Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's Abby Winters Baby!

Hello 38, 39 40!

I have been super duper busy (yay) and very unlike me have actually managing to come back with some reasonable footage for you guys to look at. We will begin with my recent trip to the dam which was such a joy, these trips really do keep getting better and better. You will have to watch out or one day I might just not come back!

As I said in an earlier blog post, I was so sacred about this trip and when I saw a huge rainbow I thought it might be a good sign that all would be well. We were all set to take off on time, ran down the runway, bumped about a bit and then didn't - we had a broken engine. Good times I thought, maybe that was the bad thing I had sensed and the rest of the trip would go smoothly. In truth I think the fear I had predicted was in fact Jet 2's in house radio station which we had to listen to for the forty minutes it took the very beautiful man to fix the engine. The radio station had a few adverts they repeated telling us to buy their food, flight deals etc which is fair enough but they then played two songs on loop - Bryan Adam, summer of 69 and some god awful remix version of the lambada which is strangely one of my favourite songs from my childhood. I mean come on two songs on loop one of which is high pitched and terrible for 40 minutes, that's how they torture people in Guantanamo Bay! Everyone kept accidentally singing that bloody tune and then shouting at each other because its so terrible!

Torture Link so you know what it was like

The original to cheer you up before you read on

Ok so competition time. Leave your verses in the comment section and the best one will get some free never before seen pictures mailed over to them and a naughty video clip.

Friday, 27 May 2011

I am wearing pants!

This is just a quick note to say I am back from yet another amazing trip over to Aw and they keep getting better and better! I have lots and lots of behind the scenes video for you which I will put up on Monday/Tuesday as I am about to rush off to a car show in Peterborough for the weekend (you are in for a VERY sexy show if you are going to be there). Now I don't have to worry about shaving rashes I am back in underwear and it's very strange. xxx

- If you cant wait till Monday for me to put everything up AW have already put my first g/g shoot up on the board so go tease yourself with the trailer before enjoying the full sexy adventure. xx

Masie fucks Hayden

Friday, 20 May 2011

Problems and biscuites

Hello 36 and 37, nice to see you.

Ok so those lovely people who have tried to view the open uni know that its broken but for those of you that don't, its broke. We are beyond frustrated and are working as hard as we can to fix it. Please excuse my lack of technical computer knowledge but in a nut shell here's where we are.

CCbill said because we used moonfruit to build the site on, we weren't compatible with their billing system.

It was then suggested all would be well so long as they took payment and we then added the members by hand.

When we mailed them saying we were having problems the above suggestion was revoked as unworkable (sigh) . We have been thrown a bone from them saying that as long as moon fruit give us some codex then all will be well and fixed and we just need to wait for them to mail us back (been over 14 hours so far). Failing that we have to rebuild the site completely changing everything into a different format which will cost us a web designer, although there is a chance it may be doable in a week if we really crack the whip.

I am so sorry to have built excitment levels up and then not delivered, I really hope you hold out till we fix it. I mean look at the update that went on last night!

In other news without meaning to jinx things, my flights are now booked for Abby Winters on Tuesday morning. It s a nice early start again as its a 7 o'clock flight, meaning you will surly get a blurry eyed Masie vlog at the airport cafe eating breakfast.

I cant wait to go over and start doing again, especially as all my doing in the UK seems to be coming to nothing right now.

No need to dispare though, I have just tried some of the new fox biscuits so am still in a good mood - one set is crunchy honeycomb and chocolate and the other set are caramel chocolate. The honey crunch ones are stunning! I'm also on an 80s action movie run at the moment and am halfway through watching 'Time cop' for the first time. I have re watch all 3 Beverly hills cops and had forgotten how good the first two are . I also watch Big trouble in little China for the first time last week and it blew me away. Any suggestions on 80s films that need to make my film list please let me know.

I am currently filling in an application form to work for Dorcel, who are a huge French company. I hate coming up with pictures for these things I always decide I hate all the pictures I have of me and nothing ever seems quite suitable. Its hard trying to get everything across in just three pictures, I mean you need to try and show you can pull several looks off to up your chances of getting roles.

