Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Birthday

Birthday breakfast . . . .

Then some lovely presents - a huge thankyou to everyone who took the time to send me a gift or a message they all helped to make yesterday a lovely relaxing day. I spent most of it eating and watching the Olympics - they  had the start of the three day eventing yesterday as if they knew what my favourite sport was and set it up for me.

With my new sexy swinwear I am now all set for both my holiday and some very HOT picture sets ready for my new site. I am hoping to spend this afternoon getting some more photos taken and promise to let you know when everything is up and running for a wider look. xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

My new project

Im sorry it has taken me a while to post again, I have been both busy and without anything of interest to tell you.

So last time I mentioned that the new hair may co inside with a new project - I am thinking of starting my Souhern Charms page up again!

I haven't had one for years and years, Long story short I had a dude running my original page on there (as with most side line porn people he wasn't offering all he said he was) but it all got to be a bit to much hassel. The thing I did enjoy (other than having an excuse to make lots and lots of home made naughty videos and picture sets) was all the custome videos people used to ask for. I loved having people send in naughty solo video requests so I could make them private videos, its always fun to share in other peoples fantasies. The problem I had was with this dude running it and with me being alot younger and more disorganized than I am now, things got muddled. It got to the stage where I stopped cashing cheques as I had no idea who had been sent what videos . . . long story short it got to stressful so I walked away.

This time things will be different. I have a friend who I trust dearly handling everything apart from personal mail and actually being naked. This means I can do all the fun bits and be safe in the knowledge that all will be run fairly and smoothly. The better news is that I will now have regular updates for you again.

Heres a few pictures we took on Sunday to wet your appetite. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Hair!

What do you think? I have wanted white hair since the first x men movie came out and have been told by countless hairdressers it wasn't possible!

I cant reveal anything now as nothing is for certain but this new hair could also be marking the start of two new projects!