Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dusk Film Porn Awards

Lets see if this is a bit better quality wise shall we (made an effort)

The Dusk porn awards were so much fun, I love industry dos it is so nice ot be in a room full of porn minded people who you can talk to frankly with about pornography (or in this case porna) and sex!

Now we didn't win but Joybear were very deservign and gracious winners and we had a lovely time hanging out with them most of the evening - some clever person put the English guests together when we arrived.

I think my new years resolution might have to be do more porn go to more awards dos as I miss everyone and I the whole process is such good fun.

In other news this was a perfect weekend as England played their socks of Saturday and we beat Australia in the rugby ! I fear for my relationship with my neighbours during next years world cup as I am not only a screamer in bed but I enjoy getting involved and a good scream is good for the soul!

Also page 404 is the magic page and yes I gav it a go and yes it still worked! xxx

Misha and I getting ready to leave at abbywinters HQ 

Hugging with the rivals - Joybear were lovely to us all evening. xxx