I needed to send a head shot, a waste up shot and a full body. These are the three I went with do you think they are ok?


Waste up

Full body

I also applied for a set of spanking videos today and used these two pictures which I love so though I'd show you these as well. Take these pictures as an I'm sorry my sites not working yet present.

Oooh in fact I will be really naughty and leak the first behind the scenes video on here. We put the full length version of this video up for you to watch on the site and its worryingly erotic. Its a strangely pleasurable experience feeling someone else shaving you,maybe its because you can feel their hands so close to your hole and they never give you what you want and stick a finger in. I also liked the feeling of all that shaving foam and fingers did 'accidently' (and I'm sticking with that defence) slip in. After I had done it I decide that some people might like to see the transformation from hairy to smooth a bit faster and the bellow bonus video was born - what do you think of the music? It amuses me far to much, I'm really having to stop myself from adding terrible sound tracks to all our videos because I find the music funny. I promise all the videos actually going up on the site are normal, I have kept all the dodgie music edits for my private collections.


Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hello to 34, 35! Its so exciting getting new members in team blog Masie, I cant wait till I start getting countable members on the site to hello to. Quickly I must say a quick sorry to everyone who signed up to my blog before I started keeping count, I love you just as much and see you as the hard core elite members of the team as you have been with me from the off.

We did it! Only a week late but its here, its done, theveryopenuniversity now exists and is ready for the viewing public (that would be you).

The Very Open Uni

Updates so far include muff shaving, a very dirty blow job, some hot school uniform solo and lots of sexy pictures. We have more pictures going up today and Monday before Satine gets her way with the very hot Axa Jay in a video update next Thursday and then the next week me and Satine both get a good male fucking in a double upload, myself by Leo Pops and Satine by Matty P!

Its obviously just starting out and as we mostly filmed in order, the sophistication of the updates will improve over the next few weeks but I think the fun and energy runs through out, as we are always eager beavers regardless. We had lots of discussion about how  much of the site to show none members as we have worked a good story thread through out the site which in my opinion helps to make alot of the scenes even more erotic - I do like context. We ummed and ahhhed for ages and decided that we wanted to give our members as much as possible which means on the flip side that the site looks a bit bare till you sign in. We will see how we get on, if people need a bit more persuading to join we may go down the trailer root etc but there is a general very long one on front page showing the kinds of things we do - what do you guys think? Do trailers encourage sales or do people just wank to the trailers? (I may be guilty of that)

In order to get this all okeyd with billing etc I am having to do all memberships by hand for the first few months as everything else was taking to long. It may take up to 8 hours (I will need some sleep) for your membership to go live but this is only temporary. Cc bill still process all your private bank info etc I wont see that, I just come in at the end and put your chosen user name and password onto the site.

Other than that I think we're good.

In other news I am very excited as I am off to work for the first time since my holiday tomorrow (hurray!!!). I'm doing a g/g/g shoot for relish and playboy which I'm so excited about. The down side is I have to be fagged to drive all the way to London so look forward to joining me via flip for a 5am start but I recently got ALLLLLL of Bowie on CD so at least I will have lots to listen to. I think I have said of Bowie before that in my opinion, as a women, you have to have had sex in order to love his music, as his voice literally speaks straight to your erogenous zones. The reason I am on a Bowie fest at the moment is that Adam and Joe are back on 6 music and they just cant go a show without mentioning him.

Well hows this for timing just got a text from Fridays shoot cancelling, no reason given. SIGH! I think its because they asked how much my travel would be and found someone close who could do it for less, silly thing is if they'd been honest and asked if I would come down for less travel contribution I'd have probably said yes.  I have a tentative booking for AW now for Tuesday- Thursday and if that doesn't go through I think I will cry. Please join the website so I can feed myself and pay my rent next month.

Masie xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fiona Cooper

Hello 33! x

Well theres a whole bag of worms I am going to be very careful not to throw in my face.I know there has been alot said about this site and I wont be going into any of that other than to say I have never been treated with anything other than respect and have shot for them several times.

The content I have shot though is on a bit of a blurry line so with out alienating anyone I am going to try and tell you why I have shot what I have shot.

