Thursday, 30 June 2011

All about Atkins

I have come to the conclusion that the Atkins diet doesn't work how it says it does. The theory behind Atkins is that you switch the bodies usual fuel from carbs and sugar to fat, by stopping all other food intake. This forces the body to instead use all the unwanted fat on your body for energy.

But I have my own theory.

In phase one you can pretty much just eat meat and eggs, with a tiny amount of veg. In this phase we learn to hate meat and get fed up of eating in general. You strangely learn to love vegetable as that's the only accompaniment you can have to break up all that meat! Plus cooking meat takes time and effort so when ever you are hungry, you have to decide if you can be fagged - thus teaching yourself - self discipline!

In phase two you are allowed to add nuts and fresh fruit! Never has fruit seemed so tempting and wonderful a treat - cleaver doctor Atkins has now trained you to crave and want fruit, something that is in fact very healthy.

In phase three you can add brown rice and pasta - the healthy pasta. After all that meat these additions will blow your mind and will taste amazing! The extra time whole wheat rice and pasta take to cook will no longer put you off after all the time spent cooking meat! Converted.

By this point you are allowed to add your other carbs (potatoes brown bread etc) but all the work has been done. You no longer care to eat and when you do you are now trained to eat the healthy diet all the food experts say you should be on. This is very funny as most dietitians are very wary of Atkins as they think it promotes a very unhealthy fatty diet of meat but in fact he is working to the same goals they are, a healthy balanced diet - he just tricks you there. Its a bit like fathers who make their kids smoke till they are sick to put them off !

Today's blast from the past (as requested by a certain co star) is  My Sisters a Slut, for Pumpkin Media.

Sigh another company that cant spell my name correctly, how hard is Masie?
I shot this last year and it took for ever! It was during a huge bulk of hairy work and I was called in last minute to fill in. Well the first stud picked up his cloths and left with out another word as soon as he saw my hairy snatch (I  was a bit hurt) and the replacement guy was brand new and couldn't stay hard for more than 20 seconds at a time, despite the producer pumping him with enough Viagra to erect a sky scraper. In the end Matt was called in and he did a good job despite having flu (he did look  rough) and having already done some cum shots that morning.

Matt has kindly provided me with the big picture and I found the preview strip online.

So there ya go another scene for you all to go and check out. I like the back story behind this series, its like the gate way to incest (by which i mean the fantasy of insets not the real thing).

Oh and hello 45! thanks for joining us. A quick word to all the people who read but don't comment on here, I have now made it so you can also leave messages, comments etc under my posts here anonymously and I would love it if you did. x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

All things Tenga

THANK YOU! - I love it. I'm deleriously happy that someone would go out of their way to do something so lovely for me - I am now grinning like an idiot! I will definatly be sending you an e-mail with a naughty something in it later this week. x

OK so most of you will know that I am a Tenga girl and that they run a text service for all your naughty needs on the go via your mobile. Well things are starting to grow and you can now get very rude one minute clips of your favourite Tenga girls, so you will always have us with you. There is also talk of the company buying a huge stock of films staring their models, so people have a one stop shop to find all the filfth their favourites have produced. The best thing is that if this goes ahead, the models will get a cut of the money from each of their own films that sells - I will be able to make money off all the shoots I have done.

I half mentioned a few posts back that myself and Satine met up last weekend to shoot some sexy clips for Tenga Girls and I edited and sent my six new sex clips off yesterday so please enjoy.

Finally, I don't normally do shout outs but I had the lovliest e-mail from a couple this week and I just want to say hello (hi) to Andrea and thank her for reading my blog xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I got my chocolate!

Goodness me Atkins makes you spotty, its like being a teenager again but not in a sexy way. I promise I will get some sexy videos up tomnorrow I have them all lined up but have run out of time today. x

