Saturday, 21 December 2013

Poppy Has Been Attacked!

It has been a strange day, I have felt very helpless. I had to go to the shops this afternoon sowalked with Poppy in my bike basket.  She walked a little way at a painful speed and we met a very nice dog who she wagged her tail at. It has been odd having a none tail wagging Poppy today nothing has really picked her mood up today other than that.

We are now all packed to go home tomorrow and the vet says she should be well enough to travel so fingers crossed, I just want her to feel happy in herself again soon. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dressed In A Silk Tie

 Happy Tuesday lovely people!

I may only have small young breasts but I love the feeling of something hard and firm between them. Check out my recent breast play along with 67 other full picture sets on my SC pages by clicking HERE !

Alone in my bedroom I dressed in long black gloves and a pink silk tie. Laying on my back in knee high boots I let my gloved fingers tease over my breasts, pressing them together as two perfect globes. 

Reaching for my thick dildo I pushed it between my breasts, imagining it was a warm penis.

  Pulling my fingers free from my gloves, I slowly revealed my already swollen clitoris before I sat astride my large toy and rode it to orgasmic satisfaction. 


                                                                 x x x Masie x x x

Friday, 13 December 2013

Light Up Your Weekend!

A little sparkle just in time for the weekend - her to my Southern Charms pages to see the lot!

 I pulled my t-shirt forwards, the tiny fairy lights illumintaing my pert breasts. Removing my clothing I wrapped the string of small lights around my naked body, feeling their heat against my skin.


I love the feeling of things wrapped tight around me: like strong arms and light rope. Being held tight makes me feel like a delicate woman; I love being firmly squeezed when someone's hugging me.

My pussy started to pulse as I played with the string of lights. I opened up my vagina, shining a light inside to look at the effect my naughty thoughts and actions were having...



                                                           x x x Masie x x x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

(Slightly) Christmas Porn!

Hey guys,

Just a quick update about my latest update... Head over to Southern Charms to check it out!

I think my white panties may have been visible up my skirt as I was putting decorations on the tree. 

The thermostat was on high in my apartment and soon I was peeling off layers of clothing. Holding the bright baubles to my pert young breasts, I started to get an idea. 

Pulling on my nipples until they were hard, I hung the decorations on my bare body. 

Then I thought about the idea of being naked in someone else's house, dressed only in decorations. To be a decorated object in the corner of the room; both ignored yet admired by all who visited; my body placed in positions that pleased the owner, really turned me on.

Reaching into my special red stocking hanging on the tree, I found a small vibrator and used it to satisfy my body while sexy ideas filled my mind!

x x x Masie x x x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Naked In The Woods

My long scarf tickled at my bare pussy as I walked through the woods. 

I love walking nude outdoors, I like the idea that someone in the bushes could be watching me. 

Pulling my scarf across my pert breasts I revealed the hard nipple beneath, imagining someone rubbing themselves as they spy on me.

Carefully I laid down on a fallen trees, fully exposing my intimate areas to the surrounding forest.

Wrap up warm and enjoy my latest photo set on Southern Charms  !                                                  

                                                     x x x Masie x x x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sexy Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot?

Satine Sparks thinks I look a bit like Miley Cyrus with my new hair cut! Take a look at my latest photo set on Southern Charms and see if you agree.
I had a lot of fun doing this shoot and I think you'll agree the end result is pretty sexy ;)

Donning my tiny denim shorts and denim jacket I pulled on my sexy black shoes and leant against the doorway. 

My breasts may be small but they're so pert and full and they feel fantastic in my hands as I slip free from my black bra.

Bracing a leg against the frame of the door, I let my hand slide up my warm thigh towards my most intimate areas, moaning slightly as I insert my fingers deep inside myself. 

Take a look at the full set to see all the naughtiness... 


x x x Masie x x x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Next year The BIG Plans !


I have spent today taking this weeks collection of nude pictures and putting up my Christmas tree as it is the first of December!

I love Christmas! I have found as age increases those around me who used to share my  joy in this holiday have started to make it a hassel and a negative chore. I refuse to give up Christmas! For me it is about a single day each year, where my inner child can get excited over the small things. I am not a high maintenance girl, I don't need diamonds to make me smile, it's the small things. I take imence joy in the jesture of a gift, in the thrill of  opening packaging in the care that goes into the selection. I like the anticipation of others opening what I have sent them and I like how magical the world looks on a walk Christmas morning. My favorite Christmas themed movie is  'It's a Wonderful Life'. Sentimental and idiallistic sure but how nice a world the world could be, even if it is only on Christmas and in a film.

I have become a little side tracked. As I put up my Christmas tree - while singing very loudly to Christmas songs, I started thinking about the new year. I am setting myself some goals and I am putting them down here in a public place so the fear at making myself a liar can help when motivation starts to waver.

My golas for the new year are:

* To get in shape - how many times have I come on here and said I want to get a flat tummy?! I am still at an age where this is a relativly easy task, so next year is the year. I am hoping this new body may help me with some of my more ambitious hopes for next year.

* I loved being in Game Of Thrones, it really is one of the highlights of my life so far. I am thrilled that I have remained a part of this production team through the ongoing model sourcing work I do for them but I long to be back in front of the cameras. Today I took some head shots to be sent off to some extra agencies. I am not looking to be the next big actress but when it comes to naked bit parts I would like to hope I can work hard enough to get the odd one or two!

* Satine, my motivation, best friend and source of joy on a rainy day, has been re awakening my love of poronography through her own increadible revamp this year. Thanks to the wonders of abbywinters giving me my job as a photographer I am in a position to cherry pick the adult work I do and with my new hair and hopefully new body I would love to do a few high end productions to cememnt my place on film amougst the worlds naughtiest sex pots. If anyone has any suggestions on who I should look to work with please let me know and I will add them to my dream list!