Saturday, 18 May 2013

Porn Oscar Goes To ....

I wont lie, the bellow trailer is pretty full on, in fact it's a hard core spanking that spanking fans will really appreciate for its authenticity and the high emotion in the scene.

I know that some of my blog visitors  don't enjoy seeing pain and are not fans of the spanking fetish. For that reason I feel I should try and explain why this is both a true performance and one worthy of an Oscar!

For me spanking scenes are among my favorites because there is a story to really immerse yourself into. It's like taking a Stanislavsky approach to acting, you live and breath the character, you react how they would react. And that sentence is how I can both be doing a performance and be giving a true performance based on the real actions happening.

They really do hit you and yes it really is with enough force to hurt. It is not with enough force to make me cry.  I am not crying through pain in this clip. The tears are the tears of fear the character I am being would feel. The spanking itself mixed with the adrenaline and the thrill of the story put me in a very emotional state. This is why I was crying before I was even bent over the bed I was feeling like a naughty little girl, it was reminding me of those memories from my childhood where I was waiting to be told of by a teacher and the wrongness of it all started a sexual tingle between my legs. In a spanking scene you can't let go of your emotion through sexual contact so crying is that refreshing release of the building energy it feels amazing to sob like that, I mean when is it really acceptable to sob once you are an adult.

So I urge you to watch this trailer and see if you can share in the acting that went into this scene and also feel the sexual excitement I am shedding through my tears. Te real video is super hot to view please follow my link HERE! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stunning Pictures

Well I think they are! I am a great beliver that the only thing better than a bar of chocolate is two bars of chocolate, so I decided to see if this theory worked with other things as well!

As always you an view the full set on my SC pages. xxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

School Girl Exchanges Sex For Ride To School

Here's an unexpected treat for the world!

I recently made a custome video for a very lovely man who was so thrilled with the out come that he said I should share it with the outside world!

Now before everyone who I have currently made a personal video for rushes to do the same let me first explain why this was a special case.  The personal videos I make are always tailored to the person so they usualy involve perosnal information such as names, places, objects that re specific to that person. These are things I would never share on the internet they are just to private.

This video however is a shared school girl fantasy, so was  is a perfect example of a fun sexual video that should be shown to the world! 

Few pictures first . . . .

You can watch the video on my adultwork pages by clicking here. I had forgotten I had any videos on that site, the first three clips are from before  got into pornography and was just starting out in  my basement bedroom!. See the full list here and have a lovely weekend! 

Now this is the first 'movie' trailer I have done and I am not sur I selected the correct music - feels more like a horror movie trailer, but that amused me so enjoy . . . . .

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A whole lotta love!

I have had an avalanche of gifts this week! Two pairs of shoes on Queens day and then a package a day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! 

Such kindness needed an epic thankyou - thank you so much for the joy you have given to me this week, it was incredible!

The first video is me opening packages the second video is what happened next . . .

Saturday, 4 May 2013

School Girl Spanking!

The observant among  you will have notice I have a new affiliate banner! Northern Spankers have asked if I would like to share in both the joy of sharing the naughty spanking videos they film of me (some of their other movies are good to) and the profits of doing so.

Quickly for those who don't know an affiliate is someone who shares a link to a website and is rewarded with a share in any sales made from people who visit through that link! I am already an affiliate of and now I can add Northern Spankers to my list of recommendations.

I have already put several posts up on my blog last year documenting my first visit to Northern Spankers with best bud Satine and I have even put a few making of videos up. I also put a few snaps of my first appearance on their site which was a photo set to help ease me back into spanking gently.

Well update two is Sexy School Girls!!

Our Mothers new partner is on the war path and we get it good! First I watch my 'sister' get her punishment and then my own follows!

Going second in a spanking scene is always my preference. Firstly you can see how hard it looks if it is a new spanker giving out the punishment. More importantly you get to taste the environment and the tension in the air ahead of your hit. This means the adrenalin is already pumping through your body and you can really emerge yourself into the role play. In short its sexier and turns me on most!