Monday, 27 June 2011


I know, diets don't solve everything and fad diets especially can lead to huge problems, including gaining weight afterwards but I hate exercise! Its since putting Bert out on loan that I have got my podge - its surprising how much energy you burn having a horse, even one who is terminally ill and likes to get his head stuck in trees (don't ask) so you can't always ride. I promise I'm not going to take things to far and become a walking skeleton, you read my posts I love cake to much, it would never happen. I just want a bit of a head start as I begin trying to force myself back into exercise, an idea I flirted with a good few posts back and failed to follow through on. I decided to go Atkins as you can loose alot of weight in the first two weeks (and that's all I'm prepared to do) and you still get to eat quite alot, just no carbs or sugar. The first few days were great, I love meat and because of this diet I have discovered the most amazing butcher in Leeds market (first one on the right) who does great quality meet at ridiculously good prices. I started to worry that I might just be eating a shed load of meat and fat and get even fatter but I can see a slight difference now. I just want to loose a little bit off my face (I am cursed with a very round face and no amount of exercising will sort that out) and re flatten my tummy and hips. For the last 2 days I have also started exercising - just a few sit ups and longer dog walks but when I saw Satine yesterday she was amazed at how much more toned my tummy was, I assume all the protein is helping the exercise on its way.

Think of me tomorrow morning I am off to my local lescure center to do my first 20/20/20 class (that's three lots of 20 minute bursts of different exercise chosen by the instructor, so say 20 minutes aerobics followed but kick boxing etc). Kill or cure eh! If I like it and turn into a regular goer I may try and sneak my camera in and give you all a giggle.

Going back a paragraph, just to make sure I have definitely convinced you all that I am not planning on doing anything stupid slimming wise, I once worked with a model who was so skinny she ruptured a guys dick on set! We were filming for a pretend site called I LUV NERDs (I may rant about this in the comment section if anyone cares just ask, I just worry that I moan a bit to much on here). It was a site I used to perform for and later on I did alot of the camera work. I forget the name of the model but she was painfully thin and we were shooting a scene which ended in her being fucked over the large dinning room table. It was a bit horrible even before it all went wrong, just because she was so boney and then suddenly the studs cock hit bone and he yelped, pulled out, and bled! We were lucky in the fact that there wasn't to much blood and the guy against all odds was a star and managed to pull himself together and give us the cum shot we needed to end the scene but he was bad the next day. He later called to tell me he'd had to go to hospital that night as his cock had swollen so much he just couldn't take it any more. I found this all quite amusing as the jack ass hadn't told his wife he was doing porn and its always nice to see liers squirm a bit. - I mean I understand keeping porn involvement from your wider family to save on upset and your boss etc in fact anybody but your chosen life partner - if you can keep that big of a secret from them there has to be something wrong.

Above all else honesty is what I look for in relationships, its the only way someone such as me can stay in one. I'm not your typical girlfriend, I'm a terrible flirt with anything that takes my fancy, I love being a cock tease and do porn which involves me sleeping with other people, something that I think helps to control my extra sexual energy. But I could never be with anybody who I felt I had to lie about these things to, that wouldn't be me and surely the best thing about being with another person is being able to relax and be your whole true self? I always like playing the hot or not game in the car as we drive through student areas and when I have had a very naughty inappropriate flirt its always great to be able to boast to someone about it. Since I started the whole Abby Winters shooting and discovered that I may in fact be a bit bi this has made the game alot harder- it is nearly impossible to tell if girls are of age when ogling! Underage boys all look like 12 year old boys, men are easy, the lucky ones try to grown beards to look older but you can always tell, where as girls! Seriously an old family friend had a 12 year old daughter and she was stunning, done up she looked at least 18 and oozed accidental sexuality and I don't think she knew, its scary really. Funny that as a porn star I should worry so much about the early sexualisational of children but I think its sad that they all look like mini trendy adults these days or 'prosti tots. I took alot longer than most girls in my year to grow up, maybe because I had my pony so had better things on my mind but jeans and jophers were all i ever wore. It took till I was 17 for me to really care about dressing up and then only when I was going out. I didnt ware make up till I was 19 and did my first shift as a lap dancer, and I only put that on because the manager made me. Men have it so hard trying to work out who to chat up, I am so glad this only affects me half the time. Oooh do you want to see a sexy lady?

Her name is Melanie, she is from the US show - So You Think You Can Dance. She is just soooo cute, I would lesbian the shit out of her. i think its because I cant that i find girls who can dance so attractive and she is adorable. I was a bit miffed as my favorite pair of  dancers were voted out in place of a girl I think the judges are unfairly pushing this week but so long as Melanie is there I will be watching.

