Sunday, 31 March 2013

We need to talk !


Do you remember when Satine came to stay with me Kylie while visiting to do some abbywinters shoots? No, well you can be forgiven as it was  back in 2011! Back then we were doing sexy Q n A and we had the bright idea of getting our sexy house guest in on the action. The plan was that we would all post a different persons answers on our blog - that way anyone who followed all three would still get three different updates. Well much has passed but Satine has now put the final piece of the puzzle on her blog so please check it out by clicking here, to remind you of my answers you can click here.

Finally following a chance Phish fan encounter last weekend I have finally found the time to sit down and listen to some music - these guys are great housework motivators! I can now say with the authority of someone who has listened to a whole album,  that FLUFFHEAD  is my favorite! I like that halfway through the song it runs off to a Jazz and Blues club for a stiff burden before heading back towards American country. I have re visited the forum but the post I originally joined has now closed (they have a rule that they vanish after so many posts) and I can't remember my log in name. If someone could tell me that would be ace if not I will try and find time next week to rediscover it then will head on to chat.

Enjoy the rest of your week

Masie xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chocolate powered slut!

First off I have to thank Frans for powering me through a very hard week! This weekend I finally had time to sort out some of the stuff I have been storing in England. I have been very excited to get my hands on some of my stuff again especially my new HD flip camera, that arrived in England after I moved over. Well it turns out that the friend who we have been paying to store this stuff with, has been selling off all the good stuff and pocketing the money! I have cried, I have been angry, I have despaired but more important than any of the bad emotions I have been over whelmed by the support of the real friends I do have back home and feel truly blessed.

So how did Fran save the day - how else but with a well timed package!

Do you recon sales would increase if they used that as the new advert? This is the best my fridge has ever looked!

As I have mostly been busy sorting out my SC stuff I thought I would capture some behind the scene sneaky peaks to show you this weekend - enjoy ! xx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fluffhead !!!!!

You may enjoy the blog entries I made about my time in Game of Thrones click on these links.





Sunday, 17 March 2013

60 days of wanking!

I am 34 days into a 60 day masturbaition exeriment and I couldn't put off telling you guys about it any longer. First off this has nothing to do with lent (although it is running along the same time period). I selected these dates because I know people who have given things up for lent so they are, although they don't know it, keeping count of the days for me.

With the time pressures of real life, masturbaiting is something that tends to end up on the back burner once you are out of your teens. During my research for my abbywinters podcast, I came across a sexpert who said that if you don't put time in working (practising if you will ) on your own orgasm, on your own, then it would never develope into something even greater! Well I had that idea floating around in my head and when I was asked what I was giving up for lent, the idea hit me that I should use this time for science!

Now I haven't been filming all 60 as I have been doing this in ways that feel the best for me and that doesn't always lend itself to being open to a camera. I like rubbing my panties into myself and that hides allthe good bits from view. Also it has been different to have sex time that was 100% just for me time, normally I am busy sharing all my sexual experiences as that is one of the things that turns me on so it hs been interesting finding new ways tot urn myself on while on my own.

So what have I learned. I have come across a whole new orgasm reaction that I never knew I had! If I am in a certain kind of mood and flick my inner lips as well as stimulating my clitoris, I sit up in bed when I orgasm! It is the oddest thing but it is a very nice orgasm. I have also discovered my G spot - normally I orgasm using my clitoris only but now I have found a way to hit this magic new spot and it has given me a new kind of orgasm. It is not better but it is different and at times alot longer which is incredible! I won't bore you with the details but I have also come up with two new stories to play in my head while I touch myself and have found that my sexual tastes are starting to change.

I look forward to showing off my new apporach with you in some future sex movies, maybe I will try and do a best bits recording of the last ten orgams, to show you all the different ways I have come up with to climax!.

Ignoring the TERRIBLE rugby that we don't need to talk about Pinky, I have had a good weekend. I took Poppy out on my roller blades this morning and pride aside there has been some great rugby played today. I have also had another very productive weekend, mostly based around my SC stuff. I have made two more sexy custom movies and tonight I did my first cam show in years and I loved it! I plan to do more cam shows so mail me via my account if you want to arrange a meet up online!

This week I uploaded a new sexy picture set in a stunning outfit that the AMAZING Frans got me (thanks again you super start). Here are a few pictures to wet you appetite.

Finally I have a new spanking video up on English-Spankers and looking at the example image and blurb, I think it is the sexy spanking I mentioned to you in an earlier post. I know a few people don't enjoy the concept of someone being hurt and made to feel bad and as a result they shy away from spanking content. Well this update is for you as I was allowed to show how turned on I was by the spanking and flirted my ass off with the guy delivering it. Let me know what you think and have a lovely week xxxxx

"Masie Dee is not only a housekeeper she is a bit of a flirt but when she tries to twist Mr. Stern around her finger she has a real problem His only interest in her is spanking and beating her lovely bottom and that's just what he does. He takes advantage of the sexy mood she is in and the sexy clothes to spank and paddle her in a number of very provocative positions but still managing to give that bottom the best ever whacking"

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Recent Masie me!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a lovely week!

 First off here is a quick video update of what me and Poppy have done this week. . . .

It is good to be back, I have not been wasting my time since getting back on line I have been full steam ahead making private orders and working on more Southern charms content for my pages.

I am also looking into planning a few large porn weekends back in the UK and, not give anything away, but I am delighted at some of the old friends I may be shooting with again!

So for this weekend here are a few places you will be able to find me this week . . . . . 

First off is Tranisa! I adore working with these people they are fun, professional and creative in their approach and I hope to be working with them later this year. Please go and check out their Facebook page and website. You can see my blog footage from my last visit by clicking here.

Next up we have a blast from the past with some old scenes that have just been made re available. Here you see me and the delightful older model Jane Bond in one of our first shots together. This is much more tender than our most recent encounter where she spanks me then fucks me with a hockey stick (amazing scene). If you follow the link here there is a short free trailer and somewhere you can buy the scene if you wish but for now here are some pictures.

I have a new update on English Spanker's! This was shot quite along time ago as part of an amazing day in a stunning house. I remember getting lost on the way with my sat nav and I remember the scene after this one being particularly hot as it turned into an erotic spanking!

You can check there site out here

 "Mr. Stern is not renowned for having lots of patience. One thing he certainly does not like and is when Masie Dee, his new house help, takes time off to drink his expensive vodka. The result is as you can guess, she is in for one hell of a spanking. She is made to bend over in the kitchen for a spanking onto her tight shorts and then these are lowered and she gets spanked on the bare bottom. This is a real blistering spanking leaving her bottom red and very sore"

Last but not least I have a new picture set up on my SC pages here!

Have a good week x x x x

Sunday, 3 March 2013



If I had known it would take this long to get the internet put into my new home I would have put some sort of back up blog content up inadvance, I am sorry you haven't heard from me for so long.

I wont go into detail as it's a dull story but since I last wrote I have learned that T mobile customer service is insultingly bad but crazy Dutch tv can be very fun of an evening!

I am now BACK, to let you know what I have been up to and to give a few lovely people some late thank yous! 


One of the things that I am sorry to say suffered with this long lack of internet was my new Southern Charms project. I had orders in but no way to send them or confirm them and a page in need of picture sets and videos. I have been working hard in the background and have realy enjoyed being model side of the camer again. 

I have lots of goodies to spoil you with so enjoy!