The main bulk of stuff I have shot for FC has been story based stuff with an emphasis on older guys younger me which I know alot of my fans really like, and why shouldn't they? Just because you have reached say an age past 50 does that mean you no longer find 20 year olds as attractive as you did when you yourself were 20?

That aside some people who have written to me really seem to simply enjoy the taboo of the 'Younger girls with dirty older men' theme (they always emphasise the dirty part) and again I can understand that.

Those of you who have watched some of my AW videos, especially my first solo video, will understand this a little more than the rest but when it come to what turns me on sexually, the mind is defiantly more powerful than the body. I like a good filthy story to get me really wound up before I'm touched and find it helps to heighten everything. When I'm at home with time on my hands I tend to go to sites like literotica rather than video sites, as I like to weave the story myself. The other reason I like to go to sites like that is that there are ideas that turn me on in words that visually would only appal me.

For example, I have made no secret in interviews etc over the years that the concept of being raped greatly excited me. This does not mean I don't see it as a terrible and horrific crime or that I'd get turned on if it really happened or would enjoy seeing it happen to anyone else. But in my head its a fun story that can combine elements of bondage that turn me on along with mind control games.  In fact I have often thought that if something is wrong as a concept, in the right context it could turn me on. I remember when I was a kid one of the first fantasies I had was being fucked by a vicar while I was underage, while two nuns held me down. You don't get much wronger than that but what harm did it do in my head and I think I have turned out reasonably normal? Its strange although I am very protective over childrens youth I still get turned on today by the idea of me being taken underage, not anyone else who is actually underage but me, its just a story I like.

There has been an awful lot of press coverage in the last 6 month about whether people are cleaver enough to be able to tell the difference between porn stories and reality and I think its an insult that the question has even been asked.

In my mind there are three types of sex, loving meaningful sex, lust fucks and play. The first two speak for themselves but play is simply where you live out the fantasies in your head either alone or with a trusted willing partner. Do you remember playing in the school yard when you were tiny and how fun it was to live out these big dramatic unrealistic stories with people who you trusted, why shouldn't you be able to enjoy sex with the same lack of inhibitions?

I'm reasonably sure I touched on this after my last eventful AW stint but if you ask other people what really turns them on you can often be surprised by how normal you feel afterwards.  I'm  not sure when we got back into fixed Victorian ideals about what is right and wrong for people to be turned on by but so long as no one if hurt (that doesn't ask to be), no animals, minors or mentally ill people are used and everyone consents and enjoys themselves, wheres the sanity in trying to stop adults? When I first started in the industry I did a scene for Television X, 'Bitch In a Box 'and loved it. I was a buyable object that was unpacked used up and put back and it is still one of the scenes out of eveything I have done that turned me on the most during filming, as I love being used in a safe environment. I later filmed for the spin off 'Bitch in a Boot', and it was no fun at all because the law had changed, meaning that every 5 minutes I had to verbally consent to the rough sex etc. Who can get into a fantasy story when the reality line has to be re crossed to convince the government people aren't going to watch it and assume all women there for want to be semi raped?!

So what issue am I skirting around, I have done incest themed videos for Fiona Cooper. Again in real life that's a terrible thing to do and obviously has horrific moral and mental consequences attached but as a story line, it is both taboo and naughty, which in story land can also be a bit sexy for some and so I saw it as OK. Do I think uncles and aunties will watch these videos and suddenly decide to start touching up their nieces - hell no, people are not so easily swade by visual media and many studies have shown its an urge you have or don't have, you can't learn it from tv.

Some of you will think less of me for having done this and that is defiantly your opinion to have but ignoring all I have written above I have always taken the view on this kind of stuff that if someone is really turned on by stuff like this, is it not better that they watch consenting working porn stars play out these stories for them than be left high and dry and end up trying it themselves.  Some people argue that this is gate way porn and that by watching people appearing to enjoy such activities, it offers a green light for people to go and do it in real life. That argument bares no more truth than suggesting that people who play games like mad max or watch films such as Saw are able to excuse themselves for killing people. People always know right and wrong, its a human choice to decide what we act on and again many people who have performed such crimes have confirmed they always knew what they were doing was wrong, they just didn't care.   