Its funny that particular family has come up in passing on here, as I was talking about them yesterday and realised that we had lost contact. That's quite a normal thing to happen, I am really bad at staying in touch with people. Its not that I stop caring and loving them, I'm just a very bubbled  person, if its not in my here and now I tend to forget. My best friend from infant school Anna, is my best friend because we can forget to speak to each other for years and when we do its as if we only saw each other just the day before, where as some people can really get the hump. But i think there might be more to this one as I have made several attempts to make contact via text and have heard nothing. When I lived in Derbyshire, where I met the oldest daughter, it was very bleak lonely isolated place and the family took us in - the little kids loved Poppy. I used to take them all to see Bert and we even spent a Christmas there. The father was away at that time and it was around the time he re showed up that things changed. Not obviously but we were all due to go on holiday and it was all planned till I got a call saying they couldn't afford it. I managed to get a fab deal done so we could cover the cost and we were on again before it was sheepishly announced that her husband had surprised the family with a surprise holiday the same week. We haven't heard much since. The thought was put in my head that maybe he just wasn't comfortable having his kids around someone who did porn - could that really be it or is it just a lack of time? I don't get why people are so funny about porn stars and children. I understand that a teacher working at a high school wouldn't be a good idea, as she would lose her authority, or at least change the relationship balance if the kids found out, as it is a very raw personal thing watching someone have sex. But little kids don't watch porn so wheres the danger - do people expect that people who are so happy to have sex cant help themselves and will attack the kids? Or that some how the kids will pick up on the same sexual open vibes and grow up to be sex workers? Most of the people that read my blog aren't in porn - whats the answer, why do people have such a problem with porn stars and kids?

Before I get on with the bit of the blog you actually want to read, I will just quickly confess that in my chocolate needy haze I have just gone on line and ordered me some carb free chocolate and biscuits which should arrive in the next 3 working days! I'll let you know if its enough to satisfy! Either way it means I will have a package to open and you know how excited I get when I get interesting looking things to open in the post! I may have said in another post, but to stave off boredom, one of the girls who worked at the estate agency with me used to wrap me up presents like cubes of chocolate, staplers, pens etc just because she had as much fun wrapping them as I did opening them!
A while back I used to make sure I had cheap items on my wish list so my little sister could send me silly 50p presents to open and I used to do the same for her - we're such big kids!

OK back to the blog - I have just got back from a fairly busy few days in LONDON TOWN (its in bold so you can imagine the amazingly poor east end accent I  just used to say that). I did a shoot for a Dutch company on Thursday and then on Friday I went to a mini family 60th birthday party, which I have some great footage to share with you from. Then on the way home yesterday I met up with Satine and we did some stuff for Tenga Girls, some new pictures of me for her agency books and a shoot for escort magazine. Satine has gone on a mini holiday visiting friends around the South of England but as soon as she is back and hands over the pictures I will share all I promise.      

This shoot was almost my perfect shoot! I love school girl stuff and in this scene I really got to take on a good role. Being one of the poor kids I was supposed to be allowed to get my new hockey stick for just £15 but my psycho hockey teacher decided she needs the full £65 and throwing my money to the floor gets her moneys worth out of me! When I started to cry she saw my mascara and because make up is banned, draws red lipstick all over my face as punishment! It was fab, I loved every minute of it and promise to try and track down where this video turns up but it could take a while as this was done through an agency. when the video started I was genuinely stunned for the first few minutes as when we did the pictures we giggled all the way through and I didn't think she had a mean bone in her body but she got well into it. Half way through we stopped to sort some technical things out and we had a hug to prove we were still friends.

Goodness what along post sorry. Thanks for sticking with me, there are 44 of you now! Thank you all so so much for checking in with me, I love you all.

Masie xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wax and uniforms in Wales

It cost £5.70 to get into Wales! Don't get me wrong it's a lovely bridge and I appreciate its very long and no doubt complex and expensive to look after but really, £570! The local bridge council are very cunning, they know this will upset people. Once I had passed over this very very expensive bridge thinking how overly priced it was, I came to a booth containing the nicest most stereotypical welsh man they could find  'Hello my love' (but in a welsh accent) was all it took to get a huge forgiving smile on my face, Welsh people are so friendly and charming!

I went to Cardiff in order to shoot with the lovely Dave who had me in giggles all day and this is part one of what we got up to while I was there.

After that quick warm up he told me that he was interested in shooting something I would enjoy and was thrilled when I said yes, I was defiantly up for a bit of light bondage! I love the feeling of rope enclosing my body especially when it pulls on my crotch slightly with every slight breath and if left alone my mind can really work though some of my fantasies with the extra prop.

