Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Having Fun While My Parents Aren't Home!

 Hey guys - here's my latest adventure and all the sexy photos that go with it! Be sure to check out the whole set at Southern Charms ;)

 I recently went home to visit my parents and while they were out shoping thought it would be really naughty to fool around in my old bedroom!

It was like being a naughty teenager again, wondering if they would get back early and catch me! I stripped down until I was only wearing my panties and a short t shirt which hung over my small frame so that my shoudlers were already exposed bare.

I teased at the fabric, fantasizing that I had snuck someone in through the window to play with me. I pulled at my top, imagining their face as I slowly showed them my breasts down blouse. I love my boobs, they are small enough so that they fit perfectly in a mans hand but they are still large enough so that you can see my round cleavage rising up above the neck of my shirt as I bend forwards.

I never go anywhere with out my lipstick sized vibrator - I have a powerful sex drive and sometimes need my orgasmic fix ! on the go! Taking it from my bag I rubbed it on my clitoris, still thinking about how much hotter it would be if someone really was in the room watching me, stroking his hard penis while my slender body started to ache and shake with the build of my orgasm.

x x x Masie x x x

New Year's News

Hi guys, just a quick video update for you lovely people :)

As mentioned in the video, please go and visit my friend Izzy's blog and check out her stunning photos.


Masie xxx