Why choose today to bring this all up. Well I have never seen any of my Fc work and knowing this some one kindly tipped me off to a new trailer that's gone up. I wanted to share it with you as I am proud of the effort I put into all of my work but didn't want you to go and view it with out a warning. 

So here's a few pictures followed by a link to the trailer and another to a few more pictures and the list of dvds I have done for them.

As this has been quite a heavy post I'd love to hear what you think as I don't really want any one going away from this thinking bad of me and would like a chance to explain away any bad feelings.

Still me I promise
Masie xx

The trailer

Dvd list

Behind the glamour

Can I just say a quick hello and welcome to blog followers 31 and 32 (hello) I have been on 30 for ages and it always ridiculously exciting for me when my membership goes up. I love you all thanks for caring about my life. 

It has been a while since I have shared some of the unsexy elements of porning with you guys and thought it was about time to let you in on some nice boring day to day mundainity and panic. There is of course the day to day task of trying to secure bookings, edit video and fight with billing companies over how it takes two days to check two pictures have been removed for a single web page, but there is one burden that never disappears - I am of course talking about pubic hair.

Pubic hair is a controversial subject and as I proved in my mini questionnaire a few months back, most people feel very strongly either way. Actually that's not quite true, there were quite a few happy people who love me how ever I am but the ones at either end of the argument felt very strongly about things indeed.

Producers of porn who need the hair are not in numbers larger enough for most girls to stay hairy full term and as a result most producers who prefer hair, have learned to live with out it, leaving those who are sickened by the mention of it happy to shoot most girls. I have got around this issue by having a yearly grow and getting around as many hairy people as I can in a few months, before heading back to smooth vill. I can do this as I tend to grow very quickly, having very thick dark hair (some of you just gipped, while the rest felt a twinge of excitement)  and can pull off a wide coverage quite quickly meaning I don't have to wait months and months to satisfy.

Why do I mention this at all then, my life is sorted  yes, well not quite. The down side to this fast thick bush is that it means I am prone to shaving rashes, something Abby Winters FORBIDS and I have an open booking with them as soon as I can make my current rash vanish. I have done a loose study of female hair and have come to the conclusion that the hotter the country a model is from the less hair she has to deal with down there and the less shaving problems she has - I base this on asking all the Australians I have met through AW, who all seem to have a natural just waxed finish constantly. I know from talking to staff that shaving rash has only become a real problem since they headed to colder Europe, as we European models need to be able to protect ourselves from a hearty frost. Its so frustrating though as in order to prevent myself from further reddening I have had to stop shaving. This in turn means no one in the UK will shoot me as I am not hairy enough and to hairy in the same breath. So I need to heal and shoot before I run out of money for food, then way up if its worth waiting the extra week or so for it to be long enough to wax or to fuck it and shave ? I haven't worn pants all week and have spent as much time as possible with nothing touching that area to try and stop the area getting worried.

A few people on the Aw board have complained about the amount of stubble that has been turning up on the site and the above ramble is why, we just cant risk shaving ourselves smooth as there's a chance we may be turned away when we get there (something that happened to me and Satine when we first went over) and so if we aren't already fully grown stubble is what your gonna get.

This has led to a strange chore this week and a terrible loss on my part - I have lost the ability to bath! Baths are right up there in my list of favourite things to do, a good bath takes at least two hours, involves a good book, chocolate and lots of very hot steamy water and bubbles! When I used to live in a shared house I'd have to go and tell everybody before I was having a bath so they could all have a wee before I stole the bath room for a few hours and inevitably someone would be laid up somewhere with everything crossed long before I finished. But this week I lost the power to sit and soak, its gone! I just cant get comfortable holding a book any more and my head becomes to sleepy in the steam to function but is to awake to just lie there and be. Not the biggest problem till you add the rash back in. Hot baths are a good way of taking down the swelling and another model recommended that I try crushing paracetamol with a little water and putting that on the area for ages while in the bath - that's a skill all by itself, you need to use a bubble bath bottle to rest on so that part of your body is raised out of the water while the rest of you can stay nice and warm and relaxed within it. I think its working but you know me I'm a hypochondriac and it works both ways, I'm worried I may be seeing this work simply because I want it to.