I have put the full video and all the pictures from that day on my adult work page so please go and check it all out as and when you are able. The great thing about working with Dave is that he is happy to shoot whatever I want so if you have any suggestions on what should be going on my very neglected adult work pages then please let me know.

My adultwork page

Wish List

I promise I'm not fishing for things despite mentioning this 3 posts in a row but quite a few people have mailed asking where they go to view the list on here. To find it look at the column to the left of this text and click on to view my complete profile. The list should be there.

Or link is Here

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Naughty girls get spanked!

Following on from a bit of a 'spageti' day yesterday today has been much better. I woke up this morning to sun shine and a reason to window shop for my wish list (see bellow post) which always perks me up and ended up going down to the local park for a picnic and a game of football with the dog. Poppy's old dog lead broke a few weeks ago and her very sexy new purple one arrived this morning and I sware she knew the parcel was for her. She defiantly walked very proudly to the park showing off her new look. Oh by the term 'spageti' I don't mean I ate a load of pasta last night. Spaghetti is a term I have come up with to describe when you feel a bit discombobulated and unsure of what you want and a bit floppy, as spaghetti is floppy, limp and all messed together in a confusing pile when on a plate.

The trouble I have is that once I have decided I want to do something, I instantly lose interest in what I was doing before that and my imagination runs off with me to build a future years down the line based on that one decision and I almost grieve for the loss of that vision if things don't instantly seem to happen.  This approach to things defiantly has its advantages, I mean it means I only need a little prompt to go off on one ideas wise which is great for work and being able to take a spark and make a fire means i am usually very good and cheering friends up by showing them the potential in any bad situation and a way through. Still fingers crossed eh.

I have just got back and came to check on my blog when I notice a new spanking video of mine has been release with out me noticing, that led to me looking for other videos and I have ended up finding SEVEN of them! They all have sexy trailers for you to have a look at and its nice to see myself looking young in a school uniform as I had thought I was getting a bit old to pull it off.

I apologise some of these videos will require you to scroll down though a list, annoyingly people don't set up their websites with my blog in mind (how rude!).

First off - Sound Punishment. This was filmed when i went over in February (you can have a look back over the blog if you like). This is the second scene to be released and was one of two school girl scenes we did. In this video I am a naughty school girl who is caught watching spanking porn. My foolish guardian decided to spank me as a punishment and then send me to stand in the corner. Silly man, of course i get off on it and soon start playing with myself over the memory in the corner, only to be caught and foolish spanked again! He spanks me so hard I cum!

Now if you follow this link and scroll down past 3 other updates you will find the above pictures. If you click on my picture you will be taken to the free trailer section. I am the fifth update down on that list labeled, Masie Dee Spanked to Orgasm.

Masie at sound punishment

OK the next Six were all done for the same company in March and they are sat on lots and lots of video goodies of me and I will try my hardest to keep you up to date with when they are released.

The first video is a bit of an interesting take on the spanking idea although it does tie in well with the sound punishment video. Performing as school girls Faye confesses to me that she gets really wet when being spanked so I agree to put her over my knee and give her a very erotic spanking while telling her what a dirty naughty slut she is. This goes right through to me giving her the strap and I found it very pleasing. All is ruined however when we are caught and given a very unsexy spanking as punishment by her mum!

Here's a link for the trailer along with some thoughts from the delightful Elizabeth who was our spanking Mistress.
Here for spanking trailer x

Clip number three and you find me and Faye in trouble again! This time we are at a sort of military school for bad teens and have been sent in to get the strap from the mistress for general disobedience.
If I'm honest i find my poor back posture a bit distracting on this clip but the sound of the strap on my bare bottom is so hot!

Not to hard to find this trailer its currently the second update on the page.
For trailer click here x

Few four more to go, I'll try and go quicker. In the next clip I am punished for having a hang over and a messy room. This video was actually only meant to be five minutes long but being my own worst enemy I just couldn't resist answering back and poor Elizabeth had to keep turning me back over and hitting me harder and harder. This is a very good example of the kind of sub I am - I am the bratty kind and I love it! I'm not the kind of sub who will juts lie down and take it (well usually as I have said before, occasionally I run into people I just cant help but obey. Pascal White is one of them, I worked with him on his Bitch In A Box series and also Bitch In A Boot and although I loved the experience, produced two very quite (for me) scenes as I was to busy just obeying and being ore struck) I like to be made to do as the dominant wants and love being encouraged to through a strop!

