing up to the chilled out Dutch steriotypes or it was being filmed for tv etc. There were alot of casual large lookign cameras. I will let you have more news when I know.