I have been a good girl though I'm not sat doing nothing I promise. The website is obliviously still a top priority although as you may have guessed from the beginning of this post we are having trouble getting the last page check for some reason! We have done everything in our power to nag the hell out of these people but it will now be a Monday launch which is a pain in the ass but means first week will have lots of updates in it as we are now a week behind ourselves.

I have also started going through all of the AIR producers seeking work, a task I under go every year and its a huge job as there are pages and pages of producers to go through. The admin of the site does offer a service where by he will forward on a set message to all the members but I prefer to tailor each message depending on what the producer needs, there's no point me sending my b/g work over to someone who only does spanking or solo and visa verse. Maybe I'm just a sucker for doing things the hard way, I miss work. Many people may seen this as an easy job because of all the spare time you get but its horrible. Cabin fever sets in quicker than you think, as does this inner lazy child that wants to just give up and do nothing. My ideal life would be one in which I get to work every week at least twice so my free time can get back that, earned novelty feel.

Well that's me up to date with you. I'm so sorry the sites late, everything is sat ready we just need that last tick in a box. Hope you all had/ are having a good weekend and I hope to have better news Monday x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ready for the launch?!

Which is actually a really good tune, if I wasn't currently listening to madness I would put it on!

Ok so have you heard about the two porn stars who were defiantly starting a website . . .

Well we actually did it!

The Very Open University goes live this Thursday/Friday depending on which day cc bill decide to finish ticking all the right boxes.

Speaking of boxes here's hoping we have managed to tick a few of yours along the way. We have been working on this for the best part of a year now and have been very much learning on the job but have really enjoyed our naughty school uniform theme and loved the idea of their being a VERY open university course designed to help people become as skilled and dirty as possible.

So what do you have to look forward to update wise? In the first update Satine helps me shave of my muff which is actually one of my favourite videos despite being the first - theres something strangely erotic about having someone else shave you and I enjoy the fact that we have a giggle as we go.

Then Satine learns to cook for herself by raiding the university fridge. 

We are good girls and enter in to all the extra curricular activities such as the much coveted Pillow Fighting Championship

We soon make lots of friends on campus with influential people who's skills can aid us in our quest to learn

and there are lots of lecturers for us to learn from.

What we are aiming to have is a fun site with lots of indecent school uniforms and light hearted sexual fun. We have spent alot of time trying to work a few fun story lines into the site as in my opinion a good thread can often add to an other wise, 'seen it before' b/g scene. One of my favourite things we have done so far is all the hand held self filming work - we filmed one particularly hot b/g scene with myself and Ed holding the camera ourselves the whole time while we fucked and to my knowledge this is the first time women have done POV stuff - I could be wrong but I have never seen it.

So far we have been lucky enough to have worked with loads of lovely talent for this site including;

Jess West
Axa Jay
Shay Hendrix
Daisy Rock
Leo Pops
Dave from young sluts
Johnny Rebel
Ed Bowen
Ben Kelly
Matty P
Andy Man
Toni James

We have Kaz B filming for us as soon as she is back in the country and many more in the pipe line.

A huge thank you has to go out to all these performers ,who it goes with out, saying are amazing! I hope you agree that we got the best out of them for our site. Another huge thanks has to go to the guy who helped us build the site Ginge, we were really struggling before he came and gave us a hand.

So there you go that's it all laid out for you to love or hate. There is a trailer up at the moment and I will of course start screaming on the day we actually go live but thought you might like a bit of a heads up so here it is.

- we are of course always up for constructive feedback and any video idea you may have please contact us in the usual ways.

I'm so so so excited.

Masie xxx

The Very Open University

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Just a quick note to let you know that RedHot Tv have finally released the whole hard core version of my Swingering series on to its website and I'd love it if you could go and check it out. I have already put a few behind the scenes videos up on old blogs, I have put them bellow so you can have a quick reminder of some of the lovely talent in this video at their naughty best.