This video is currently the second update on the page. Spanking trailer here

OK two more naught school girl videos now.

Video Five finds me over Elizabeth's knee again this time having wagged school!

 In video 6 I have brought home a bad school report and get the strap. There is something about a disappointed Yorkshire mans voice that some how helps to make this video clip a bit more authentic to mind and so much sexier as the story line feels so real. I must have watched to many dodge Catherine Cooksen dramas as a kid but evil working class northern folk beating their offspring works for me on some strange sexual level.

These two updates are can be found next to each other, they are currently the second and third updates on the page and again if you click on the picture you will be taken to the hidden trailers. Here for trailers and videos

And the last one is my favourite - although I am not sure the trailer does it justice so please if you like spanking go and watch it. If anyone is feeling kind please buy me a copy of this scene (I know shameful I was there you'd I'd get a copy for free).

This video clip is a window into the dirty mind of Masie. Those of you who have watched my first solo video for Abby Winters will know all about my sexual kick courtesy of the church and I loved ever minute of this scene it was the one that turned me on and to be honest the one I have wanked to since in the privacy of my own home. In this video clip I belong to a fanatical christian family and some how come into the possession of a sex toy and decide to try it out. My father comes in when I am done and when he finds the toy I break down and confess all asking him to beat the evil from me. All the biblical talk although very blasphemous I am sure, really tipped it for me and got me very excited. At the end he considers making me walk about for a few days with nothing on my lower half so the family can check I am not touching myself! Does that not open a window of sexual wrong in your minds? Linking back to what I said at the top of the post about my imagination grabbing hold of tiny things and running with them here's where my mind took it by itself later on in my own bed.

I am forced to undergo a check by my brothers in the evening and when I get wet with his fingers inside me everyone is very upset and I get fucked with a crucifix by one of them while the other reads quotes from the bible under the watchful gaze of my father! I know check me out with my daddy issues! Can I just take this moment to say I have a very good NORMAL relationship with my father and no nothing even close to anything like this would be sexy in real life. I am one of those people that finds the idea of incest very exciting because its so very very wrong but never with my own family - that be disgusting!

OK so here's the trailer - Last trailer and video

I'll be honest off for a wank now xxxxx

Thank you

I awoke this morning to find an e-mail from an Abby Winters member via the lovely staff their informing me that idiot me was giving away all my personal information via my wish list on here, thank you for taking the time to let me know.

I didn't even remember I had a wish list but hey ho. I have been very self indulgent and spent today adding lots of goodies on their today as my birthdays next month and its a good way of making sure all my friends know the sort of things I might want, as I always forget when I'm on the spot.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Places you can find me . . .

I have been made aware of a few new releases where you can find me and as I get a few people ask me about what Dvds I am in each week I am starting by giving you a link to that.

Masie on Dvd

Following on from that we have some old footage of me back in my gang bang/bukkake days that has just been released.

Bukkake is a strange experience and although it's something I don't do any more I certainly don't regret it. The thing about Bukkake is that its real, you can't fake this or rather people tend not to, as it would get far to expensive to make any kind of a profit. All the men you see in Bukkake films are just guys off the street, usually member of swinging clubs, as that tends to be where these parties are filmed. As a result you would expect these events to feel very grimey with lots of 'sad' men waiting their turn to use the objectified women on show, shoot their load and leave alone.

That's not how I found it. Swingers clubs are very pleasant places to be and the same can be said for the people in them. As you would expect every body is very open and laid back about their sexuality and this makes for a very refreshing and honest environment. The couples you find there have obviously had to work through all issues of jealousy in order to participate in the activities and this requires a great deal of trust, understanding and honesty. I imagine it is very hard to accept that someone who loves you needs other people to reach full sexual satisfaction in their lives and the types of people that can get their head around that size of statement are typically so comfortable in themselves that they glow with happiness and its infectious. When I did my first gang band film at Le Shambra in Sheffield I spent ages talking to a lovely couple who I was delighted to run into on my second visit as well. We didn't have dirty lurid talk in fact I don't think we really touched on anything like that. We sat on the bed I had just shagged 40 guys on and they proudly showed me pictures of their children and then told me stories of how they had got into the swinging scene, where they had in fact met and how it worked - most swingers have very individual and complicated rules as do porn stars although our lists tend to be shorter and i always find it fascinating hearing why people do somethings but not others and why.

There is obviously a higher percentage of men to women at these events but again rather than feeling like a dirty objected being lured at by lecherous older men (usually older although I think I took a guys virginity on one shoot) I was made to feel like a god! On my first shoot there was a Que of waiting men that went out the door, down a corridor and half way down the stairs! All those men hoping to get just a few minutes of time with me, for me that was such a buzz. When I was in my off time no one bothered us models or heckled at us, mostly they would just smile as we walked passed or ask us politely about when we were going back to the sex room and a little about our work and where indeed they could get a copy of the film and watch themselves performing in it.

So why did I stop if I liked it so much? Bukkake for me is not like work, its the sort of thing I would do for personal sexual kicks and although I am glad I have experienced that kick a few times its one I have done now and don't think I will get anything more out of it from doing it again. One of the things I like best about porn is that its work not sex. I can have sex any time but being part of a production designed to turn on other people that's what I love about porn, the sex sort of comes second to that. I
love different cameras, stopping to pose for photographs, being given a little direction, feeling part of  a greater whole and a bit like a movie star in a working process. I hate going to shoots and finding out that they expect to go for a dinner or drinks first etc, that's not why I do this, lots of other girls love that stuff but I love porn not going on dates. Abby Winters is the furthest that way I can go down that path and still be happy. The sex for Abby Winters as the sex at gang bangs is very real, you cant fake it (hell you wouldn't want to) but at Abby Winters there is still an element of excellence in the production happening around you that allows me to relax into the moment. At AW I know that around me people are constantly capturing everything I am doing in the greatest possible way on camera and all will be shared. During a gang bang the camera moves between models as typically you have three girls working at any one time and that means that there are times when you are not working as a film model, you are just having sex with some guys and that for me is not what i want, who ever the guys happen to be. 

Bukkake for me is no different from me going and knocking door to door on all the people who wank to my films and doing the job in person and that's not for me, that's a different job entirely - although one that pays better than mine. As much as I loved meeting all the real people involved in this scene I don't like meeting the public at work, you feel a little as if you have to be slightly careful in case you disappoint them and aren't the sunny person they know from the movies and also you don't get any real off time. Meeting that many people is very draining much harder than hanging out with a small crew and then doing a scene either on your own or with one other person and its not just physically draining its emotionally draining as you are confronted with so many different people with different life stories for you to process.

The other reason I stopped doing them was the risks, it just wasn't worth it. Although most swingers are very good about their sexual healthy you cant get around the fact that members of the public do not get themselves tested for Stis every 30 days like porn performers do and although condoms are always used for sex they are not used for oral. Some people stupidly think you can not catch anything through oral sex and many loud debates have been had on this matter at work. I would only ever do gang bangs at the end of my tests so I was only risking my own health not that of models I subsequently worked with. Not all models will do that and some producers will not book girls that do this kind of work as they to don't want to invite the extra risk. I was also once told by a producer that they tended to keep away from the girls who regularly  did the sex clubs as due to having regular work they were the most likely to flake out if they weren't in the mood and pull a no show.

My final few words on bukkake and gang bangs. First off, I loved being covered from head to toe in lots and lost of spunk I cant explain why I just loved it. Secondly Johnny Rebels voice in the back ground of most of the gang bangs I have done helps to keep the fun aspect up and the energy going and its one of the elements of these videos I love the most. Finally my brother in law who knows about my job let slip to the best men about it just before the wedding and they decided to have a look for me. You know me I tend to do fluffy porn, hard core yes but in the fluffiest and most innocent of ways. Well it just so happened I had recently done a gang bang at The Private Club for Benson Media so this was what they found when they typed in my name

They were all suitably shocked - hehe!

Gang Bang Link

I also have two new videos up on Abby Winters and both are Fab!

The first is an Im (intimate moment) video I did with Kylie. This video follows on from the scene I did with lovely blond Hayden during which Kylie catches us and plays with herself as she watches.

I then head up stairs and having both been caught we decide to have a wank next to each other while we chat and the chatting after wards is what makes it for me. Please follow the link to the free trailer and be sure to let me know what you think of the video.
Masie and Kylie IM xx

The second is the full video of myself and Dahlia when we finally stopped giggling in our super sexy onsies and got down to some actually sex.
Masie and Dahlia g/g xx

That's it for now although I should have more for you soon. Thanks as always for reading through my blog I really appreciate you all (hello 41!!!!).  I don't know if I ever told you guys but I am dyslexic (not badly so) but that's why I often use creative spelling and have a general disregard for punctuation - for me its more of an after thought, I just bung in comers where I breath when reading aloud. 