Jo Huggs behind the scenes sample

Tonya 3 sum behind the scenes

I didn't have chance to get any behind the scene stuff with Busty Cookie which is a shame as she is hilarious so instead here are a few sneaky pics to wet your appetite.

Swingering scenes

Read More

Swingering 1

We kicked off the set by sharing Busty Cookie who didn't knew whether to giggle or squeal as we all had a full on romp on my sofa.

Swingering 2

Me and Paul did rock-paper-scissors to see who got to have first go with Jo who is without doubt the most horny person I have ever ever met the women is insatiable but its so much fun trying. A good bit of girl on girl with my small tits rubbing up against her massive tats - fun for everyone.
Read More

Friday, 6 May 2011

WARNING hairy pictures below

At last a sexy update to share with you guys. Please go along to wearehairy.com to see more sets and some very cute videos. This is probably one of the best quality photographers I have ever worked with and I would have pushed a small child over in order to have half the decorating skills he had, the sets were stunning. I remember coming home from this shoot full of ham sandwiches and an urge to chuck all my stuff away and go for minimalist living.

I got as far as selling my large book case that was filling up one of my spare rooms. It was a good start but the room is now piled high with books instead of bookcase, not really the minimalist look I was going for. Any designers out there looking for a project mail me, as my grey/brown box needs a friend. Saying that I was a very good girl and  spent a very satisfying three hours emptying my kitchen into the lounge and bleaching the lot when I came back from my holiday. It now looks lovely I even did the hob which is usually a no go area it was a very satisfying autistic afternoon. I'm very much an all or nothing kind of person. I don't do daily housework, I tend to let it go then make a bigger mess putting it right. I'm the sort of person who doesn't tidy a room, she decided to re arrange all the furniture and catalogue something obscure, then tidy the room. I remember letting my little sister have my room when she came to visit me at uni while I crashed in a mates spare bed and coming back and finding she had been unable to sleep before she had tided the lot and sorted out my washing - I love my little sister. People who are naturally tidy don't know how lucky they are.

See what I did there? I have paired pictures of me 'oh naturel' with talking about people being naturally tidy, see my useless ramblings have a theme.

Talking of ramblings have you been watching Stewart Lees Comedy vehicle? I can see his humor may not be to all tastes but which ever BBC controller decided to give him such a terrible slot for series two is a fool, so go prove them wrong by giving him lots of viewing figures.

But not before you go see hairy sets of me as I feel a bit bad for putting so many sample pictures up -  they were so good I could help it. Off the top of my head i think we did near 14 sets so its worth signing up the site as there will be lots of me sat waiting to go up.

We are Hairy link

Cheer guys really appreciate it

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back once again

Sorry I have been all quiet again I have had the loveliest family holiday down near my parents in Plymouth. I ended up taking almost all of April off but it has been wonderful and I feel so much better for it. I spent most of my time in a small place called Bigbury on the beach with Poppy, who has had far to much fun on her holiday, she has slept for days now.

I have been a good girl keeping up with my Tenga girl work, even while in the middle of nowhere and the hoody has got lots of ware time advertising away. Although it has been very hot down there (I have white bits now from the sun) the breeze at night still required arms and I was lucky enough to blag my way on to a fishing boat a few times and the sea breeze at sun set was to cold for sunbathing.

Yes that's right, fools even let me drive the boat! Those things are alot harder to drive than they look, the boat turns about 15 seconds after your turn the wheel! The island is Burgh Island where Agatha Christie wrote books and things. This was my first time I had ever been fishing and I must say a big thank you to farmer John (I promise that's his real name) for taking me out with him as before that week we had never met. I caught my first ever fish in about two minutes - it was a mackerel one but that day we didn't have the camera out with us. I tried so hard the next day to catch one on camera but could I heck as like. It was amazing watching them bring in crab from the nets though some of the spider crab were huge!

I cant really juggle I got someone to chuck the third ball in for the photo - looks good though right x

Sorry just realised there are no skimpy pictures in here at all  and I know its dull looking through someone elses holiday photos. I will defiantly have some good ones from my summer holiday though as I have been invited over to Texas by some family and it will defiantly be hot hot hot !

Promise to get back to work soon so I have some funner things to share xx