Please can you keep your figures crossed for me all week, I cant tell you why but it could be brilliant. xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Masie goes to the seaside

Love the title of this blog I am unessessarily proud of myself - sounds like the begining of a soon to become inappropriate childrens story doesnt it!

Before we go for a paddle, let me tell you more about the start of my day. I need to do more of this kind of stuff as I am not quite as brave as I used to be, I found myself chickening out of doing really explicit things every time I heard a car was about to pass us on the road and we saw an unsettling amount of police cars when we first started! This is a really fun idea for a website though and is one I haven't come across before.

I know lots of people like stockings but if you ask the older fans about this pleurae most will say that it in part developed from the thrill of catching a sneaky peak of someones stockings as they say got on the bus etc back when everybody wore them. So as not many people dress in full stockings and suspenders any more we are re creating these naughty situations and then make them even naughtier. After going to sit in the pub garden and taking off my pants, I was a bit excited, so I fucked the gear knob of  my car in a lay by - a giant lorry pulled up behind us just as I had finished and I was all in a flap convinsed I wouldn't be able to do up the buttons on my dress in time - it was such a rush feeling like I was going to get caught!

Thinking about it, this might actually just be a very clever new initiative to slow drivers down on country roads in case they should miss something!

I think I'm due to go on the site next week but will of course keep you posted. If you want to go and have an explore here's the link. If you click on any of the main pictures you get taken to secret trailers and the lovely Satine is there for you to go and see which is always a reason to look.

Sophisticated Flashers. com

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Car show

I just realised that because I put page breaks in my epic post yesterday, some of you may not have clicked on it and noticed, there's loads of it, so go and have another look if you missed out.

I didn't get to bed till 12 when I got back from my Abby Winters adventures and had a reasonably early start the next day, as I had to go and exchange my euros so I could buy my parents birthday presents and pay my council tax, which I had managed to beg an extension for till Friday. I then had to get my bum ready and in the car ready to meet Trinity at 5pm, so we had time to plan our shows and also to get ready etc.

I didn't have a blog when I did this event last year but it is a bit of a head fuck on all fronts. The types of people you get in the lap dancing tent at a car show are exactly the kinds of people you expect to find in the lap dancing tent at a car show and as a collective mass can be a difficult bunch. There is always that fine line between a cheering crowd who are with you and egging you on and a rabble who could turn at any minute and become an unmanageable surging mess. My job was to perform two live lesbian sex shows in order to re boost numbers for the lap dancers, a role that only some of the dancers were happy about. The stark difference between AW work and this was HUGE! I reverted back to my state of worry around these ladies and kept finding myself slopping off to hide. There were some lovely women who were unquestionably hot but there wasn't a warm family feel like in Amsterdam, more like a cleach that I wasn't a part of.

I really enjoyed chatting to most of the groups of men outside the tent whilst trying to drum up numbers and there were some really lovely individuals (you know who you are) who made my night. There were the inevitable few who had drunk to much and tried to get hands on and although I never felt unsafe (security was tight and everywhere) it did bring the question of female exploitation fresh in my mind. It's funny I am the loudest person when it comes to laughing at women telling me I am being exploited and objectified through my work but if anything was going to make me an object it was this weekend as my role was exactly that.
Its hard to put into words and I'm kicking myself for not writing this down while it was fresh. This blog is like trying to remember a dream, the more minutes that pass the more the facts slip away. I think what I am trying to say is that it was a very carnal atmosphere with groups of women trying to sell themselves to a drunken mass of men who just wanted to get their cocks hard and cheer and leer, nether side was showing a full rounded version of themselves we were all just walking sexual stereotypes. Now I am writing this I don't see anything wrong with either situation but at the time when your in it you do feel a little odd.
One of the reasons I was a terrible lap dancer was that I got chatting. One of my natural skills I am very proud of  is that people tend to tell me things, very personal and intimate things, very easily. I'm quite a good listener and I think I maybe have one of those faces you can trust but either way it doesn't take me long to feel that I know a little about a person - although to counter this I also suffer from the fault of always seeing the good in people, which is usually fine but can lead to a few problems. Either way when I lap danced I'd have spoken to the person and usually knew why they were there, or where they grew up or their favourite sexual position/encounter etc and that's how I liked it. It didn't always pay off, once you have sat and told someone you think your wife is cheating on you or all about your child hood, the last thing you want to see is them naked. So they'd get their chat from me and then head over to one of the more traditional scary lap dancers for their kicks. I think on reflection that's what I didn't like about the car show, everyone was a cut out of their gender there was no depth. 

Tell you what some of the dancers were amazing though, its been a long time since I pole danced and I used to love watching girls dance around the pole pulling tricks. I was very much a tricks based pole dancer as I can't actually dance so it was especially sexy watching the girls who danced as well as flipped upside down etc - in my mind there is nothing sexier than a girl who can dance with fluid movements and body awareness.  

I apologise for the quality of these videos, it was very dark and the more I brighten the footage the more quality I will lose so this is as good a balance as I can get. As with all my blog videos if you keep the screens small the quality will appear better. The sexy lady above also took some video on her camera which she said was a bit better with light problems so if her footage is much better I'll post it up when I get it.

I did however love the performing. I am kicking myself that I didn't film on the first night as in my opinion that was the best performance we did. At the end we turned the music right down as I was covered in hot wax and cam and you could hear the crowed cheering me on, it was the biggest buzz I loved it. I think maybe the atmosphere had to be that grimy and seedy for me to get the end sexual kick of cumming to a dirty football crowed all wanting to see me fisting myself or doing 69s or being fucked with a great big strap on! You know how I have my dirty humiliating abduction fantasies, well this was the closest I will ever come (would ever want to come) to living one out and that made up for everything else I have said, best sexual buzz ever!

Another post Aw problems I had was the match. As you may or may not know AW put a great deal of effort into matching the girls up to make sure everyone gets the best sex possible, they deliberately pair girls who's sexual kicks and personalities will compliment each other and sadly I don't think Trinity and myself are a good match. We are both very head strong women and want to rule and lead the show, neither wants to follow the others wants and both had a very firm but different idea about what would make the best show. Don't confuse my words, Trinity is a lovely person (she bought me lunch and everything) and is very easy to talk to and very professional in her manor and is very good looking, she is just not a good match for me sexually. So this meant that on the first nigh she pretty much took a back seat and followed my lead as I took the action down to the floor right in front of the guys so they could really see what we were doing and took a back seat really as I stole the show by making such a big deal about how and when I cam, I even brought a guy to the front and let him hold the toy while I sucked it off while fingering myself.

On the second night Trinity led the show as a kinky dominatrix and spent her time with a few guys on stage pouring my wax on them and leading the show while I took the back seat. In day one the emphasis was on creating a sexy true lesbian experience for the guys to watch, day two was about getting the guys involved and humiliating them with a bit of g/g tacked on the end. Judging by the cheers and leers, the audience liked both shows equally and at the end that's all that really matters but they were very different and my ego took a bit of a bashing day two as I imagine Trinity's did day one.

So to play us out here are highlights from the last sex show we did. Ten points goes to the lovely lad we dragged up on the stage and his mate for filming for me. Sorry about your dolphin toy, I was really sad it got stolen in the crowd.

I got back home at about 4am Sunday morning and I was dead on my feet. If I hadn't picked a friend up from Nottingham on my way through to Leeds I don't think I would have managed the last 20 miles with out needing to stop for a sleep. On Sunday proper I had to get up, pick up a dog sitter for Poppy and drive over to a place called Bridlington in East Yorkshire to meet with my family, who were supposed to be celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and also in a smaller way my parents birthdays. We were all coming up to Yorkshire as that's where they used to live, my grandad was a ship architect in Hull and designed submarines during the war, where he met my nan who was a Secretary there. Sadly my grandad became ill  and is in hospital back home in Norwich so it was a bit of a strange gathering. It was lovely seeing my younger cousins, sisters, in laws etc and the place we stayed at was amazing! It was wonderful sitting outside in the hot tub with a long tall glass of something cold having a giggle but it was missing some grandparents. Who knows what power the good will of others can have but please wish him back to health, there's quite a few people read this blog and it might help. I am luckily  working near Norwich soon so can go and visit and see if I can be of use as I know my mum wont be able to stay more than a week.